Shree Surya Yantra


  1. This yantra is an eight-petal lotus surrounding the circular disc of the Sun.
  2. You can use this yantra to meditate over the Sun Lord(Lord Surya).
  3. Worshipping the Surya yantra graces you with leadership qualities, courage and strong will-power.
  4. You can gain success, name and fame through this yantra.
  5. This yantra surrounds you with an aura of elevated energy.

We bring you highly authenticated Surya yantra, that is blessed and energized by our expert astrologers to bring you maximum benefits. Our product is quality assured!

  • Description

    Product Description

    Surya Yantra represents the planet Sun. This yantra alleviates the malefic effects of badly placed Sun in your natal chart. Sun is considered to be the chief and most powerful among all planets and also controls major activities of our life. Praying to this yantra helps you to overcome hurdles in your work-life and come out victorious.  This yantra reduces mental stress and unrest, and gifts peace and calmness to the wrecking nerves. Worshiping this yantra shall bring you much relief. You can suitably place it at home to mitigate Vastu dosha or corrections in the directions if needed. mantra, Om Suryaya Namaha, 108 times brings you mental stability and peace.

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