Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I am mysterious and secretive in my ways. Cleverness and perceptiveness are my nature. Me Scorpio, I am highly suspicious, ambitious, focused and competitive. I may experience extreme highs and lows but you feel deeply connected and protected around me."

July 2020 for Scorpio

Variety is the name of this month as you are restless and eager for novelty.  It's an opportune time to take advantage of any training available or perhaps do an online course or seminar, learning about new technology or how to leverage social media followings.

You are curious, but you need to know what you want and need from any situation at work, or personally, as it's easy to get distracted by red herrings and tangents.

Choose your advisors with caution this month, there are some unscrupulous people out there and you may well come across them.  Not everything is what it seems and so it's better to delay investing or rearranging your finances for now.  This is not a good time to pool resources or go into business partnerships.

You have a great deal of energy and this is a great month for sports, training and the gym.  Fitness can be increased not only because you are inclined to work out more, but your daily work may require more walking and physical exertion.

You are feeling warm-hearted and generous, and yet at times you can be quite dramatic, and the odd lovers’ tiff is part and parcel of this month as passions tend to run high, and you may both overdo the emotional thing a little.

You can be impatient with partner’s who are self-pitying; you are free to give help and advice to your loved one as you are very pragmatic in love and yet your partner must meet you half way or you will become annoyed.

Scorpio must focus on the positive and the way your partner brings you joy; you could be thinking the glass is half empty and ready to throw that very same glass on the floor, but that tangible vibe of aggro you are projecting is part of the problem and can lead to a downward spiral which you can arrest.

Money decisions made by your partner may have an effect on the relationship – you may not be aware of something your partner has spent money on or invested in and it may get suddenly sprung on you. Your partner may run short of cash and need to borrow money or perhaps he/she has been taking risks with the joint finances.

There is a degree of uncertainly in intimate relationships – Scorpio can see this as being an external threat to romance and love life, but it may be rooted in something psychological within yourself, something that carves more freedom.

Mercury goes direct on the 12th signifying the shot from a starting pistol as you race into action almost as if the brakes are now off.   Just before and after the 12th is action packed and quite impulsive as you are very impatient for results, you can get a lot done, but you will make mistakes and annoy a few people as you are not exactly subtle.

The moon wanes from the 5th to the 20th of July making this your knuckling down phase for implementing, understanding and planning. 

After the 20th is great for new projects, however doing public relations work, publishing, advertising and new leadership roles are not favored, nor is taking on an authority figure. This period is not ideal for long distance travel and new trade agreements with foreign suppliers. Another excellent month for creative ventures.


October 24 - November 22



Mysterious Scorpios are deep-thinking, private, intense, very sexual, and always a step removed from the world. Because of their intensity and an obsessive need for privacy, there is often an aura of “danger” around Scorpios — a trait they share, of course, with the deadly Scorpion that symbolizes their sign. But this is only one facet of the rather complex Scorpio personality. They can be driven workers and achievers with the ability to overcome enormously challenging obstacles. They also value their intimate relationships and their friendships quite highly and Work hard to encourage the best in those they love.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Resourceful, Brave, A True Friend


Distrusting, Jealous, Violent

Favorable Colors

Red  Rust  

Favorable Numbers

8  11  18  22