Virgo Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I am the most independent of all. Call me analytical, observant and reliable. I can be your good friend, a great business partner. My Straight thinking and logical problem solving will make you wish to be around me. Be with me, I’m calm and helpful. "

November 2019 for Virgo

Mercury is retrograde from the 1st to the 21st of November and Virgo and a new partner may experience their first tensions regarding discovering things about each other that could be potential flashpoints, or even deal breakers – but you may soon find the differences are not as great as it first seemed, and common ground can be found. You should be cautious in travel and with communication – expect things not to go to plan. This is a vital time to have a plan B and C and not to be stubborn or inflexible, see problems and road blocks as a chance to do some tweaking and perhaps do some more research and even change your mind on the details. Negotiations can be protracted and unhelpful right now and delays should actually be welcomed as you will have a chance to reassess what you want and if you should change tack. Short distance and national travel should be delayed.

If you give in to the psychological or emotional pressure, you will not forgive yourself for a long time, and that regret can fester and turn into negative thoughts. That is why you have to know your own mind and use events to your advantage: right now flexibility should not be confused with excessive compromise and being adaptable should reinforce your position not weaken it.

This is a very good time for hosting events that are aimed at promoting products and widening your client base along with offering freebies and samples to entice new customers.

With Venus in your 4th house, you are keen on luxury and comfort and you want your partner to spoil you and show their love demonstrably – you will be easily hurt with a lover who is distant or detached. Family events and celebrations are successful and yet if your partner is not as involved and as whole hearted as you, you may feel a little disheartened. Consistency and dependability matter to you in love.

Venus brings emotional understanding in new love and your partner really gets you at a deep level. Your partner appreciates your past and how it has shaped you and they may be instrumental in helping you make peace with the past and move on.

You are very protective of your partner, but that can lead to clinginess and co dependence which could be stifling. You do need some space and independence or a sense of self can be lost. You may fulfil a role for each other that a parent could not.

In marriage, there is a great desire to please each other and for mutual acceptance, but that could lead to excessive people pleasing and conflict avoidance, meaning vital issues never get addressed.

Virgo must not dwell on the past or what you have failed to achieve, this is the time to change your beliefs about yourself and what is possible and move away from old parameters.

Take care of you joints this month and try to avoid high impact exercise. Make sure your diet includes chondroitin, ginger root extract, Vitamin D3 and vitamin C to support collagen production – these will promote healthy joints.


August 22 - September 23



Virgoans are modest, self-effacing, hardworking, and practical on the surface, but are often earthy, warm, and loving beneath that surface, as befits their zodiac symbol, the Virgin, a composite figure of ancient goddesses of the earth and the harvest. Quick thinking and analytical, Virgoans have so much excess mental energy that they often are subject to stress and tension. Their pertchants for perfection and hard work also incline them towards being over-critical at times. The planet Mercury (the planet of communication) rules Gemini and Virgo. Virgoans are excellent and persuasive communicators who use their keen intellects to win arguments and win over people.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Loyal, Analytical, Kind, Hardworking


Shyness, Worry, All work and no play

Favorable Colors

Grey   Pale-Yellow   Beige  

Favorable Numbers

5  14  15  23  32