Leo Daily Horoscope Prediction

"Just like the Lion, I am regal in the true sense. Call me Leo, the kindest of all. I am energetic, enthusiastic and outgoing. Ruled by the Sun, I hold the trait of a leader. Here I am, ambitious by nature, straightforward and charismatic, I am everything that a lion is known for."

  • 21 September 2020 for Leo

    personal life horoscope

    You are charming, bright and there is positive energy all around you! There will be a change in your love life very soon. Married Leos are going to enjoy all the attention and love their partner is giving you.

    profession horoscope

    Hard work has been paying off, and you can finally feel it. The blood, sweat, and tears were all worth it. Don't give up, keep on pushing.

    health horoscope

    At the end of the day, you might experience a headache or a migraine, if you have a history of having migraines. This is due to stress and straining yourself and your body.

    emotions horoscope

    You are feeling good, but in a very weird way. Emotionally, you don't really know where you are standing. Don't overthink today.

    travel horoscope

    Even though you want to see the whole world and you want to travel everywhere - the reality is that that isn't something that you can afford.

    luck horoscope

    Jupiter, the planet that governs good fortune, is sending you some powerful energy. However, don't expect to win the lottery.

  • 22 September 2020 for Leo

    personal life

    Love is very important to you, but you prefer to keep it natural and flowing. Not every person you flirt with is relationship material and you are aware of that. Married signs will be romanced tonight.


    Leo signs who have jobs that require them to be creative, for example artist and writers, might experience a lack of motivation. Unemployed signs need to be more active when it comes to finding new employment.


    You might experience some pain in your feet or arms, which is just a sign that you need to take a small break and to recuperate your strength.


    You surpass any problem that you have with grace and strength. You are energized and ready for every obstacle in your way.


    If you have trouble packing your bags, remember this: if you're not sure if you should bring it, then don't.


    You won't have a lot of good luck when it comes to financial situations. Don't gamble or spend your money recklessly today.

  • 23 September 2020 for Leo

    personal life

    Single signs will flirt with a Taurus. Taken signs will feel some tension in your relationship, but it's nothing that a nice dinner date can't fix.


    An air sign will give you steady advice, listen to what they have to say and take it as a learning opportunity. Your boss might not be all too happy with your performance.


    Today is a great day to start cutting back on cigarettes, or any other addictions that you might have. Ask for help if you need it.


    Emotionally, you are still trying to heal some wounds. However, look at how far you came. Leave the past behind and focus on growing.


    If you are having trouble packing, make sure that you make a list of things that you need and just cross off what you have put in your bag.


    The numbers 46 and 12 are going to bring you good luck today. You will receive some unexpected income.


July 23 - August 21



As majestic and impressive as the Lion that represents their sign, Leos are the natural leaders of the zodiac. Radiantly enthusiastic, magnanimous with their charm and gifts, and fiercely proud and confitlent_ Leoslove and live life to the fullest and expect, indeed need In be at the helm at home, Work, and play. Wonderfully affectionate, dramatic, and creative — there are many Leos among the actors of the world — Leos hate srnall~ mindedness and nit-picking. But they themselves arc occasionally stubborn, autocratic, and dogmatic.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Creative, Passionate, Generous, Humorous


Arrogant, Stubborn, Lazy, Inflexible

Favorable Colors

Gold  Yellow  Orange  

Favorable Numbers

1  3  10  19  

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