Gemini Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"My energy circulates in so many ways. As a Gemini, I am highly communicative and the thirst to explore is my inner trait. You can call me restless! I have an impressive way with words, love to be social and be around fun. Fascinated by the world, I am here to experience things."

July 2021 for Gemini

It's certainly possible to move the discussion forward from where it was last month, you can get some basic agreement, but it may be superficial and one of you may be merely going along with a new direction, thinking that you will have the satisfaction of saying, "I told you so," at the end of the day. I don't think you are both fully behind any decisions which are made this month, your partner may be dragging his feet even though he's saying the right things. Talk is very cheap this month, but it's not worth worrying about as long as you keep moving forward yourself, and don't lose sight of what's important to you.

You are inclined to see the big picture and that makes you more forgiving in relationships, but it can also take your attention away from the little niggles which could be spokes in the wheel of the relationship.

You can be quite judgmental this month, you don't often take a step back and think before you speak and you are very opinionated. Being opinionated is terrific, it brings this burst of honestly which was needed, however you don't want to go too far in expressing unjustified opinions or acting high handed. Be honest and straightforward, buy be a little humble too.

Arguments about religion and politics can leave a bad taste in your mouth and so avoid these subjects or chose partners whose beliefs are more aligned with yours as it makes it much easier.

Long distance relationships are very successful this month, you communication can span many different levels and is not one dimensional. You can develop a warm and deep relaxation online.

Sex is more thoughtful and you may plan special meals or trips to ensure there is both magic and novelty. It's good to think about what you both like, what relaxes you, what matters in sex and intimacy etc., and then to ensure all the essential pieces of that puzzle are in place, rather than just having sex cold, just for the sake of it, when the timing and ambience is not right

Individuality and originality are connected to money making and so this is an excellent month for making money in fields like the arts, invention, modelling or careers where your personality is central to your success. It's important to polish up your reputation, work on your image and improve presentation.

This is an ideas rich month and it's wonderful for planning as you are optimistic and bold. You also have the audacity to say what others haven't the guts to say and that helps move things forward, even if you do end up stepping on some toes.

It's important to schedule well and keep a diary so that you focus your energy as it's easy to get carried away and waste too much time on something which is pretty much done. The danger is overkill, so know when to quickly pull back and move the energy on to the next target. You also need to understand what's not working and kill that off ruthlessly rather that flogging a dead horse.

If you are studying or re-skilling for a new career, it's time to double down, take on more challenging courses or put in more effort as you can stand out now and gain necessary attention.

Lots of short journeys and extra work may mean less time for friends and family. You home life is basically a pit stop this month and I can see you taking a few rain checks and making excuses.

You can be a really bad listener this month and lots of family drama can be caused by you making assumptions without listening or bothering to ask family members what they actually want and need.


May 22 - June 21



Geminians are lively, restless, quick-witted, last thinking, mercurial creatures who rarely stay in one place — physically or philosophically — for long, They are marvellous communicators and easily sway people to their own ideas and opinions. Geminians detest boredom — indeed, they run from it — and often preler spreading their considerable emotional and intellectual energies among a variety of tasks (and peoplel). This ability to do several things at once is typical of the Geminians dual nature‘ aptly represented by the Twins. Poorly channelled. however, the Geminians inability to settle down with one thing or one person can lead to the appearance of shallowness and a tendency to gloss over the important details of life.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Gentle, Affectionate, Curious, Adaptable


Nervous, Inconsistent, Indecisive

Favorable Colors

Light green  Yellow  

Favorable Numbers

5  7  14  23