Cancer Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"They call me emotional and sensitive. Being Intuitive and sentimental are my traits. As a Cancer, I’m a real caretaker. Friends and family are life to me! I am sympathetic, I will keep you close to me. Here I am, extremely loyal, highly imaginative and persuasive."

November 2020 for Cancer

Mercury goes direct from the 3rd and Mars from the 13th meaning the handbrake is off and your plane is cleared for takeoff. This month, you can really knuckle down and make solid progress on life goals and ambitions; suddenly the plans are clear and no longer vague. It is like you got the go ahead. It could be that you have been in a planning phase up until now: applying for loans or grants, getting business plans together, looking for premises, finding the right university, looking for a job, and now this month you get the YES, you were after and suddenly the planning is over, and you have to go and do it for real.

You are ready for leadership, and you are also well placed for taking initiatives and going it alone, and so whether you work for yourself or are employed, you will be making many decisions, starting new projects and forging ahead. You are very much in control of your life and its direction, and even if you are not yet fully in control, you are ready to make very tough decisions and sacrifices to get where you want to be. This is a very determined time where you can move mountains and build towards a very promising new avenue in life.

This is a time of re-evaluating goals and organizing your resources so that you can achieve those goals. Wise plans should result in you having the freedom to follow dreams and ambitions. But be honest with yourself about what is needed and what is achievable.

You must look after your health as there are many temptations this month in regarding alcohol, fatty foods and other substances that are addictive and not good for long-term health. Being active should be no problem at all as it is a physically active and vital time, but you do need to think more about what you eat and to get more fresh food into your diet.

This month is one of the best for love and romance. The emphasis is on the fun or courtship side of relationships rather than on the serious commitment driven side. It is a time when you feel young again by being in love. It is a time when you listen to music and imagine doing all those evergreen things one does when in love, i.e., dance, make out in the car, go to movies.

It is the silly season, and you can get a lot of joy from being a little childish and silly in love – why not feel like a teenager again – there ain’t no law against it.

You may rekindle an old romance this month or get back together with someone you recently broke up with – be careful with your feelings as despite your hopefulness, this may not mean that things are back on track or that you are starting something promising. It is more likely that loves from the past that return right now are coming back into your life for closure or as a passing and pleasant distraction rather than a long-term romance.

The moon waxes from the 15th making this lift off time; Mars and Mercury are direct and you are not held back. A wonderful time for new love affairs and new chapters in long term relationships. A good time for any therapy or psychological work you do on yourself, alone with books or with a counsellor. A time of renewed understanding and a better handle on life and your true needs and priorities.


June 22 - July 22



Sensitive (but often “crabby“), imaginatively creative and artistically gifted (but often obsessed with the minutiae of home and the past), Cancerians are among the most challenging of the zodiac children to get to know. Like the crab that symbolizes their sign, they often present a hard, crusty, even impenetrable exterior to the world, and can appear Withdrawn, cool, and reserved. Beneath the shell, however, lies an emotional and sensitive soul with great reserves of compassion and intuition. Like the crab, Cancerians are also tenacious and protective of their home turf and make for fiercely protective and loyal parents and friends.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Tenacious, Loyal, Emotional, Sympathetic


Pessimistic, Suspicious, Manipulative

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