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    This is substitute stone of diamond. The main two substitute stones of diamond are opal and zirkon. Zircon is hot in nature and opal is cold. Zircon enhances our passion because of its hot nature & opal proves beneficial for our happiness, prosperity, love, sweetness and our mutual rela-tions. When a man reaches the age of 45 at that time it shall be more auspicious to wear opal instead of zircons. Opal works like a diamond but his sexual powers remain normal only. It is considered auspicious for the rectification of the problems in relations between husband and wife. In addition to that it also enhances the mental level. When a person feels mentally low, tried and depressed in that case it fills him with energy and enthusiasm. Therefore in a way it proves beneficial for happiness and mental health. Method of use : This is semiprecious stone of white color from the surface of which the seven colors emit. It appears as if the sparks of fire are coming from it. It can be worn in ring or locket of silver. Sprinkle raw milk and Gangajal on it and recite below mentioned mantra for it. “Om Draang Dreeng Draung Sah Shukraay Namah” When Venus occupies watery sign Opal can be recommended. In this way by wearing opal you can make your life more happy, prosperous and sweet. It should be gifted to your lover or beloved to enhance mutual attraction and love. It can be worn in bracelet or bangle also.

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    3ct – 3.5ct, 3.5ct – 4ct, 4ct – 4.5ct, 4.5ct – 5ct, 5ct – 5.5ct, 5.5ct – 6ct, 6ct – 6.5ct, 6.5ct – 7ct, 7ct -7.5ct, 7.5ct – 8ct, 8ct – 8.5ct, 8.5ct – 9ct, 9ct – 9.5ct, 9.5ct – 10ct


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