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Sagittarius for May 2023

Dear Sagittarius, May 2023 brings a mix of challenges and opportunities, urging you to reassess your projects and embrace personal growth. Mercury retrograde may be causing some turbulence in the first half of the month, but don't let that deter you. Instead, use this time to delve into your options and reconsider your plans. Keep in mind that the time for self-sabotage is long gone, so don't let it creep back into your life. The full moon eclipse on the 5th of May can help you find the closure you need to put the past behind you.

During this month, you'll be reflecting on the power of your words and thoughts and those of others. This self-reflection will lead you to recognize certain habits or tendencies you need to let go of to grow. While acknowledging these shortcomings can be challenging, it is necessary for personal growth. Make sure to set aside some time to heal and learn from these realizations.

As you approach the 16th of May, you'll find that luck is on your side, with Jupiter moving into your sixth house of daily habits. This is the perfect time to chase your passions, embark on a new health regimen, or make positive changes in your life. The new moon on the 19th of May will help you solidify your intentions for the rest of the year, particularly those related to your personal well-being. Remember, Sagittarius, you've been prioritizing others' needs for far too long. This month, it's time to focus on yourself.

With Gemini season kicking off on the 21st of May, love will be in the air, presenting you with an opportunity to take a romantic relationship to the next level. You've earned this, so be ready to enjoy the experience.

Now that you've identified areas for improvement, it's time to put your plans into action. Practice positive thinking and incorporate uplifting affirmations into your daily routine. It's normal to experience moments when you want to revert back to old habits, but stay the course – the rewards will be worth it.

In May, be on the lookout for someone with whom you can share your thoughts and ideas. This individual may challenge your way of thinking, prompting you to engage in stimulating debates. Welcome these discussions, as they can offer you valuable insights and help you refine your perspective.

In summary, May 2023 is a month of growth and transformation for Sagittarius. Mercury retrograde might make things a bit rocky at first, but you'll find your footing as the month progresses. Use this time to reevaluate your plans, focus on personal development, and strengthen your relationships. The combination of Jupiter's fortunate influence and the introspective power of the full moon eclipse will set the stage for an exciting and transformative month. Stay positive, embrace change, and trust in your ability to create a better future for yourself.



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"Ruled by Jupiter, I live by the notion of endless possibilities. Optimistic is what they call me! I’ve got an independent spirit to inspire others. Here I am, full of adventure and passion that control my desires. I Sagittarius, hold a belief of being honest and keeping things real."


Sagittarians love challenges of all kinds — physical or mental - and throw themselves into intellectual or physical pursuits with boundless and infectious reserves of energy Sagittarians’ interests in both purely intellectual pursuits and highly physical adventure underscore their versatile natures and are clearly related to the dual nature of the Archer who symbolizes the sign and who represents the centaur Chiron — a half- rnan, half-horse god who was famed for wisdom and bravery. Sagittarians are often unabashedly optimistic extroverts who draw the admiration and affection of all those they encounter.

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