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Virgo for October 2022

This month, problems in your marriage often come from work pressure or career ambitions. So in some cases you may be asked to choose between taking a job promotion or taking extra responsibility at work, and possibly having this time to put into your marriage. It's possible that you and your partner may argue about the time that either of you are spending at work, and it's difficult to strike a balance, because in order to pursue some of your long-term ambitions as a couple, you need to bring in more money. However, it can also feel that your careers are tearing you apart, and so it's important to be patient, to be tolerant of each other and be prepared to take some short-term discomfort, because I do feel that you will be able to manage the career responsibilities that you both have better in the New Year.

So even if it is a bit stressful managing work and marriage right now, there is every reason that that will improve next year.

It's always challenging rebalancing power in a relationship, but it would be wrong to assume that you have no power. This may be an important time for you to acknowledge the importance of the role you do have, and how a partner may be very dependent on you and reliant on you. So even if you feel you are slightly less powerful as a partner, that may be a false perception and your power may simply be more subtle.

This is an excellent month for romance, romance can be very rejuvenating, so even if you have had a health issue or some sort of setback in life, romance can be just the tonic you need. However romances tend to move quite slowly at the moment, so it's important for you to communicate, to get to know each other and to establish a lot of trust.

Often trust, mutual encouragement and mutual support are very important in new relationships, so perhaps you and your partner have met in a situation where you're either teaching each other or perhaps you are both in an environment when you are learning, and perhaps discussing, or commiserating about your struggles as you learn the ropes.

Money can be made via inventions connected with the theatre, arts or music this month. If your business is involved in bringing aesthetic pleasure or spiritual upliftment to people, you can be very successful. This is a good month to invest in art, antiques or even a musical instrument.

This can be a time of inner conflict where you are uncertain and this undermines your effectiveness when dealing with other people. This is not a good time for teamwork or extensive negotiations, often things like meetings or conferences can be a waste of your time thus it's important to act independently.

It's often easier to deal with the bigger issues because sometimes it can be difficult coping with the details or the everyday running of your business.

The mind body connection is vital and you cannot ignore the psychological element of any health issue. Look deep and look below the surface for solutions to problems and get at the root cause, which as is indicate can be in mental issues or anxiety.

Time to tackle obsessive tendencies and also negative thought patters like resentment and bitterness. Use this time to examine your thought patterns and attitudes and to adjust them to more positive ones.

The New Moon phase runs from the 25th of September until the 9th of October, and this is an excellent phase for new adventures, openings, starting new activities and exploring in your life.

This is a good time for spiritual awareness and awakening yourself to new concepts. This is an excellent period for escapism via art, music and creativity. New pursuits than involve beauty, art and music are favored.

Businesses involving the ocean, sailing, sea life or marine conservation are favored. Charitable and religious ventures are favored.

This is a good time to embrace brand new opportunities involving your wider professional community. Political and other activities involving large groups is favored.

This is a good time to lobby government or get more involved in local politics.

This not a good time for new ventures in service related businesses. This is not a great time for new diets or brand new health initiatives.

New business involving health, physical training, physical therapy or animal welfare is not favored.



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"I am the most independent of all. Call me analytical, observant and reliable. I can be your good friend, a great business partner. My Straight thinking and logical problem solving will make you wish to be around me. Be with me, I’m calm and helpful. "


Virgoans are modest, self-effacing, hardworking, and practical on the surface, but are often earthy, warm, and loving beneath that surface, as befits their zodiac symbol, the Virgin, a composite figure of ancient goddesses of the earth and the harvest. Quick thinking and analytical, Virgoans have so much excess mental energy that they often are subject to stress and tension. Their pertchants for perfection and hard work also incline them towards being over-critical at times. The planet Mercury (the planet of communication) rules Gemini and Virgo. Virgoans are excellent and persuasive communicators who use their keen intellects to win arguments and win over people.

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Loyal , Analytical , Kind , Hardworking


Shyness , Worry , All work and no play

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