Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"Ruled by Jupiter, I live by the notion of endless possibilities. Optimistic is what they call me! I’ve got an independent spirit to inspire others. Here I am, full of adventure and passion that control my desires. I Sagittarius, hold a belief of being honest and keeping things real."

July 2020 for Sagittarius

You are highly idealistic this month and you will look to work on your most aspiration plans: you are unlikely to look at the facts which don't suit you, as you are keen to focus on what is possible and the range of what is possible feels rather wide right now. You are likely to take gambles and risks, not necessary monetary, but personal risks as you are quite adventurous in your thinking.  It’s not just about you, often your plans involve helping others, with the dividend being that you feel good about who you are.

From the 12th when Mercury goes direct, the complexity within financial arrangements or agreements seem to make more sense and it’s a time when you can get some movement on your loan application, or when you get to grip with debt and make headway with saving plans. While Mercury retrograde in Cancer encouraged more thoughtfulness and planning when it comes to money, you now begin to feel the benefits of that and begin to feel more confident with your position.

Sagittarius may also undertake rather unusual methods for improving their health or fitness – you may look to the East and techniques like tai chi, taekwondo, aikido or yoga, and you may even devise your own diet based on a trial and error experimentation period. Sagittarians may look to the timing of meals, sleep, and exercise to find methods of weight loss, rather than the actual foodstuff you eat, i.e., late lunch versus early eating, not having liquid with meals, food combining (never proteins with carbos) or periods of fasting, etc.  

Your relationship with others in general is changing positively right now and often romantic feelings are developing without your even realizing it.  The first steps in new love this month are tentative and considered, you are not wading in in your trademark gung ho style. You may be attracted to Pisces and Cancer in particular as you are drawn to people with a strongly emotional natures who are receptive and compassionate.  You are highly impressionable and you are open and looking to enter relationships that have a greater potential for the growth of yourself, and the other person, and thus the relationships you begin now are more complex.

You are slower to forgive and you take harsh or unpleasant words to heart as you are quite sensitive.  You have to be careful not to read more into what has been said casually than is necessary.  Sagittarius are usually quick to move on and you are quite forgetful, thus words don't usually have much impact as you take them with a pinch of salt; however this month you linger on arguments and can begin to close up emotionally, becoming quite cautious and watchful.  Insults, drama, mudslinging etc. by your partner is a dangerous game for them to play as you won’t be so quick to forget, and you may even have your eyes opened making you a tad suspicious.

Mercury goes direct on the 12th of July. The moon wanes from the 5th to the 20th of July making this your knuckling down phase for implementing, understanding and planning.  After the 20th is not a good period for import export, international law, new courses of study or publishing. It is a favorable time for a hospital stay and recuperation or counselling. It is also a great time for creative visualization and work involving film, photography and art. Employment in museums, galleries and also charitable institutions is favored.


November 23 - December 22



Sagittarians love challenges of all kinds — physical or mental - and throw themselves into intellectual or physical pursuits with boundless and infectious reserves of energy Sagittarians’ interests in both purely intellectual pursuits and highly physical adventure underscore their versatile natures and are clearly related to the dual nature of the Archer who symbolizes the sign and who represents the centaur Chiron — a half- rnan, half-horse god who was famed for wisdom and bravery. Sagittarians are often unabashedly optimistic extroverts who draw the admiration and affection of all those they encounter.

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Generous, Idealistic, Great sense of humor


Very impatient

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