Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"Being Aquarius is creative! Besides my acute sense of art, I believe in giving the best kick-starts. Call me an absolute dreamer while I’m popular for my eccentric approach. Here I am, tend to hold the future of an artist, painter or philosopher."

January 2021 for Aquarius

Even very settled relationships have to endure ructions this month. Events challenge cohesion and perception and you are bound to see a different side to your partner, and he/she a different side to you. This can be pleasing, upsetting or exciting, depending on how you look at it.

Important shifts of consciousness can occur which can improve the bond between you and your partner, however sacrifices must be made, and the extent of the sacrifice is a measure of true trust and commitment.

Romance can be very tricky this month, you may be attracted to someone who is not at all the person they initially appear to be. You may end up being a catalyst by which a new partner or lover begins to reveal all their angst and pent up or unexpressed grief and frustration. However, this could be quite overpowering, do you really need to be a new partner's lay therapist? Maybe you do as Aquarius has a rescuer mentality.

Your psychic sensitivity is high in relationships and this can cause you to pick up on subtle signals your partner or new date is giving off, however this can serve to complicate rather than deepen the relationship as you are inclined to be probing and you can easily trigger a highly dramatic response from this person.

If you are with a partner who is going through a bad time in their lives, then you are in danger of absorbing their negativity and you can be dragged down rather than being able to lift them up.

It's vital to avoid people with addiction or serious mental health issues as you could be tempted into that dark place, especially where the addiction is concerned.

So, the message in newly formed relationships, or when dating, is to be aware of your partner's dark side and to know when to walk away, you cannot help as you just do not have strong enough boundaries right now. Don't be fooled by the person with massive bravado, ask why they are overcompensating.

You can't be scattered when it comes to money and business matters. The information you get early this month is a wakeup call, and you quickly have to decide what is important and then you need to clarify and clarify again, if anything is too good to be true, don't take it at face value.

If you had set yourself wide or vague objectives, this is the time you have to narrow that focus, and hone in on one or two strategies, these may not be your favorite strategies, but you have to go with what will work out practically, and not what makes you feel good.

This month is very exciting for Aquarians, but it's also quite confusing and the anxiety level is high. You have Jupiter and Saturn in your sign square Uranus in Taurus, you are extremely restless and eager for change.

Things are beginning to move in your life and it's happening quickly, there are many new opportunities, however some of what's going on is so unpredictable that it's rather disconcerting.

You can become very frustrated and may have emotional outbursts as you struggle to keep on top of things which appear to be out of control. However, you need to relax and go with the flow, nothing is happening which isn't long overdue.

Often the question is not about whether change should happen, but rather which is the best way forward? Unexpected events can undermine your confidence in making decisions and following them through. It's hard to keep everyone together, you need to show leadership in terms of your ability to embrace new information and understand it, however that doesn't mean you can be decisive.


January 21 - February 19



Often considered the most enigmatic of the zodiac children, Aquarians are fiercely individualistic and independent intellectuals who rarely form permanent relationships with anyone. Nevertheless, they are also noted for being friendly, kind, helpful, and caring; and they are possessed of deep humanitarian instincts. Still. they always remain quintessentially private people. Aquarians are gifted with inventiveness, originality. and creativity, and they are equally comfortable working in such disparate worlds as social work and science.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Progressive, Independent, Humanitarian


Temperamental, Uncompromising, Aloof

Favorable Colors

Light blue  Silver  

Favorable Numbers

4  7  11  22  29