Pisces Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I absorb the sadness all around. I am all about empathy! I hold the power to feel the pain of others. My sensitivity enables to pursue emotions and needs of people. Here I am, using my energy to be productive and helpful."

April 2020 for Pisces

This is an expansive and optimistic time ripe with opportunities especially when it comes to travel, education and spiritual development. You are inclined to see the bigger picture and you are broad-minded and tolerant. It's a month when you meet people who excite you with their ideas and perspectives. If you have not planned any travel, then why not do so, or if finances don't permit, at the very least expose yourself to new places and increase your cultural awareness. Study is very beneficial right now, as you are intellectually hungry, and places of learning will bring you into contact with the right kind of people for your next stage of development.

This month focus on research, data gathering and financial analysis. Crunch the numbers and delay decisions, try and buy yourself time as there is more to be understood and there may be some curve balls coming your way. Stay flexible and have emergency funds available. Not to use a cliché, but don't put your eggs all in one basket, is a key piece of advice right now.

Laughter is the best medicine this month and so seek out comedy or people who make you laugh. Sporting events that you really get emotionally involved in, and the success of 'your' team will give you a boost.

Pisces should be cautious in new relationships; you may attract people with dubious pasts or many secrets right now. They may seem charismatic or charming on the surface, but you may not quite understand their narcissistic ways. Steer clear of people who seek to wield power over you by invoking guilt or encouraging you to buy into their narratives, which could be false.

Beware of passive aggression in love, be straightforward, often trying to keep the peace and bottling up causes more problems than a quick argument to clear the air. You need to improve your awareness of what you project, often it's those knee jerk ingrained reactions to triggers which cause problems and upsets in your marriage, you need to be able to observe yourself and acknowledge the unhelpful way you often instinctively react. It's a good month for greater self-awareness in love, which can result in adjustments in your reactions which can help bring about different outcomes.

April is the perfect time for a major new career direction, one which will take your life in a completely new direction and involve a break with the past. In some cases, you have a do or die attitude and will contemplate decisions you would not have before, however you may discover a great deal of power through this approach.

The moon wanes from 7th until the 22nd making this a time of diligence and application, after the 22nd is best for your new projects especially creative ones and for sports, physiotherapy and medical procedures. Careers in modeling, acting and dance are favored after the 22nd. The post 22nd period is excellent for skills or training in scientific or IT fields. New romance can hold many surprises, twists and turns.


February 20 - March 20



Sensitive, sensual, emotional, and richly imaginative and creative, Pisceans are the other-worldly dreamers and poets of the zodiac. Deeply affected by the dual nature of their sign — symbolized by the two fishes swimming in opposite directions - Pisceans are often torn between wanting to do something real and valuable in the world (they are often drawn to humanitarian causes and artistic careers) and retreating from the world altogether to the safer harbours of their private worlds of imagination and dreams. This is an enormous pull for Pisceans, and because of its power, they are often prone to extreme nervous tension and even escapism (sometimes into alcohol and drugs), A lack of self- confidence is almost always at the root of a Piscean‘s inability to get on with the real world, but when this weakness can be overcome, they are found among the finest humanitarians and artists in the world.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Compassionate, Artistic, Intuitive, Gentle, Wise


Fearful, Overly trusting, Sad

Favorable Colors

Purple  Violet  Seagreen  

Favorable Numbers

3  9  12  15  18  24