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Taurus Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I’m a fighter of love, a believer of happily ever after! They call me a great lover, romantic is how they describe me. I am Taurus, incredibly loyal and passionate. Here I am, with the ability to make a relationship work, expressing love is my joy. Deep, insightful, smart and intellectual, that’s who I am."

January 2019 for Taurus

The solar eclipse in Taurus’ 9th house bring about an optimistic and fiery start to 2019 – you are setting some testing goals and you are imbued with excitement and energy. The activation of your ninth by the eclipse helps you to think big and also encourages Taurus to contemplate their place in the world as well, and so new goals are often about increased understanding and achieving fulfilment rather than just more money. An ambition linked to further education and study gets a boost.

Travel or communication over long distances becomes important and this may have connection to travel, trade or even a long distance relationship. The theme is that someone, somewhere in an exotic and far flung location has the key to this next chapter in your life.

In love, trust and honesty are highlighted and Taurus are more concerned about discussions that reveal true motivations and which get to the heart of the matter.

Now we all know that Taurus are very black and white, and that they tend to be quite binary in their opinions; in January your feelings are especially strong and you have intense emotional reactions to events, especially when those events relate to relationship issues. You will find it hard to remain neural and your actions will reveal your true feelings no matter how hard you try to keep them hidden for the sake of harmony.

This is a superb time to get in touch with inner motivations and core feelings which affect both your health and how you manage love relationships – you have a great psychological awareness. Indeed illnesses now are often psychosomatic, which again is a call to look deeper within yourself for solutions to many of the problems that manifest in the outer world.

Taureans may travel this month and there is much scope for fun an yet you will always take things seriously as you have this insatiable urge to delve deeper which makes all love relationships quite an enticing prospect and you are so eager to understand and also to stimulate deeper awareness.

January is very much a strategic and planning month more than a results month and so be analytical and get working on that drawing board but do not jump into the deep end just yet.


April 20 - May 20



Taureans are famed for their romanticism, reliability, and charm, and they are often reputed to be the most beautiful people among all the zodiac children. Warm E affectionate, and sincere, they inspire confidence and loyalty in those around them. Taureans have a great need for financial and personal security. They love luxury, comfort, and beautiful things — tendencies that can encourage an obsessive possessiveness on their part Like the Bull who symbolizes their sign, Taureans are slow to anger, but when aroused, they can be fearsome.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Reliable, Patient, Devoted, Responsible


Stubborn, Possessive, Uncompromising

Favorable Colors

Green  Pink  

Favorable Numbers

2  6  9  12  24  

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