Leo Yearly Horoscope Prediction

"Just like the Lion, I am regal in the true sense. Call me Leo, the kindest of all. I am energetic, enthusiastic and outgoing. Ruled by the Sun, I hold the trait of a leader. Here I am, ambitious by nature, straightforward and charismatic, I am everything that a lion is known for."

2019 for Leo

Attention to detail and perfecting skills and refining talents is key to success this year. While there are great possibilities brewing in the ether, Leo must make sure you have prepared well. This is not a year for new activities, but rather one in which you take what you have and build on it with more determination and confidence than ever. You need to believe in where you are and what you have already achieved and ask what next? How do I push this to the next level and really smash it? There is often the temptation to walk away and look for something new to fulfil you, but this would waste an opportunity, and so you must grab what you have and run with it.

There is added pressure at work and also a greater volume of work. You will have more responsibility, and within that are opportunities to learn and develop more confidence. You should take on things which scare you or intimidate you as 2019 is a time to put doubts and insecurities about your ability, your technical ability, or management ability to bed. Look at where you feel unsure or where you lack skill and start looking for ways to improve in those areas. Areas where we have a weakness or doubts can often turn into our biggest strengths if we are prepared to work at them. Often that doubt we have is actually a big signpost to where you should apply effort, and so look to jump into discomfort zones and put yourself under some pressure to deliver, and you will be amazed.

Leo will have more personal accountability, and so you need to be transparent and keep records meticulously. New roles at work may mean a big step up regarding the admin and procedure you are responsible for getting right. This year is a more serious one at work (with not as much time for laughs and joking about), and yet it is also more financially rewarding and also more valuable in terms of career advancement.

Your level of sexual energy is on amber to red hot – you have strong desires which can bubble over into dramatic outbursts if you do not get some satisfaction, and so do not be self-denying; make time in your love life for intimacy. The great thing is that good sex does not have to be part of a long drawn out romantic process; you can enjoy a spontaneous bit of hanky panky as much as you would an evening of roses, candlelight, oysters, and tender kisses. In fact, Leo really do not need oysters or any other aphrodisiac; you are right up for it. Love and sex in the first part of this year especially are more ACDC than Michael Buble.

Health is a very important part of this year. Leo need to take particular care of teeth and bones. So first up, you need to be sure you are getting enough calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, and it is worth having a quick check for deficiencies. If you are a female Leo over 55, you could ask for a bone density check.

Younger Leo need to take care with extreme sports or if you are a very active sports fan for shin splints. Take care in all ventures not to break bones. If you are a gym or yoga fan, do more exercise to strengthen your core muscle groups.

Leo could be stuck in a rut of pleasing others to ensure that you get the positive emotional feedback that you have become reliant on. This year, you are encouraged to be more assertive and decisive in relationships even at the risk of disrupting the harmony temporarily. You need to have enough self-love and self-respect to walk away and take a chance on the outcome – while you operate in a zone of fear or resistance to change, you will never have the requisite personal growth to enjoy love relationships to the full.

The message in Leo’s relationships is: recapture! Shake off the worries and fears, and do those things which you most enjoy or used to enjoy; fire up the imagination, be young again, shake off cynicism, avoid people who bring you down, and enjoy.

Be impulsive and more confident, and if you have not yet discovered that Leo love to lead, then this is the year to step out of your shell, go it alone, and express yourself fully with no regard for the naysayers and detractors.


July 23 - August 21



As majestic and impressive as the Lion that represents their sign, Leos are the natural leaders of the zodiac. Radiantly enthusiastic, magnanimous with their charm and gifts, and fiercely proud and confitlent_ Leoslove and live life to the fullest and expect, indeed need In be at the helm at home, Work, and play. Wonderfully affectionate, dramatic, and creative — there are many Leos among the actors of the world — Leos hate srnall~ mindedness and nit-picking. But they themselves arc occasionally stubborn, autocratic, and dogmatic.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Creative, Passionate, Generous, Humorous


Arrogant, Stubborn, Lazy, Inflexible

Favorable Colors

Gold  Yellow  Orange  

Favorable Numbers

1  3  10  19