Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I am all about ambitious power, position and money! I Capricorn, have a competitive nature. I possess the tendency to climb mountains to achieve what I want. Here I stand, Independent, determined and patient. Loyal, humble and hard working, that’s who I am."

March 2019 for Capricorn

This month is excellent for money and there is a greater sense of security and stability in your finances. This is a favorable time to win new clients and increase sales. If you are in retail or you deal in art and jewellery this is also a positive time.  March is a great month to attend auctions or agricultural fairs.  Work as a florist or in garden landscaping is also favored. You may have luck raising extra money by selling on eBay and with a little imagination and resourcefulness you will find yourself with a few extra bucks. Existing investments perform well.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces at the new moon on the 6th and Neptune triggered in the 3rd bring a great deal of uncertainty in terms of negotiations and plans. Many things are up in the air and it is very hard to predict or make estimates.  You may travel, making many small trips but these can be exhausting and not very productive. It is not a good time to start a serious debate or negotiation. This is a poor phase for business deals and you should be very careful of what you say as things easily get misconstrued or misunderstood. Make sure you put everything in writing and keep copies. Make sure you are clear and exact and double check facts.

This is an excellent time for abstract and creative thinking and your imagination is super changed. If you can leave the details to other's and just brainstorm and work artistically or with concepts, you will love this month.

In love, you are a romantic and also a little impracticable. In new relationships or dating you have to be very careful as you can lead yourself into heartache, by not reading the signals properly. In relationships, you can get the wrong end of the stick and upsets and emotionally turbulent circumstances can arise over misunderstandings. 

Relationship that are free and easy and have a great deal of space and respect fare well in March.

Not a great month for internet dating. 

Family and home matters get a boost and this is a great time to host a party at your house.

Take vitamin B12 to boost mental energy. Drawing and doodling can be a therapeutic way to unwind. Musically you are firing and can compose with great talent or use music to escape the world and cleanse yourself spiritually.


December 22 - January 19



The Goat that symbolizes Capricorn was traditionally CleplCt€Cl as half-goat, half-fish. This complex dual nature is echoed in the Capricornian personality, one of the most complex characters in all the zodiac. They have two distinct natures. One side of the sign is ambitious, hard-working, and enterprising. This Capricornian is highly motivated, loves life, and is able to set high but achievable goals. The other side of the Capricornian, however, is lost in a world of real or imagined obstacles to success; further, this Capricornian often cannot find the motivation to take action and challenge those obstacles. Even successful Capricomiars have a tendency to whine and complain about imagined burdens. These darker tendencies are not eased by Capricornians’ introverted natures and love of solitude.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Responsible, Disciplined, Self-control


Know-it-all, Unforgiving, Condescending

Favorable Colors

Brown  Black  

Favorable Numbers

4  8  13  22  

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