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Libra Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I Libra, specialize in balancing of relationship. Charming, harmonious and polished are my traits. The only peacemaker you’ll know. Here I am, socially inclined and hold a strong sense of justice. I govern partnerships, relations and close associations. "

January 2019 for Libra

Changes on the home front may be at the centre of this month’s action. Libra may be thinking about or planning home moves, exchanging contracts or just considering a home improvement. Changes around our home are one of the most fundamental ways we seek to change our lives and make new starts and so often a home move is driven by a psychological need to end a cycle even if we are unaware of that at a conscious level. So, whether Libra move home for good or for an extended period due to work, or if you begin to get itchy feet, you are probably feeling restless and as if you are ready to start a new chapter.

This is an important time to recognise that you need a change and that can be a change in attitude or knowing that you have to cut ties with certain way of being. It is a good time to think deeply and also to read on subjects that are psychological or philosophical, as often while reading, the penny drops and you just realise something important about yourself that can change the midgets you have and release you from their stifling effect.

The 4th house is about endings and the partial solar eclipse here encourages you to make a break with certain elements of your past that no longer serve your wellbeing. Parents and their effect on you can be triggered by certain events and you have to evaluate how tied you are to their way of thinking.

This is an excellent month for research; Libra can get a vast amount done and your memory is enhanced so that you retain a great deal of what you learn.

Libra are known as the charmers of the zodiac and you are in full swing when it comes to being charming and delightful this month. This is an excellent time socially, and you can meet many people who have romantic potential and yet nothing may develop yet as the energy is a little flighty and non-committal and so it is more important to have conversations and test the water than to actually dive right into a relationship.

In marriages the quality of conversation is key and so time to get chatty over a glass of wine and find the magic of sharing an exchanging stories and anecdotes. The key in love is in the time taken over conversations rather than having rushed conversations while you hurry about back and forth from work never really listening or taking time to say, “That is so interesting honey!” or “Thank you, that was an amazing meal!”


September 23 - October 10



Outgoing, warm-hearted, and very sociable, Librans like the Scales that represent the sign, are frequently concerned with achieving balance, harmony, peace, and justice in the people and in the world around themi And they are well-equipped to do that with their enormous reserves of charm, cleverness, frankness, persuasion, and easy communication. They tend at times to be too facile and laid-back and have earned an undeserved reputation for laziness. In fact, they can be hard workers and are often leaders in their fields. They are especially good at any “peace-keeping” types of jobs, because they have the remarkable gift of easily seeing (and reconciling) both sides of an issue.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Cooperative, Diplomatic, Gracious, Fair-Minded


Indecisive, Avoids Confrontations, Self-pity

Favorable Colors

Pink   Green  

Favorable Numbers

4  6  13  15  24  

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