Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"Ruled by Jupiter, I live by the notion of endless possibilities. Optimistic is what they call me! I’ve got an independent spirit to inspire others. Here I am, full of adventure and passion that control my desires. I Sagittarius, hold a belief of being honest and keeping things real."

July 2021 for Sagittarius

This month is an excellent time to resolve personal issues on a practical level not so much through force of will, but through greater levels of trust and forgiveness. You are able to assess long running bones of contention without the distorting effect of ego. The advantage of this month is that ego is diluted and this helps you to see problems without pride and hubris, that means new solutions offer themselves up.

Take your time, approach your partner when relaxed, don't rush anything, understand the value of good timing in love. Too often Sagittarius ruins a conversation because you interrupt, or insist on interpreting what your partner is saying and then getting ahead of yourself.

This is an excellent month for Cupid to strike with Mars conjunct Venus in Leo. You have a strong desire for romance, love and affection and you are open hearted, giving and highly sexually appealing. Your personal magnetism is enhanced and you are drawn to people who challenge you and provide a little bit of mystery. You aren't deterred by the more unorthodox or problematic relationships this month.

You aim high in love, this isn't a month where you will take second best, you want who you want and no one is going to talk you out of that. You are probably going to get what you want and relationships that begin now can be intense, passionate and emotionally satisfying, however they can also be controlling.

You are drawn to powerful people, however you have to be careful of the charming narcissistic who spoils you and puts you on a pedestal only to become a Trojan horse into your psyche. You must be very careful that you understand what's going on at a psychological level in love, as there may already be signs of subtle manipulation and yet the relationship, with all its warning signs is very addictive.

It can be hard to make wise decisions as the people you work with or rely on are behaving in an incongruous manner. Family members may cause problems or raise concerns that throw your financial plans into quandary.

This month you need to avoid stress, it's a good month to take time off and spend it looking after your health and eating well.

It's very important to detox both mentally and physically. Take on loads of water, eat clean food and even do a fast. Part of cleansing yourself involves detaching from ambition and materialism and being more Zen. Learn to let go and put things on hold. Don't worry about making excuses or putting things off.

This month it pays to be diplomatic and that means, telling people to go to hell in a manner that they will actually look forward to the trip. I'm not joking, you need to draw a line and while confrontation should be avoided, you can certainly blow people off or let them down gently, but the bottom line is that you need to offload some responsibilities or obligations.

Your ability to escape and have experiences vicariously through film, music or art is enhanced, and this aids both relaxation and also self-improvement as you can access a greater range of emotion and perspectives.

You are neither optimistic or pessimistic, you are simply open to different ideas and inspiration and this can allow answers to problems to magically appear.

It's important to not be judgmental, as when you put aside strong opinions, you find support quickly flows your way. So, be flexible and make allowances for differences without making a value based assessment of these. So, learn how to take on board different ideas without prejudice and without putting everything on a scale of right or wrong.


November 23 - December 22



Sagittarians love challenges of all kinds — physical or mental - and throw themselves into intellectual or physical pursuits with boundless and infectious reserves of energy Sagittarians’ interests in both purely intellectual pursuits and highly physical adventure underscore their versatile natures and are clearly related to the dual nature of the Archer who symbolizes the sign and who represents the centaur Chiron — a half- rnan, half-horse god who was famed for wisdom and bravery. Sagittarians are often unabashedly optimistic extroverts who draw the admiration and affection of all those they encounter.

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Generous, Idealistic, Great sense of humor


Very impatient

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