Crystal Rosary


  1. Our Crystals are of supreme quality.
  2. Relieves stress, tension and calms the mind. 
  3. It can be used for meditation purposes.
  4. Chanting on it has a holistic healing effect on the body.
  5. It sharpens your sixth sense We offer you these high potent rosary, which are further energized by our team of experts through recitation of the mantras to enhance their effects and yield you maximum benefits.
  • Description

    Product Description

    This rosary is made of pure beautiful crystals. Crystal is a semi-precious stone, a jewel, and is found easily. They look like grass and are translucent. Wearing a Crystal Rosary is greatly beneficial for people engaged with intellectual work or associated with tasks that are mentally stimulating. Hence researchers, investigators, accountants etc. shall find this useful. It helps in manifestation of your desires and attaining your goals. It brings your financial security and improves your monetary conditions. Thus, people lacking in funds are recommended to chant on this mala. Crystal has strong vibrations and hence protects from toxic thoughts and negative forces. Wearing this rosary safeguards you from dangers and from your enemies.

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