Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I am all about ambitious power, position and money! I Capricorn, have a competitive nature. I possess the tendency to climb mountains to achieve what I want. Here I stand, Independent, determined and patient. Loyal, humble and hard working, that’s who I am."

October 2021 for Capricorn

The keys to success in your marriage this month is making sure you know your boundaries and you stick to them. Boundaries are going to be the difference between a relationship that's healthy and that's growing in a positive direction and providing happiness, and a toxic relationship which is constantly draining your energy and causing you a lot of angst.

Boundaries are an important way of ensuring that your needs are met and your partner's needs too. They bring balance in the relationship, because one outcome of no boundaries is that one of you will always feel they are giving too much and not receiving enough back. So be firm and resolute, your partner should know that it's this far and no further, this also fosters respect. If you constantly allow a partner to disrespect your boundaries, you are telegraphing that you are not respecting yourself and you got only yourself to blame for a downward spiral. So if you're not being respected, it's because you're not respecting your own boundaries, and it's very powerful and transformative when you accept this simple piece of advice.

Romance can be very successful this month in terms of you developing a close spiritual bond, and even a feeling of oneness. The problem is idealism, meaning that you're not particularly pragmatic in the relationship. In new relationships there are a lot of things you are overlooking right now, these could crop up and become problems later. It's important not to get carried away, and not to raise your expectations, because although things in relationships can be extremely promising right now, you are bound to hit hurdles next month. The upcoming hurdles shouldn't be disheartening, but if you become too involved in a love bubble it means it's going to be more difficult when these things crop up. You can really see what's coming if you look, but you are choosing not to look at the moment, so by all means enjoy this month romantically, go wild, but just be aware that there will be a lot of problems to be ironed out soon because the person you are with is somewhat different in personality and background.

This month the people you usually rely on can let you down however, there can be a knight in shining armor waiting to come along and give you a hand out financially, so all is not lost.
Expect the unexpected, because you can still snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. While the traditional relationships that have served you well, or your traditional lenders or brokers who have been on your team well may suddenly not come up with the goods, this is a great thing because you can forge new alliances and get new advice givers on your side, who can really help invigorate your business with better ideas than the people you traditionally relied upon.

You have a lot more energy, your confidence has improved and it's a good time to promote yourself. You can get involved in distributing literature, publishing literature, and launching advertising campaigns to improve your visibility and increase the awareness of your products or services.

Don't let your ideas become so important to you that you stop being fully being open to other people's input. So lead boldly with ideas, but remain open to other people's ideas because they can really contribute more than you can imagine. Don't develop such a strong ego identification with your ideas that you become indifferent to the input of others, because that actually can slow you down, when just listening and not getting too pig-headed really will get you over the line that much faster.

This month you and your partner may need to get your heads together about savings and investment. It's definitely a month when you need clear priorities as even if money is plentiful, you may be more concerned about waste and lost opportunities. While this isn't a problematic month for money, it is a time when the whole family should have an input on the household budget and have their say on what's important to them.


December 23 - January 20



The Goat that symbolizes Capricorn was traditionally CleplCt€Cl as half-goat, half-fish. This complex dual nature is echoed in the Capricornian personality, one of the most complex characters in all the zodiac. They have two distinct natures. One side of the sign is ambitious, hard-working, and enterprising. This Capricornian is highly motivated, loves life, and is able to set high but achievable goals. The other side of the Capricornian, however, is lost in a world of real or imagined obstacles to success; further, this Capricornian often cannot find the motivation to take action and challenge those obstacles. Even successful Capricomiars have a tendency to whine and complain about imagined burdens. These darker tendencies are not eased by Capricornians’ introverted natures and love of solitude.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Responsible, Disciplined, Self-control


Know-it-all, Unforgiving, Condescending

Favorable Colors

Brown  Black  

Favorable Numbers

4  8  13  22