The bond between two people plays a crucial role when the highly enduring relation of marriage takes place. Kundali Matching is Vedic compatibility analysis of a couple. From uncertainty to finding out the equation of a couple, matching Kundli assures that married life is happy, healthy, and blissful.

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'With shifting socio-economic conditions and drastic changes in the status and function of women in family life, marriage matchmaking has taken on greater relevance. Aside from comparing educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds, the prospective bride/groom and their parents want to know if their married life will be happy, peaceful, and fruitful.

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Kundli Matching, also known as Guna Milan, is the most important component of any Hindu marriage. To ensure a happy and long married life, Hindu astrology places heavy stress on Janam Kundli Milan before a couple marries. Traditionally, Kundali matching for marriage was performed by a family priest or an Astrologer. However, with Online Kundali Matching, it is now simple and quick to determine a couple's marriage compatibility.

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There are primarily two methods for matching a boy and girl's Horoscope:
  • Name-Based Kundali Matching
  • Kundali Matching based on Birth Date
matching by name

Kundali Matching by Name is marriage matching done with the names of the bride & groom. This is also known as Guna Milan by name since it involves a marriage compatibility analysis in which the Gunas of the Bride and Groom are checked by their names.

matching by date of birth

Kundli matching by date of birth, also known as Janam Patrika Matching, is based on the age-old Ashtakoota Method that evaluates the compatibility of two persons based on their birth data. Some Western astrologers believe in using a Love Compatibility calculator to determine their Love Compatibility score and Zodiac Sign compatibility with their partners to determine their emotional, mental, and physical compatibility.

Although horoscope matching by birth date and name is based on a Marriage Gun Milan score, Kundali matching by date of birth is considered more accurate and is always recommended.

Marriage is one of the 16 Samskaras, or religious practices/rites. Samskaras are the several critical turning moments in a person's life, and as such, they are recognized and honored. Kundli matching is the matching of the couple's horoscopes prior to marriage. In Vedic Astrology, the two most widely used matching systems are Ashtakoot and Dashtakoot. It denotes the impact of the stars on marital life and the corrective actions that must be done in the event of any unfavorable yogas in order to maintain a happy and healthy married life.

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The main reason Kundlis are matched before a marital partnership is formed is to determine the compatibility of the guy and girl. In astrology, there are a total of 36 Gunas that must be matched in order to judge the compatibility of two individuals and how their future life together would be. Each Guna has several points, each of which represents a distinct aspect of life. It can also tell how their destinies and stars will interact with one another.


When two persons marry, the planetary motions shown in their horoscopes affect not only their own lives but also the lives of their spouses. Bhakoot, the seventh of the eight Gunas, represents this impact. When pairing Kundli, people consider factors such as financial stability and job opportunities.

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The fate of a star is determined by the position of the stars in the sky at the time of its birth. When the stars are not aligned correctly, they cause Doshas such as Sarpa Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Shani Dosha, etc. These doshas can pose issues after marriage which Kundali Matching can help uncover them. Marriage will be ruled out if the Dosha is too severe.

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