Discover the Power of Lagna/ Ascendant in Your Kundli

importance of lagna in kundli
In Vedic Astrology, Ascendant is known as Lagna (Sanskrit) and is believed to be the first crucial moment when the soul contacts with its new life on this earth. It is called the first house of your horoscope and is considered to be the most important house.
The Lagna Lord indicates the Ruler of the Horoscope. The sign rising over the Eastern horizon during your birth moment is called the Ascendant (Rising sign). The point on the zodiac belt that coincides with the position of the horizon during the time and place of birth is the Most Effective Point (MEP) of the Ascendant, Lagna. Thus to determine your Ascendant, you need to know your exact birth time.
With the 24-hour day zodiac representation, Ascendants change every two-hour interval. Ascendants give an idea of your physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects i.e. your appearance, way of thinking, your personality, health, etc
In simple words, how you come across to others or your first impression in the people’s mind can be attributed to your Ascendant. It also shows your most distinguishing characteristics, what sets you apart from the rest, and also what you are most likely vulnerable to.
As per Vedic astrology, your Ascendant signifies the environment you were raised in and the circumstances of your childhood. It indicates the type of conditioning you received as a child and during your upbringing. A thorough study of your Ascendant can easily reveal how you present yourself in the outside world and the imprints that you leave in the minds of others. However, astrologers also believe that in a few cases or circumstances, it is your Ascendant that helps you to conceal or protect your true nature from the world. In a way, it helps you to safeguard your vulnerable side especially when you are faced with unfamiliar or unpleasant situations in life. Your Ascendant in some ways is also the defense mechanism that helps you to cope with uncomfortable circumstances.
Ascendant being linked with all the remaining houses of the chart, it would not be wrong to say, it is the base of astrology and holds great significance. It is interesting to see how astrologers by studying your Ascendant can prepare a blueprint of your inner state of mind, your fears, etc. They can also reveal the state of your physical health and also the possible illnesses you may experience in your lifetime.
With the Ascendant in your zodiac sign, it would be interesting to note the first impression you create on others:

a Aries Ascendant:

If you are an Aries Ascendant, you come across as someone who is highly energetic, aggressive and prefers to be fast-paced. No wonder, it comes with a streak of impatience. You exhibit enthusiasm even when faced with a challenge and no prize for guessing, you come out as a winner.

b Taurus Ascendant:

People can just open up to you as you come across as trustworthy. You tend to keep up your promises and can easily comfort anyone. You show neutral behavior towards others even while in groups and tend to appear serene. This is when you have are a Taurus Ascendant.

c Gemini Ascendant:

With Gemini as your Ascendant, your sense of humor and spontaneity makes you the star of the party. You will be flooded with information and this will gravitate people to you. You will have all ears for your eloquence and witty remarks. This is sure to grow your social circle. Although, some may feel it’s superficial.

d Cancer Ascendant:

People see you as fearless if you have a Cancer Ascendant. They find you caring and quite charming in your behavior. You may nurse others and tend to be reliable. However, you tend to be extremely sensitive and sometimes shy to open up. You can amaze people at times with your strong intuition.

e Leo Ascendant:

As a Leo Ascendant, you will easily impress others with your appearance and could be easily flooded by admirers. You exude a great degree of confidence in yourself and take pride in who you are. You walk into a party with an attitude that echoes that you have arrived. Your generosity cannot go unnoticed.

f Virgo Ascendant:

People may wonder how to start a conversation with you as you might come across as a reserved individual, being a Virgo Ascendant. They might find it hard to impress you because you are sort of a perfectionist. This also applies to yourself as you tend to be over-critical of yourself too. You are intelligent and that easily comes across in your interactions with others.

g Libra Ascendant:

You, the Libra Ascendant, are physically attractive and creative individuals. You can easily woo people with your charm. People will find you well-balanced in your opinion and your choice of words, playing it safe. You are averse to disagreements and prefer to deal with people and situations diplomatically.

h Scorpio Ascendant:

People see you as a determined individual and you do not give up unless you achieve your goals. You appear secretive in your demeanor and do not want to miss anything around. This shows your intriguing attitude, as a Scorpio Ascendant. You are fiercely independent and your intensity gravitates people to you.

i Sagittarius Ascendant:

With a Sagittarius Ascendant sign, people find you extremely lively and fascinating. You tend to come across as someone who is unattached. Your interactions are never short of humor. Your optimism and enthusiasm for life are contagious. Traveling to you is oxygen and being a globe-trotter you will always have amazing travel tales to narrate.

j Capricorn Ascendant:

Your presence is felt in your authoritative style that people around look at you with great respect. This is you, Capricorn Ascendant. People admire you as a leader and your determination inspires them. No matter how treacherous the path is, you will make it to the top. Understanding your dry humor, however, is challenging sometimes.

k Aquarius Ascendant:

If you are an Aquarius Ascendant, you come across as highly intelligent and someone who is a deep thinker. People find you quite sincere. You are extremely independent and not someone who will easily conform to others' ideologies. This shows a streak of rebelliousness in you. You leave people amazed with your unconventional taste and interests.

l Pisces Ascendant:

You are gentle by nature and people are touched by your humility. However, they may find you to be shy and timid. It could be your uncertainty, Piscean Ascendant. You adapt to the surroundings and go with the flow. You are intuitive and people in your circle find you quite empathetic. You are sensitive towards your close ones.
As the Ascendant determines the placement of each of your 12 astrological houses and is the sign of your first house cusp, it is a major part of your natal chart (birth chart). Thus to culminate and to get a more accurate reading of your personal astrology, it is important to study together with your Ascendant sign (the rising sign) and your sun sign, as emphasized by astrologers.

Conclusion #

So no surprise for guessing, the next time you meet someone, you would know the way they interact with you, and your perception of them is largely influenced by the Ascendant sign in their natal chart.

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