Taurus Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I’m a fighter of love, a believer of happily ever after! They call me a great lover, romantic is how they describe me. I am Taurus, incredibly loyal and passionate. Here I am, with the ability to make a relationship work, expressing love is my joy. Deep, insightful, smart and intellectual, that’s who I am."

November 2019 for Taurus

Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio until the 21st, and this brings misunderstandings and also some backtracking in love. Promises made can now come under scrutiny from both sides as you question the assumptions on which those were made. It is a time to take a step back and think about the bigger picture, the most important things are being lost in the midst of annoying little details.

Intense negotiations can be part and parcel of the month, get ready to compromise and yet keep your eye on your key aims as anything is possible as it is all out there to grab in very productive dealings with competitors or colleagues. Venus in your 8th house and conjunct the ruler of your second indicates there can be good outcomes for you financially especially from the service sector. You may benefit from tips and presents from clients. There are often lucrative kickbacks or perhaps payment in kind this month i.e. a regular client may give you prime tickets to a concert or the ball game. This is a good time to apply for loans to buy new assets or invest in gold or currency. You can expand your business both organically and by giving incentives and discounts to new clients.

In terms of health and wellness, try and be more restrained and do not let others talk you into doing things you know are habit forming. This is a time when you are more influenced by social pressure in terms of your diet or drinking, you can lose discipline in social settings and right now bad habits are a slippery slope. You should also be careful of clever sales pitches which appeal to your impatient side; if you are eager for quick results you are vulnerable to adverting and slick sales talk and so you are better off doing research online rather than in person where there is more immediate pressure to say YES and part with money for a gym membership or expensive dietary supplements or diet formulas and shakes.

The new moon in Scorpio is sextile Neptune, this means that in love you and your partner can benefit by more interaction with mutual friends, do not shut yourselves off as you may get a better perspective after some social interaction with those you enjoy the company of.

Mars square Pluto, your 7th house ruler indicates that you should avoid conformation and also dangerous situations; ensure you steer clear of crowds that may get rowdy or violent.

Flirting may get you in trouble in some way, maybe you are already married or involved and a new friendship you have may threaten your partner who is showing a jealous side. In, general, you tend to think your partner is jealous of you, but you misunderstand their emotional needs. Your partner may try to make you jealous or angry just to see how much you care and how far they can push you. This month, it is all about limits and how far to push them, but out of this comes greater psychological awareness on your part. Games are part of the mix, but they may add to the intriguing joy of this match.

A new partner may be able to bring out your sexual side like never before, they may awaken feelings in you long dormant. Love life this month is rocky, but never dull.

Your partner may help you financially or act as your agent or advisor. Your partner may bring you to your senses when it comes to debt and spending decisions.


April 21 - May 21



Taureans are famed for their romanticism, reliability, and charm, and they are often reputed to be the most beautiful people among all the zodiac children. Warm E affectionate, and sincere, they inspire confidence and loyalty in those around them. Taureans have a great need for financial and personal security. They love luxury, comfort, and beautiful things — tendencies that can encourage an obsessive possessiveness on their part Like the Bull who symbolizes their sign, Taureans are slow to anger, but when aroused, they can be fearsome.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Reliable, Patient, Devoted, Responsible


Stubborn, Possessive, Uncompromising

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