Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I am mysterious and secretive in my ways. Cleverness and perceptiveness are my nature. Me Scorpio, I am highly suspicious, ambitious, focused and competitive. I may experience extreme highs and lows but you feel deeply connected and protected around me."

July 2019 for Scorpio

The moon waxes from the 2nd to the 16th of July making this a golden phase for new activities and fresh initiatives. In work however it is a time to sit back and let the dust settle. It has been a busy and exciting time for career advancement and life direction changes and now you may want to pause and take it all in, especially with Mercury retrograde in your tenth house. This is a time of careful planning, strategizing and contemplation in terms of your next step career wise. With Sun square Saturn, it is important to work in a structure and take advise from authority figures, respect the accepted order of things and play it safe. This is not a good time to be controversial or unorthodox or to go into battle with the big boys. In new careers or jobs, get your feet under the table and feel your way around, do not go in guns blazing.

You may well be on holiday for part of this month and international travel is rejuvenating. Even if you do not manage to get away, this is a time when you must challenge yourself. Set a goal which will encourage you to do something out of your usual sphere of activity. Set a book list or reading challenge, learn a new language or try a new sport. You may join a social action group or try something like camping for the first time. So, whether you end up saying, 'never again' or 'I didn't know what I was missing' make sure you have new experiences.

In health, make sure you floss and use mouth wash, look after oral health, not only for the sake of your teeth, but became plaque is associated with heart disease. Eat more garlic, onion and leeks and increase your intake of healthy oils like hemp and olive oil. Seek to manage stress better by knowing your priorities and eliminating tangential activities.

In love, there is greater bonding where you share values or at least can unite on a common objective. Finding well defined and motivating goals you both want to work towards is uniting and can help heal division and bring a spark back into love.

New relationships do well where you can relate to each other's needs and innate desires. While romance is generally good fun this month, you should ask yourself right now if there are core elements present to sustain this love match or is it just a good laugh and some ‘summer loving’.

In love, you may have neglected the affectionate side. Be more tactile before sex, cuddle on the couch, give each other foot rubs and after sex, make time for pillow talk. Remember to be attentive both emotionally and intellectually to your partner.


October 23 - November 21



Mysterious Scorpios are deep-thinking, private, intense, very sexual, and always a step removed from the world. Because of their intensity and an obsessive need for privacy, there is often an aura of “danger” around Scorpios — a trait they share, of course, with the deadly Scorpion that symbolizes their sign. But this is only one facet of the rather complex Scorpio personality. They can be driven workers and achievers with the ability to overcome enormously challenging obstacles. They also value their intimate relationships and their friendships quite highly and Work hard to encourage the best in those they love.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Resourceful, Brave, A True Friend


Distrusting, Jealous, Violent

Favorable Colors

Red  Rust  

Favorable Numbers

8  11  18  22  

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