Gemini Yearly Horoscope Prediction

"My energy circulates in so many ways. As a Gemini, I am highly communicative and the thirst to explore is my inner trait. You can call me restless! I have an impressive way with words, love to be social and be around fun. Fascinated by the world, I am here to experience things."

2019 for Gemini

With Jupiter in your 7th House and Saturn and Pluto flirting with conjunction in your 8th; this is year is one that is pivotal for relationships with growth, challenges and increased intensity to love, sex, passion and also money matters. Many Gemini may get married this year or move in with a new partner. There are important financial implications to all relationships and so keep your eye on your pocket book and think ahead about finances with a clear head. Do not let passion and sexual excitement lead you to be blind to money matters. In love be careful for signs of control as while there can be passion, emotions tend to run high and that can lead to jealousy, possessiveness and manipulation creeping in. Power issues in relationships come to the fore and must be addressed as this is not a time when anything can be pushed aside to deal with another day. Nothing can be taken for granted in love; while on the surface you can have fun and enjoy life to the full, there is a serious side and some very important decisions to be taken, that may have far reaching effects.

This is a great year for winning public approval, especially if you work in partnership or tandem with others. Public couples or political husbands and wives can do very well. Legal matters and challenging problems from the past may get resolved, and animosity could die down with a cooler head prevailing.

Good fences make good neighbours; know your limits, and make sure others know where your limits are.

In love, there is a richness and a desire to know each other better, even if you have been together for a long time, there is a rediscovery and a revived passion. Your communication takes on a new level of depth and intensity, and secrets are welcomed out into the open where they can be discussed, analysed, and resolved or at least outgrown to allow for a freer flow of love and greater satisfaction from sex life. Love is not a magic bubble or a puffy cloud that drifts across the sky; it is a deep purple velvet against your skin in a log cabin on a cold night. Gemini are known for being elusive and tricky to pin down; intensity is not your thing which is why you often do not get on with Capricorn and Scorpio, but in 2019, you are ready to swim in the deep and murky waters of love, diving down deeper and perhaps discovering some buried treasure on the sea floor. 2019 is about opening your eyes to things you were blind to before, things perhaps you did not want to see, but which could hold the key to the Rubik’s cube problems in your love life.

Gemini are able to be more focused, more persevering and more penetrative this year; you have a greater ability to persist against the odds, and you will prevail.

Gemini will have to choose sides this year; you cannot always play both sides or keep two tracks of a route going – decisions must be made, and in making them, you will have to delve deeper into situations (often rooted in the past) and make sense of them often with renewed perspective.

Uranus in your 12th house brings an opportunity for freedom, not regarding breaking loose in the physical sense, but loosening the chains unconscious habit patterns have bound you with.  This is a year to break the mould and set up new patterns in your life which take you forward not back. Even if you think you are very happy with where you are, there is still room for improvement, and you can envision even greater potentials and possibilities.

Look out for unusual coincidences that can provide sudden opportunities to do things that you have perhaps given up on – reset your compass as the world is changing, and those changes create windows for Gemini which you are uniquely positioned to jump through.

Those in service industries are set for a boom in trade and also being able to take on more exciting work, thus expanding your experience. There is a degree of beginners luck as you achieve early success in new fields which serves as a message that you are on the right track.

Self-actualisation via the discovery of hidden talents arises out of situations that are challenging and often restrictive. Gemini may find the pot at the end of the rainbow had not gold inside, but the clues to where the next rainbow will be.


May 22 - June 21



Geminians are lively, restless, quick-witted, last thinking, mercurial creatures who rarely stay in one place — physically or philosophically — for long, They are marvellous communicators and easily sway people to their own ideas and opinions. Geminians detest boredom — indeed, they run from it — and often preler spreading their considerable emotional and intellectual energies among a variety of tasks (and peoplel). This ability to do several things at once is typical of the Geminians dual nature‘ aptly represented by the Twins. Poorly channelled. however, the Geminians inability to settle down with one thing or one person can lead to the appearance of shallowness and a tendency to gloss over the important details of life.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Gentle, Affectionate, Curious, Adaptable


Nervous, Inconsistent, Indecisive

Favorable Colors

Light green  Yellow  

Favorable Numbers

5  7  14  23