Taurus Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I’m a fighter of love, a believer of happily ever after! They call me a great lover, romantic is how they describe me. I am Taurus, incredibly loyal and passionate. Here I am, with the ability to make a relationship work, expressing love is my joy. Deep, insightful, smart and intellectual, that’s who I am."

January 2020 for Taurus

There is a great big conjunction between the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto this January making it a highly significant month for all star signs, what can Taurus expect?

Your year begins with some recognition and reward, you may hear good news about last year's figures or results, and could get a bonus.

Good news and positive feedback within your career at the start of January can spark a desire to renew goals and become more ambitious. Mid-January is a time of great excitement about new directions and you are especially keen to reignite long held dreams and ambitions.

You will get the ball rolling on some plans which will open doors and this can become a month of charm offensives and reaching out within your networks. Forging new alliances, and making new friends quickly within the new career avenues that interest you, is a theme.

January is certainly a time where you can make lasting and important new friendships. Relationships with people who share your fantasies, your ideals, or your aspirations are probably going to start overshadowing older relationships with people who are perhaps less driven by the same interests as you.

This is a very open minded time where you are highly experimental and inspired, but you can end up being on a collision cause with the more conservative people in your life who will not understand your sudden taste for the eccentric or 'way out'.

It is very important to know the law, as some of your new interests may be in fields where you are not fully aware of the norms or regulations.

You seek adventure in love and are likely to develop attractions fast. You may fall in love with a colleague you meet at a convention or while on a tour, you like the excitement of dating someone totally new from a completely different walk of life. You have to be careful as while a new lover may appear exciting and very intelligent, they may be arrogant and controlling and you may not really know what you are letting yourself in for.

This can be a difficult patch in marriage, your partner may want to make it all about them, they are keen to force for their needs and will be incredibly pushy and unyielding. You need to be strong enough to say, enough is enough, as a partner can push you to the brink. It is difficult, as you have to admit they are right about some things and perhaps their vision of the future is correct, but their actions can make you very uncomfortable. Your partner may also be pessimistic and their mood heavy. Taurus will be within their rights to consider your future with your partner, how much more can or should you take? Be strong and do not make any rash decisions, but let your partner know you are getting to the end of your tether.

You can encounter some jealousy and often vindictive behavior from some of those you work with. Often, they envy your success and they try and distract or even disrupt your progress out of spite.

The moon wanes between the 10th and 24th, less will happen in this phase and so do no force it. After the 24th the ball gets rolling again and it's an excellent time for networking, establishing new goals aligned to your dreams, raising money and being creative. It is ideal for progress in terms of your causes or even political aims.


April 21 - May 21



Taureans are famed for their romanticism, reliability, and charm, and they are often reputed to be the most beautiful people among all the zodiac children. Warm E affectionate, and sincere, they inspire confidence and loyalty in those around them. Taureans have a great need for financial and personal security. They love luxury, comfort, and beautiful things — tendencies that can encourage an obsessive possessiveness on their part Like the Bull who symbolizes their sign, Taureans are slow to anger, but when aroused, they can be fearsome.

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Reliable, Patient, Devoted, Responsible


Stubborn, Possessive, Uncompromising

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