Virgo Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I am the most independent of all. Call me analytical, observant and reliable. I can be your good friend, a great business partner. My Straight thinking and logical problem solving will make you wish to be around me. Be with me, I’m calm and helpful. "

July 2021 for Virgo

Virgo are very expressive in love and you will look to surprise your partner and initiate fun events. This is an excellent time to take a holiday, but not perhaps to laze by the sea, but to engage in a more action packed or whistle stop tour style holiday. There is an emphasis on packing stuff in - much to do and see in a short time.

The one problem right now is that there is such a focus on the external, the ticking of boxes, the getting that fabulous selfie, going to that much hyped night spot, that you can miss what is more glorious and beautiful. Know when you need a quiet moment in the eye of the pleasure storm to sit back and contemplate. Learn to appreciate the big as well as the small – the great lifestyle, but also the way the relationship makes you feel complete as a person. If you are having a good time, but lacking the completeness and the self-acceptance, then maybe this love story is just a fairground ride not a lifelong journey.

Less is more and this is the ‘Can’t buy me Love’ part of the year where the best things in life are indeed free. You do not need money to be happy as there are good vibrations a plenty and positive shared experiences with others i.e. friendship groups, families and between lovers.

You do not have to spend much to have a great time and enjoy some romance, in fact the oddest, quirkiest moments can end up being a lasting memory. It is a time to recapture magic in all relationships and to perhaps experience it for the very first time. Many Virgo, no matter what age, can feel truly in love for the very first time.

You may not be quite as ready for a new level of financial responsibility than you thought, and so this is a good time to press pause and have a long hard think about what you may be taking on and if it really suits you.

A new job offer or promotion may not be a good fit and you could hold out just a tad longer to see if the offer either improves or a better one comes along.  Don't take on a role with a large degree extra responsibility or longer hours unless it absolutely makes financial sense, or helps you up the ladder.  Make sure you factor your personality into a job or money decisions, ask, "Is this me?"

Creative juices are sparked and this month is great for any Virgo in entertainment both at a production or participation level. There is a greater emphasis on ‘the show’ and so in all businesses you have to be aware of your image, public perception and presentation.

Mars in your 12th house means you often have to approach things in a roundabout way; think of a zig zag motion towards your goal. This may be necessary to avoid the competition knowing what you are doing or to test the water. Be subtle not direct, and be careful in your choice of words. This is not a good time to arouse opposition and you must act carefully to avoid treading on toes.

It can be very hard to live your own life and make decisions that are reflective of what you really want; there are subtle forces at work, which you feel are pushing you into a corner.  In some cases, others may manipulate you and try and coerce you by playing on your doubts and fears.  It is certainly a challenge for you to stick to your guns as the words and actions of others can have a powerful effect on you.


August 22 - September 23



Virgoans are modest, self-effacing, hardworking, and practical on the surface, but are often earthy, warm, and loving beneath that surface, as befits their zodiac symbol, the Virgin, a composite figure of ancient goddesses of the earth and the harvest. Quick thinking and analytical, Virgoans have so much excess mental energy that they often are subject to stress and tension. Their pertchants for perfection and hard work also incline them towards being over-critical at times. The planet Mercury (the planet of communication) rules Gemini and Virgo. Virgoans are excellent and persuasive communicators who use their keen intellects to win arguments and win over people.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Loyal, Analytical, Kind, Hardworking


Shyness, Worry, All work and no play

Favorable Colors

Grey   Pale-Yellow   Beige  

Favorable Numbers

5  14  15  23  32