Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"Being Aquarius is creative! Besides my acute sense of art, I believe in giving the best kick-starts. Call me an absolute dreamer while I’m popular for my eccentric approach. Here I am, tend to hold the future of an artist, painter or philosopher."

January 2020 for Aquarius

There is a great big conjunction between the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto this January making it a highly significant month for all star signs, what can Aquarius expect?

Chickens come home to roost in terms of life ambitions and career in January, in many ways events are out of your hands as what happens now is very much related to what you set in motion before, and all you need now is to be patient and to steer evens carefully to a successful conclusion. Karma also plays a role in your life direction as often you experience a ping back from a deed long forgotten and this may bring you luck or actually enable you to put right a wrong.

This is a month of responsibility and you cannot pass the buck, sometimes you have to stand in the line of fire, but you can gain a great deal of respect and build a solid reputation. In fact, reputation is key this month and it can be dramatically enhanced or indeed damaged, if you do not handle events with due caution and follow procedure. Success tends to come from playing it safe and being conventional, which I am sure will disappoint Aquarians who like to operate with a distinctive flourish.

Events in your spouse's life can force you into a corner; there are dilemmas and some facts have to be faced with more honesty. Anything which has been ignored or repressed now has to be accepted as a reality and dealt with. In love, accept your partner's faults and allow them time to change, always remembering that change is never easy for anyone especially if that person is a fixed sign. Do not throw away a relationship on the basis of one factor, no matter how important it may seem right now.

Weak relationships will tend to break down this January as temptations will be hard to resist, and the grass may seem greener somewhere else. In fact, the grass may well be greener, and meeting someone new could open your eyes to what your current relationship is missing.

Physical activities especially with friends or as part of a team effort are good for you, as are any activities in which you work with a large group of people. You are in general more successful when you focus your efforts on goals which have a wider impact, rather than being about your own personal needs or satisfaction.

The moon wanes between the 10th and 24th making this your consolidation and building phase, make sure you complete projects and attend to details systematically. Prior to the 10th and after the 24th are better for implementing brand new plans and launching projects. After the 24th is a perfect time for scientific projects, as well humanitarian or green initiatives. Aquarians can have success in getting good deals on assets which can enhance your business and improve efficiency. New love romances may be about to blossom in time for Valentine's Day. You are adept at managing large sums of money for others and if you earn commission based on your management of other people's assets of fund management, you will have a bumper month.


January 21 - February 19



Often considered the most enigmatic of the zodiac children, Aquarians are fiercely individualistic and independent intellectuals who rarely form permanent relationships with anyone. Nevertheless, they are also noted for being friendly, kind, helpful, and caring; and they are possessed of deep humanitarian instincts. Still. they always remain quintessentially private people. Aquarians are gifted with inventiveness, originality. and creativity, and they are equally comfortable working in such disparate worlds as social work and science.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Progressive, Independent, Humanitarian


Temperamental, Uncompromising, Aloof

Favorable Colors

Light blue  Silver  

Favorable Numbers

4  7  11  22  29