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Cancer for October 2022

This month in marriage you are jack of all trades AND master of all trades, as you need a full skill set in dealing with your relationships this month. So it's important to multitask and take a multifaceted approach. This can be quite a hectic and demanding time in your relationship, however it's also a very good period creatively when a lot can be achieved, and there can be some fun times as well.

So you are working hard and playing hard this month in terms of your relationships. There are problems, there are arguments, there is passion, there are tender moments, there is understanding and there can be good communication, so breakthroughs happen.

There may be different and unexpected new problems, as it's an absolute pick-n-mix, so expect a busy month, stay flexible, stay open minded and make sure that you leave enough time to deal with your relationship, rather than ploughing all your energy into a big career goal. You are going to need your wits about you, as there's a lot on this month, some of which you may be expecting, some of which you may not, but it's a busy month.

This is a rather good time for romance, it's particularly good for internet dating, meeting people through social clubs or even meeting people through dating apps. It's important to be versatile and to employ some new strategies when looking for a new partner and the best thing to do right now is to increase your social circles generally. Thus it's great to start new hobbies, join new associations, sign up for courses, all of which can help you to expand your social circle and you will get invited to some parties quite quickly where you could meet a new partner.

If you are already dating, it is important right now to look for interesting activities that are mentally and intellectually stimulating, rather than just physically or emotionally exciting to do on dates. It's important for you to both amuse or entertain your partner, and not to get too intense or too deep right now, because that can complicate things, which is not particularly helpful.

This is an excellent month for earning money through your creative ventures and leadership, so any job that is related to creativity, or alternatively jobs related to leadership and management, tend to be very profitable.

This can also be a profitable month for hiring out any asset you own. So time to have a look at your assets and see which ones are working for you and which aren't, and if there's anything that's just gathering dust when you could utilize it in your business or perhaps lone it to others, this could generate an income stream.

The key to your career right now is searching for information and solutions in unusual places, so don't stick to the conventional road, think outside the box and look in unexpected places to find inspiration or information which can throw a whole new light on your current dilemmas.

This is an important time to keep an ear to the ground as there may be subtle changes going on behind the scenes where you work, or something may be happening with your employers that you don't yet know about, but which will have an important impact on your career going forward. So it's very important to be alert to information, to listen to what's being said on the grapevine and to do your own research.

Your family or family members may come to prominence right now, it may be that your partner or one of your children is getting a lot of publicity for some reason, or more attention than usual, and this can bring your family into focus and you may suddenly find people are recognizing you. Perhaps your home becomes a hub of activity with lots of new visitors coming and going.

The New Moon phase runs from the 25th of September until the 9th of October, and this is an excellent phase for new adventures, openings, starting new activities and exploring in your life.

This is a good time for investing your money or buying a new asset for your business, it's also a favorable time for financial dealings, negotiations and discussions.

This is an excellent time for exploring your talents and releasing your untapped potential. Any training or education related to improving skills or honing innate talents is well spent.

This is a good time to embrace brand new opportunities in new areas, to travel to new places or meet with totally new people.

This again is excellent for any physical therapy to address injuries or health problems. Any alternative or traditional methods that involve hands on treatment can be effective i.e. physio, osteo, reflexology or chiro therapy.

It is not a good time for loan extensions or new debt. Grants, alimony payments, social security issues tend to be problematic. Don't try new tax saving schemes right now. This may not be a good time to take on a big new client where you have responsibility for large sums of money.



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"They call me emotional and sensitive. Being Intuitive and sentimental are my traits. As a Cancer, I’m a real caretaker. Friends and family are life to me! I am sympathetic, I will keep you close to me. Here I am, extremely loyal, highly imaginative and persuasive."


Sensitive (but often “crabby“), imaginatively creative and artistically gifted (but often obsessed with the minutiae of home and the past), Cancerians are among the most challenging of the zodiac children to get to know. Like the crab that symbolizes their sign, they often present a hard, crusty, even impenetrable exterior to the world, and can appear Withdrawn, cool, and reserved. Beneath the shell, however, lies an emotional and sensitive soul with great reserves of compassion and intuition. Like the crab, Cancerians are also tenacious and protective of their home turf and make for fiercely protective and loyal parents and friends.

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Tenacious , Loyal , Emotional , Sympathetic


Pessimistic , Suspicious , Manipulative

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