Libra Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I Libra, specialize in balancing of relationship. Charming, harmonious and polished are my traits. The only peacemaker you’ll know. Here I am, socially inclined and hold a strong sense of justice. I govern partnerships, relations and close associations. "

July 2019 for Libra

This is a tricky month in terms of your friendship circles, professional acquaintances and networks. You need to watch out for back biting due to professional jealously. Others may be resistant to your plans, not because they are bad, but because others find them a threat. You may find yourself cast as a maverick or outsider even when you think you are just being logical. You tend to be an innovative thinker and yet many may not be quite ready for what you have to say even if you are right. While you are on the right track, you may have to rethink the way you are putting your thoughts across.

This is an excellent month for career progression. You have a winning way and can make a good impression on your superiors.  Job interviews and reviews go well.  This is also a great month to launch a brand or rebrand your business. July is often all about style over substance, the way you say things and presentation us vital to success and acceptance.

Both new and existing relationships face disruption and greater tolerance is needed. The good news is that absence makes the heart grow fonder and some time apart can be the best thing to renew passion. Space is vital in love and you both need a chance to express individuality.

Your ruler in Cancer and Mars the ruler of your 7th house in Leo on your 11th house cusp, indicate some freedom closeness dilemmas in love. While you can recognize a need for some space and freedom, you are emotionally more needy and a little insecure and in need of reassurance. This makes you resist the very changes that could revive and enhance love and relationships.

New love relationships could be connected to changes at work or a new job.  Often admiration and respect for someone you perceive as more powerful than you is the basis for attraction right now.

Loneliness is hard for Libra at most times, but right now it may be a valuable lesson for you to learn. It is vital to be aware of addictive or obsessive behavior or thoughts right now, as they can undermine you.

Avoid coffee and chocolate as these can make sleeping tough, and right now you need more sleep and quality sleep. Chamomile tea is the ticket to a god night’s sleep.

The Moon waxes from the 2nd to the 16th making this the ideal phase for new plans and goals especially career wise.


September 23 - October 10



Outgoing, warm-hearted, and very sociable, Librans like the Scales that represent the sign, are frequently concerned with achieving balance, harmony, peace, and justice in the people and in the world around themi And they are well-equipped to do that with their enormous reserves of charm, cleverness, frankness, persuasion, and easy communication. They tend at times to be too facile and laid-back and have earned an undeserved reputation for laziness. In fact, they can be hard workers and are often leaders in their fields. They are especially good at any “peace-keeping” types of jobs, because they have the remarkable gift of easily seeing (and reconciling) both sides of an issue.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Cooperative, Diplomatic, Gracious, Fair-Minded


Indecisive, Avoids Confrontations, Self-pity

Favorable Colors

Pink   Green  

Favorable Numbers

4  6  13  15  24  

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