Leo Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"Just like the Lion, I am regal in the true sense. Call me Leo, the kindest of all. I am energetic, enthusiastic and outgoing. Ruled by the Sun, I hold the trait of a leader. Here I am, ambitious by nature, straightforward and charismatic, I am everything that a lion is known for."

September 2019 for Leo

The moon waxes until the 14th of September making this your ideal curtain raiser for new ventures. This is a good month for matters in connection with property, tax, insurance and loans. If you work in audit and accounting you may have a great deal more responsibility, but you also have the opportunity to win bigger clients and to become indispensable.

You have power this month, your skills may be in demand or you may be in a fortunate position as a result of past hard work where you can now call the shots. Financial matters are at the heart of September with many decisions to make. There are new ways to make money, bonuses to aim for and you may add new products to your range. There is industry research and the need to capitalize on some emerging trends. You may have to learn quickly about a new product or marketing tool to stay ahead.

While you have a massive amount of energy thanks to Sun conjunct Mars, you must manage this energy as it can erupt in the form of arguments and sudden tantrums. You are pretty passionate right now and feelings run high, you are ego driven and quite competitive and that is bound to ruffle some feathers. Accidents may happen if you are too hasty or act in anger and so be cautious and calm when driving. In sports you are very plucky and pugnacious, you hate to lose, but be sure to warm up and down properly to reduce the prospect of injury.

Relationships are exciting and you are hot blooded, you need to develop more patience in terms of foreplay, what's the rush. The arena of relationships can be rocky, not due to anything nefarious, but because you are a little vulnerable and that can mean your ego is easily wounded. You can be quite possessive and also rather domineering. You are quite a force right now and your partner may back off if they are the sensitive sort. If they are Aries, Libra or Scorpio, they may find it a great turn on.

If you can harness your energy and be consistent, determined and focused, you can achieve a great deal. This has the potential to be a very productive month.


July 23 - August 22



As majestic and impressive as the Lion that represents their sign, Leos are the natural leaders of the zodiac. Radiantly enthusiastic, magnanimous with their charm and gifts, and fiercely proud and confitlent_ Leoslove and live life to the fullest and expect, indeed need In be at the helm at home, Work, and play. Wonderfully affectionate, dramatic, and creative — there are many Leos among the actors of the world — Leos hate srnall~ mindedness and nit-picking. But they themselves arc occasionally stubborn, autocratic, and dogmatic.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Creative, Passionate, Generous, Humorous


Arrogant, Stubborn, Lazy, Inflexible

Favorable Colors

Gold  Yellow  Orange  

Favorable Numbers

1  3  10  19