Libra Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I Libra, specialize in balancing of relationship. Charming, harmonious and polished are my traits. The only peacemaker you’ll know. Here I am, socially inclined and hold a strong sense of justice. I govern partnerships, relations and close associations. "

May 2021 for Libra

The new moon is conjunct Venus in your 7th house and square Pluto. Relationships cannot be superficial, you demand attention and loyalty and your expectations are higher, this can lead to you asking more questions or coming over as a little controlling.

You are likely to see sides of your partner that you haven't seen before and that can make you a little cautious or wary, but you may be reading too much into something which is transitory. However, you do need to be honest about the enduring realities of the relationship, especially the patterns you have fallen into. This is a good month to identify the places in the relationship where you are both on a low road. While many aspects of a relationship can be on track, if you are alert you can always see that something is unravelling. It's easy to ignore that which is unravelling, because the rest feels A OK, however the unravelling often gets somewhat contagious.

Thinking about getting into a relationship? Never forget your own power to attract positive experiences in love. The most important factor in love is you, your attitude, yourself love.

Relationship dynamics right now are closely connected to core issues that you are going through. Indeed you are changing and evolving and you may understand those fundamental changes better in a relationship, as your experiences or the new people you attract, are clues to your evolving personality and priorities.

If recently formed relationships are going through a tricky period of control and manipulation, take a step back and get some space. The impulse in relationships is to try harder, do more, be more pleasing, demand more time together, ask more questions, require longer deep conversations, when what you really need is space and so walk away! Let things cool down, you risk creating a pressure cooker where common sense will go out the window and the stage will be set for drama and games.

This can be a very good month for money, however you will have to negotiate hard and lay solid foundations. Relationships with key associates like your accountant, financial advisor, mortgage advisor or lawyer become more important and you may rely on their advice.

Mars in your ninth house is square Neptune which stimulates your wanderlust, you are open to new ideas and you feel expansive. You are drawn to sporting activities, but not necessarily competitive ones, so things like sailing, scuba, climbing, hiking, cross country running etc. are wonderful outlets which help you refresh your approach to your life.

You are keen to cast off restrictions, you aren't tied to routine and you are eager to embrace new career opportunities which are less structured, less rigid and more unpredictable. You are happy with some risk and some uncertainty, as you like not knowing quite where you are going. You will find yourself exploring many different directions, as expansion is key.

Eliminate activities and people within your home life who have become irrelevant or unsupportive. Think about functionality, who and what serves a purpose in your life and who doesn't? This can be quite hard as you may be addicted or habituated to things which don't really deliver much value to your life, but which feel safe.

Strip away what is not essential to the core values you hold, know what is meaningful and what isn't and build on that truth.


September 24 - October 23



Outgoing, warm-hearted, and very sociable, Librans like the Scales that represent the sign, are frequently concerned with achieving balance, harmony, peace, and justice in the people and in the world around themi And they are well-equipped to do that with their enormous reserves of charm, cleverness, frankness, persuasion, and easy communication. They tend at times to be too facile and laid-back and have earned an undeserved reputation for laziness. In fact, they can be hard workers and are often leaders in their fields. They are especially good at any “peace-keeping” types of jobs, because they have the remarkable gift of easily seeing (and reconciling) both sides of an issue.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Cooperative, Diplomatic, Gracious, Fair-Minded


Indecisive, Avoids Confrontations, Self-pity

Favorable Colors

Pink   Green  

Favorable Numbers

4  6  13  15  24