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Mercury(Budh) in first House

Effects of Budha (Mercury) & Remedies in Houses | Lal Kitab

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Mercury(Budh) in first House

Mercury in 1st house makes the native kind, humorous and diplomatic with administrative skill.Such a native generally lives long and becomes selfish and mischievous by nature having specialattraction for non-vegetarian dishes and drinks. He receives favour from the government and hisdaughters have royal and luxurious lives. The relatives represented by the house in which Sun isplaced gain wealth and riches within a little time and he himself will be having many sources ofincome. If Sun is placed along with Mercury in the 1st house or if the Mercury is aspected by Sunthe wife of native will come from a rich and noble family and will be good natured. Such a nativewill be affected by the evil effects of Mars but Sun will never give bad effects.

Rahu and Ketu will have evil effects, which suggests that the in laws and the offspring of the nativewill be adverse. If Mercury is in the 1st house, the native will be adept in the art of influencingothers and he will live like

Lal Kitab Remedies for Mercury(Budh):
  1. Keep away from the things of green colour and sisters in law.
  2. Avoid consumption of meet, eggs and liquor.
  3. Business that requires your sitting at one place would be more beneficial than the one that requires running around.

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