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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Prediction

"Ruled by Jupiter, I live by the notion of endless possibilities. Optimistic is what they call me! I’ve got an independent spirit to inspire others. Here I am, full of adventure and passion that control my desires. I Sagittarius, hold a belief of being honest and keeping things real."

  • 15 January 2019 for Sagittarius

    personal life

    Your relationship might feel a bit rocky and a bit more unstable, but this is only temporary. You have both been very busy, so it’s the perfect time to plan a romantic getaway.


    Some of your co-workers might show signs of jealousy. Be ready for this sort of behavior and decide to be the bigger person.


    In order to live a healthier life style, you need to make healthier choices. Stop snacking so much and start working out at least twice per week.


    Emotionally, you have it all under control. Your ruler sign is sending you powerful energy to keep you afloat during this tough emotional time.


    Traveling has been on your mind so much lately that you have been dreaming about traveling. Remember, traveling is more fun when there are more people.


    Even though, you are by nature a very lucky person, you won’t have any extra luck today. But you will enjoy your day.

  • 16 January 2019 for Sagittarius

    personal life

    Your relationship is getting deeper and deeper. Are you ready for this kind of commitment? Talk to your partner about your future today. Single signs will be heavily affected by Venus in a very positive way.


    Some of your work isn’t really top notch and you know this. Try learning from your mistakes and improve your work along the way.


    In order to be able to function normally, you need to get a healthy amount of sleep. Limit your time on your phone before bed.


    Emotionally, you are feeling good, calm and collected. A friend might need your help and your support today. Be strong for them.


    Traveling isn’t your top priority right now, even though you have been daydreaming about visiting a country far away from you.


    Jupiter is not only the planet of good fortune, but it’s your ruler sign too. You won’t have any bad luck today.

  • 17 January 2019 for Sagittarius

    personal life

    Do something sweet for your partner, because they are going through a rough time too. Be kind and patient.


    If you have to hold some kind of presentation, you will absolutely rock it and everyone in the room will be impressed.


    Your throat and your lungs will be your weak spot today. Be careful, Sagittarius, and take care of yourself.


    Even though people might not tell right away, but you are a very thoughtful person. Do something that will make you grow spiritually.


    Do something exciting or go somewhere exciting. If you have always wanted to swim with dolphins, do your best to make it happen.


    The number 1 and 8 will bring you lots of good luck today. Luck will follow you where ever you go.


November 22 - December 21



Sagittarians love challenges of all kinds — physical or mental - and throw themselves into intellectual or physical pursuits with boundless and infectious reserves of energy Sagittarians’ interests in both purely intellectual pursuits and highly physical adventure underscore their versatile natures and are clearly related to the dual nature of the Archer who symbolizes the sign and who represents the centaur Chiron — a half- rnan, half-horse god who was famed for wisdom and bravery. Sagittarians are often unabashedly optimistic extroverts who draw the admiration and affection of all those they encounter.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Generous, Idealistic, Great sense of humor


Very impatient

Favorable Colors


Favorable Numbers

3  7  9  12  21  

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