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Taurus for May 2022

This is a good month for you and your partner to be more active socially, because often meeting interesting people and having discussions, social events or dinner parties with them can actually stimulate your relationship or your sex life and add and much-needed spark.

There's reason to be optimistic in marriage because relationships will get a much welcome boost now, but you guys need to move past the familiar into some unknown new territory. So forget your comfort zones and seek out experiences that are little bit different, and this means going to new restaurants, different places, different sports event and thus reinvigorating your relationships.

In love, happiness comes from seeking and allowing relationships to grow even if you are unsure of what direction they are growing in. Stop boxing the relationship in and narrowing its parameters, allow it to develop and grow organically and go with it.

Because the ruler of your solar fifth house, Mercury, is retrograde this can be a tricky time for romance. So while it can be quite titillating and quite exciting there can be miscommunications and some mixed messages which can cause upset. Thus it's important to maintain an experimental, curious attitude in relationships and not to seek anything too intense quite yet.

In newly formed relationships, you could become complacent and I would caution you not to be lazy. Continue to show an interest in your partner, to be a good listener and to be understanding. Sometimes with Mercury retrograde, you can show a fickle approach to new relationships, which could set them back, so just because you think you've caught your man, don't be so certain yet.

The Mercury retrograde period creates some instability within your finances which can mean added stress. Money management, budgeting and financial planning takes up a lot of your spare time and you may be stressed and a little distracted because of this.

Success comes from noticing patterns and the larger picture. Your creative and problem-solving abilities can bring you both progress and pleasure.

Embrace your curious nature and reject black and white thinking by understanding the potential of exploring grey areas and recognizing patterns. Use this month to understand and perceive, expressing creative intelligence outwardly and inwardly.

There is a lot of complexity in your emotional life and it's a good time to explore where you really stand, because sometimes there are more questions regarding family relationships than answers, and it may be worthwhile looking at the past with a fresh set of eyes and coming to some difficult or even difficult to conclusions.

The New Moon is on the 30th of April and extends until the 16th of May, so this is an excellent time for your New Moon rituals and your initiation of new projects. As the New Moon is in Taurus, your first solar house, this is a great time for self-improvement, presentation goals, using charm and persuasive ability. Use this as your personal New Year and turn over a new leaf, be assertive and put into action goals that matter to you and enhance your lives.

Be slightly cautious in high impact sports and goals connected to speed or specialized tools.

Activation of Uranus can make you impetuous and an adrenaline junkie, so be cautious of getting carried away.

This may be an excellent time to make a journey to a totally new location. This is a particularly good phase for creative projects, particularly connected to music and electronic art. This is also a very good time to hire staff, train for a new skill or start a diet or fitness regime (nothing too extreme though).



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"I’m a fighter of love, a believer of happily ever after! They call me a great lover, romantic is how they describe me. I am Taurus, incredibly loyal and passionate. Here I am, with the ability to make a relationship work, expressing love is my joy. Deep, insightful, smart and intellectual, that’s who I am."


Taureans are famed for their romanticism, reliability, and charm, and they are often reputed to be the most beautiful people among all the zodiac children. Warm E affectionate, and sincere, they inspire confidence and loyalty in those around them. Taureans have a great need for financial and personal security. They love luxury, comfort, and beautiful things — tendencies that can encourage an obsessive possessiveness on their part Like the Bull who symbolizes their sign, Taureans are slow to anger, but when aroused, they can be fearsome.

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