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Santu Das


All the words which are written in this pdf of my Janam-Kundli are absolutely true. Information and different charts are very well organized.

Kaushik Gohel


Always I found your predictions are almost 100% true for me. This is the second time I bought a kundli report. Thank you very much for team Vedic Rishi.

Sandeep Mehta

Product Manager

I am greatly satisfied with my kundli reports. It gives me an overall study of my personality and my progression. Remedies suggested by you are easy and convenient to perform. Even dosha reports are easy to understand and accurate. Thanks a lot.

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How can this Kundli Report help you understand your life?

From the positions of planets in your Kundli at the time of your birth, the Kundli Report draws and explains 21 different horoscope charts. These charts give you reading about all the important areas of your life like money, work, love life, and more. The explanations of these charts in our Premium Kundli Report help you get a complete overview of your life.

How can this Kundli Report help you have more clarity about yourself?

Our Premium Kundli Report helps you explore the depth of your Kundli. It discusses all the 15+ key details like panchang, tithi, nakshatra, atamakaraka, and more. So, you can get an idea of who you are really and what wonders you can create in this life.

How can this Kundli Report help you heal?

This Premium Kundli Report shows if you have difficult doshas like Manglik, Kalsarpa, and Sadhesati. It also gives your suggestions and effective remedies to remove the negative effects of these doshas. So, you can find the much-needed healing and bring peace to your life.

How can this Kundli Report help you actually change your life?

Our premium kundli report has 11 detailed reports that discuss your personality, career, relationships, money matters, health, past life, and other important areas of your life. These reports not only have detailed explanations about you but also guidance and remedies to grow your good fortune and remove negative influences from your life.

How can this Kundli Report help you plan your life in advance?

Our Kundli Report has detailed predictions for all the areas of your life. These predictions are derived from the planetary positions and the dashas. Based on these predictions you can look at your life in the timelines. So, you can predict the major events of your life well in advance.

How can this Kundli Report help you get insight into your upcoming life events?

Our kundli report closely looks at each planet's effect for the upcoming 6-8 years. So, you get detailed predictions and possible challenges as well as opportunities for you. It also gives you respective advice and remedies to handle the tough times with grace and boost the fortunes of good times.

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