Aries Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I am incredibly strong! Call me the bravest of all. Bold and fearless, that’s who I am. Always ready to lead towards the success, the only initiator. Me Aries, I’m a powerful force, always curious to find undiscovered treasures. Here I am, living like a warrior, pursuing things with full of passion."

March 2019 for Aries

Mercury turns retrograde on the 6th of March in your 12th, but very close to your ascendant, giving you pause: if you think you are in the home run, then think again, you may have to take two, check out your plan B or re adjust your plans.  While there may be spoke in the wheels, they will not be as serious as they look at first glance and you can still come out on top as long as you are flexible and are able to take a step back and fine tune your approach.  This period, until Mercury goes direct on the 29th, is one where you have to be careful in the manner you communicate. Your trademark direct approach needs to be tempered with diplomacy and some sensitivity.

Mars in Taurus trine Saturn makes this quite a territorial time when you will be tenser about boundaries. There is a distinct need to separate yours and theirs and to put up barriers. In a way you feel a little more vulnerable emotionally and stressing the importance of your physical possessions and demanding respect for those can be your way of protecting yourself. 

You can be quite strict, there are some issues and areas of life where you will simply not put up with interference and criticism. You are rather stubborn and yet that can help you define where you are at in terms of the relationship. In new relationships this is an ideal time to set out your stall and let the other person know what you expect from them both in terms of financial contributions or in terms of how they handle you emotionally.

While you have great stickability this month it does come at a cost, your energy levels are sapped by a high degree of effort and also resistance from others – if you were a car your brake pads would need checking after March as you keep have to slow down due to obstacles. You must pick your battles, as time and also your stamina are pressed to the limit and you cannot afford to go on tangents.

The element of surprise can never be underestimated right now and so do not be an open book in terms of your work, your strategy or your motivations. If you are angling for a new position stay Mum about it, do not alert your competitors or rivals to the options you have in mind.


March 21 - April 19



Ariens are famed for their fiery, positive, outgoing natures. Considered among the most enthusiastic of the zocliac children, they have high energy levels and often fast-paced lifestyles. Their fiery determination to accomplish things sometimes encourages hot-headedness and rudeness. Ariens do all things in their own way, with energetic determination and regardless of obstacles.

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Courageous, Confident, Enthusiastic, Passionate


Impatient, Short-Tempered, Aggressive

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