Mangal Yantra


  1. We provide supreme quality Yantra’s.
  2. This Shri Mangal Yantra bestows good luck in business and health.
  3. Relationship issues are resolved and bonds are strengthened.
  4. Struggles are put to rest and the worshipper of this yantra enjoys a smooth life.

Our Shri Mangal yantra is extremely authentic and original. This yantra goes through a few rituals and pujas performed by our renowned pandits to further energize them to bring you optimal results.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Shri Mangal Yantra is one of the most powerful yantras. This yantra alleviates the malefic effects of planet Mars or when mars has a rash temperament. Worshiping this yantra ensures quick relief from problems and brings good fortune and a general well-being to the whole family. Singles who are unable to find right life-partners or especially in case of late marriages, worshiping this yantra will prove to bring their soulmates to them. Married couples struggling to have children or in case of abortions, worshiping this yantra helps to overcome these issues. Reciting this mantra, Om Angaarakaya Namah, and by worshiping this yantra, shall lead to fulfillment of all your desires and bless you with a comfortable stress-free life.

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