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Moon(Chandra) in first House

Effects of Chandra (Moon) & Remedies in Houses | Lal Kitab

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Moon(Chandra) in first House

In general, the 1st house belongs to Mars and Sun. When the moon is also placed therein, this housewill come under the combined influences of the Mars, the Sun and the Moon i.e. all the 3 mutualfriends will be treated as occupants of this house. The Sun and Mars will extend all friendly supportto their natural friend Moon placed on the throne i.e. the ascendant house.

Such native will be soft-hearted and will inherit all the traits and qualities of his mother. He will beeither the eldest brother or will certainly be treated so. As long as the native receives the blessingsof his mother and keeps her happy, he will continue to rise and prosper in every way.

The things and the relatives as represented by Mercury, who is inimical to Moon, will prove harmfulto the native, e.g., the sister-in-law and the green color will affect adversely. Hence it is better tokeep away from them.

Burning milk (for making Khoya) or selling milk for profit would reduce or mi

Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon(Chandra):
  1. Do not marry between the age of 24 and 27 years, i.e., marry either before 24 years of age or after 27 years of age.
  2. Do not build a house out of your earnings between 24 and 27 years of age.
  3. Keep away from the green colour and sister-in-law. Do not keep a silver pot or kettle with a snout (Toti) in it in the house.
  4. Offer water to the roots of a Banyan tree whenever you can afford.
  5. Insert copper nails on the four corners of your bed.
  6. Whenever crossing a river, always throw coins in it for the welfare of your children.
  7. . Always keep a silver Thali in your house.
  8. Use Silver pots for drinking water or milk and avoid the use of glassware for the same.

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