In Isolation Check your Stars and See What They Have to Tell You!

All across the world, lockdown has put millions into their domicile. It's during this time that people are making the most of it and devoting the time to pursuing their hobbies, spending time with their loved ones and above all else- learning to love their health and take good care of it.

Every body that is confined today has a different nature, constitution and needs of survival. What if the stars could tell which method is best suited for whom? Taking the 'well being care' of ourselves and our loved ones would be much eased out and a less painstaking process.

Here are some of the simple measures as per the Zodiac to avoid the lockdown blues and take care of the bodies you love.


Dear Aries, you are the Ash-Lesh or the Flaming Star of the Zodiac. And with this rightly attached to your identity, you tend to easily flare up. With feistiness going quickly to your head, this lockdown your boredom could give you migraines, headaches and a raging temper. So you gotta soothe yourself! Here your breathing will be of crucial importance. Simply breathe in and breathe out. Take light and simple walks in your house preferably after your meals. Doing yoga, listening to music that is tranquilizing and dancing in a soft manner will channelize, smoothen out your gushing blood and pacify you. Besides this, rest, sleep, consume plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid anxiety regarding lockdown or its further extension.


You have a deep reserve of bubbling energy and to stabilize it, this lockdown, your favorite place to visit is your kitchen. You're an earthy sign associated with dairies, pastures and feeding places and wheat and corn fields. Ah! For you it's all related to food. You're the happiest when you're trying your hand at a different dish. It's not that the others around are the guinea pigs, but you simply love to feed them. Consume fat-rich foods in moderation and hello, since it's your foodie side that's coming up, don't forget to exercise, at least in moderation.


You're one of the most eloquent and expressive of the Zodiac. Amongst us all, it could be you who's literally feeling locked down blues and probably to aggravated levels. With no means r channels to let out your verbose energies, you could be in a way feeling trapped. Take to your diary! Empty your thoughts on those blank pages that're ever ready to listen to you. Your inquiring nature will help you explore your thoughts to the best levels possible when you're writing at your desk. Besides, talk mingling with people in your family, call up a friend. Conferencing over the call with your pals will also help alleviate your spirits and pacify your socializing energies.


For you dear Cancer, this lockdown, it's all about cuddling yourself with people you adore. You're highly charged up emotional energies could be looking for an outlet. Take your time to figure out what you indeed want to do. Vent out emotional energies in doing things you love. Be it watching romantic or comedy movies, or be it relaxing in your bathtub, your beauty is your emotionality. Correctly expressing it during its quarantine will add to your emotional health and well being. While you indulge in foods you like, don't forget to take care of your stomach.


Dear Lion, you're a jutting spray of life and excitement. Often associated with places like clubs, theatres, dance halls and playgrounds, it seems that the lockdown has brought all your play to a standstill. Well, if you ask us then not really! It's in your house that you could groove to your favorite party music and make your family members shake a leg as well. But remember, you're fond of a lavish lifestyle and could easily over indulge in foods and beverages. Avoid eating too much spice, alcohol and heaty stuff.


Dear Virgo, you rule the nervous system and the lock down blues could actually affect your nerve network. Disturbed mental levels could affect your stomach which makes you vulnerable to infections and constipation. You are efficient at using your intelligence in organizing and setting up your house to elevate not only yours but others spirits as well. You're associated with prophylactics and the Red Cross which aptly enumerates your inclination to help. Cleaning will elevate your spirit and helping others will ease and heal you from within. During such trying times you shall have ample of time to think and put your 'nervous energy' at an excessive use. Be mindful of not turning into a hypochondriac who worries too much about one's health and well being. Now with ample time around, don't forget to chew your food properly.


Dear Libra, your signifies beauty and harmony. You tend to function best when placed in cordial and peaceful surroundings. It's within the confines of your home that you could brighten up your environment. Paint your walls! Rearrange your jewel box, perfumery, wardrobes, loft, sofa cushions, kitchen or your garden and whatever you feel like. You have a knack for beauty and exactly know what will allure and please your senses. If there's any hobby that you haven't done in a long time, then pursue it now. You have the time, so flush your kidneys with enough water. Don't just gulp it down to meet a desired proportion.  'Chew' water and mindfully take it in. Also be careful with your liquid foods.


Dear Scorpio, it's not a hidden fact that you're penetrating and have a hoard of some of the most intense energy in the Zodiac at your disposal. This quarantine, when you have ample time, it's totally up to you how you and where you invest these extreme energies. You love to be on your own which is where your strength lies. One of the best ways to channelize this energy is to practice yoga, mantra japa, and mild and gentle forms of exercise and dance. Make your energies 'forward-looking' instead of getting stuck up in the past. Also avoid intense periods of concentration on one particular thing and take frequent breaks in between.


You've got too many arrows in your quiver dear Sagi. Which one would you shoot? You're an active mind and putting you amidst confines is definitely not fair. But since you're there, read a book while you sip a cup of your favorite coffee. You're a sporting person and could be well into playing some kind of sport. If you're into some kind of outdoor sport then it's definitely difficult to pursue in your house, but you could always figure out indoor games that you could enjoy with your family. You could also take up puzzles, quizzes and other random mind games since you also tend to seek intellectual stimulation. This lockdown, eat liver enriching foods like green leafy vegetables, carrots, beets, avocados and apples. These foods will also enrich the health of your blood and prevent liver and blood toxicity.


Dear Cappy, give your hard work a little rest. You're easily prone to melancholy and this quarantine could add to your pensive sadness. Do not vigorously delve into things you've planned especially if it is online courses. With ample time in your hands, indulge in simple skin care regimes, massages with fragrant oils- even ghee or coconut oil or sesame oil would do, and give your intense concentrating periods a generous rest. Maintain good balance between lubricious, heating and stimulating foods in moderation. Most importantly get away from the gloomy environment and talk to friends who are chirpy, cheery and bring much needed sunlight in your life.


Be it destination, computers or inventions, if there are any topics which didn't have the time to delve into deeper, then this is the best time to conduct your research and come up with satisfactory results. Laced with electric energies, this lockdown is the apt time to hone your philosophical talent. There would be times when you would get really anxious over this lockdown and possible extension. Work on your lungs. Practice breathing exercises and eat foods like apples, nuts, seeds, grapes and  carrots and  that not only lubricate your lungs but also strengthen your breathing.


This quarantine, let your imagination on the loose and see what you come up with. Be it writing, sketching, cooking, painting, decorating your house or cuddling over sofa cushions to see some cartoon films with your children, you will see a marked boost in your confidence levels if you relax your imagination and let it free. Shun your rigidity and gauge what hampers your progress. Work on those blocks so that next time you're all there to achieve what you really want. This quarantine, enhance your skills and is the best time to work on your confidence and lethargy. Regulate your diet. Do not consume water haphazardly and be careful of liquids that you consume.