Pisces Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I absorb the sadness all around. I am all about empathy! I hold the power to feel the pain of others. My sensitivity enables to pursue emotions and needs of people. Here I am, using my energy to be productive and helpful."

March 2019 for Pisces

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces from the 6th, the time of the new moon, indicating that in both new relationships and marriages you are very unpredictable and that can be just the ticket to better sexual relations if you are with another Pisces or Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini, but Cancer and Capricorn may take it all the wrong way. If you are not getting anywhere in discussions about love issue then just take a step back as you need a whole new approach – in fact ask for your partner’s ideas and then you will quickly find that he/she is clueless and that can help in bringing him/her to the table again.

If looking for love ask yourself: what is more important to you, being in a relationship or being in one that is right for you? Stressing over just being hooked up with someone is interfering with your judgement.

You cannot get away with cutting corners right now and you are best to be truthful and direct with others – do not try and cover up bad news, just get it out there and you will find that it is received better than you thought. Even if you have made a mistake in terms of a work related decision, do not blow it out of all proportion – as they say, ‘today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s toilet paper.’ The world goes on and people soon forget.

Pisces are prone to day dreaming, you tend to think of things, often in grandiose terms i.e. what you want to do and yet you do very little to make it real. It is all about being in your head and yet it is very optimistic if not totally practical.

Health is not bad, but it is highly changeable and so you are more affected by lack of sleep, pollution or poor quality food and so be more careful about what you do and what you expose your body to.

Just when you think you can put your feet up and relax, something turns up and everything is back up in the air. Getting some peace and quiet and time to relax is hard going with Mercury retrograde on the cup of your first house. Make excuses if you can, you cannot be at everyone’s beck and call.

A time of troubled sleep and anxiety and yet what you are grappling with is psychological and it is part of the past rather than related to today’s concerns – so perhaps you are being called to resolve an issue in the past which still niggles and creeps up on you to shock you.


February 19 - March 20



Sensitive, sensual, emotional, and richly imaginative and creative, Pisceans are the other-worldly dreamers and poets of the zodiac. Deeply affected by the dual nature of their sign — symbolized by the two fishes swimming in opposite directions - Pisceans are often torn between wanting to do something real and valuable in the world (they are often drawn to humanitarian causes and artistic careers) and retreating from the world altogether to the safer harbours of their private worlds of imagination and dreams. This is an enormous pull for Pisceans, and because of its power, they are often prone to extreme nervous tension and even escapism (sometimes into alcohol and drugs), A lack of self- confidence is almost always at the root of a Piscean‘s inability to get on with the real world, but when this weakness can be overcome, they are found among the finest humanitarians and artists in the world.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Compassionate, Artistic, Intuitive, Gentle, Wise


Fearful, Overly trusting, Sad

Favorable Colors

Purple  Violet  Seagreen  

Favorable Numbers

3  9  12  15  18  24  

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