Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I am mysterious and secretive in my ways. Cleverness and perceptiveness are my nature. Me Scorpio, I am highly suspicious, ambitious, focused and competitive. I may experience extreme highs and lows but you feel deeply connected and protected around me."

March 2021 for Scorpio

A great deal of tension between your fourth and seventh house means that emotions run close to the surface and you can become touchy and irrational. You are easily moved in both a positive and negative way. You quickly respond with compassion and your protective instincts are aroused, however you can also become very defensive and moody.

You avoid difficult discussions by becoming emotional and using feelings as a defense against logic, however this may buy you time in order to develop a coping strategy.

You need to be less sensitive to criticism, ask yourself why it really matters, why do you need external approval for your opinions? Speak your mind freely and also change your mind freely, but it must come within not from without, i.e. your truth in relationships has to arise from an organic source not from external pressure or people pleasing.

If single, you may play the field and be a bit of a tease. You enjoy the company of men and you crave attention, meaning one guy may not be enough and you may keep a few of them in a string. You are more sociable than usual and willing to put yourself out there. You are far more open to a variety of experiences in love and often the risks you take have an immediate reward.

Romance this month is more about self-discovery than companionship, the relationship is a reflection of your desire for creative change and the breaking rigid molds which limit your enjoyment of life and your ability to meet Mr. Right. So, romance is partly rebellion and experimentation this month, the journey matters more than the destination.

This is an excellent money month and you may get an injection of cash. Family members may loan you money or perhaps leave you money. A family member could be key to helping you land a contact or get a valuable new client.

You may do very well out of a property deal. It will be easier to get a home loan or mortgage at this time. You can also make money by renting out a room or perhaps using part of your home as a business.

Jupiter is moving quickly through Aquarius squaring your Scorpio planets, this means that although you require growth and expansion, you cannot easily get it as your beliefs and current understanding has to adjust quickly, and a touch of arrogance is preventing that from happening.

Other people seem to provoke you, but be they well-meaning or not, their provocation should be a call to action which inspires you, rather than deters you. Others may oppose you using moral arguments, that's why you have to have a strong moral compass and you need to know what's important and true for you, so that you are aren't bullied by fallacious or sanctimonious arguments. However, while you should know and understand your priorities, you should be open to expanding your information and knowledge as nothing is static right now and you have to be willing to cast aside ideas that are proven invalid.

There is a stellium in your 4th house this month, with the new moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius. This brings the microscope to home and family affairs. You may begin to make important decisions about the future of your family and where you are going to be living. Because Mercury is retrograde, there are many differing opinions and the debate goes back and forth, you may not finalize anything, but this is a period you will look back on and understand as a watershed time when the fundamental priorities and leanings you experience at a deep level shifted.


October 24 - November 22



Mysterious Scorpios are deep-thinking, private, intense, very sexual, and always a step removed from the world. Because of their intensity and an obsessive need for privacy, there is often an aura of “danger” around Scorpios — a trait they share, of course, with the deadly Scorpion that symbolizes their sign. But this is only one facet of the rather complex Scorpio personality. They can be driven workers and achievers with the ability to overcome enormously challenging obstacles. They also value their intimate relationships and their friendships quite highly and Work hard to encourage the best in those they love.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Resourceful, Brave, A True Friend


Distrusting, Jealous, Violent

Favorable Colors

Red  Rust  

Favorable Numbers

8  11  18  22