Pisces Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I absorb the sadness all around. I am all about empathy! I hold the power to feel the pain of others. My sensitivity enables to pursue emotions and needs of people. Here I am, using my energy to be productive and helpful."

July 2019 for Pisces

Mercury is retrograde in Leo and then in Cancer from the 8th of July to the end of the month and Saturn is square the ruler of your 6th house. This brings problems at work and stress. You may have to go back over old ground and redo what you through was done and dusted. This creates frustration and there is an inclination to just rush the work and get it out of the way. However, the 6th house demands perfection and the better you focus and aim for quality, the more success you will have. This is not a good month to hire staff, the old adage applies i.e. if you want a job done properly, do it yourself.

Work with children and animals can be very frustrating, if you are in veterinary, private education or childcare, do not take on new charges, focus on your existing responsibilities.

Scheduling and organization matters this month and so any time spent arranging your diary and making post-it notes to remind you of important dates is time well spent.

In terms of health, you need to support your body i.e. if you have starred training for an event or doing a new form of exercise, adapt your diet accordingly. You can rush into new fitness regimes without thinking about the knock on effects and so take on more fluids, minerals or carbs accordingly. In exercise, make sure you have the correct equipment i.e. appropriate trainers, helmet, support bandage. There is this inclination to just put up with pain or discomfort when a simple solution may be at hand.  Do not starve yourself this month, eat regular meals and aim for a wide variety of fruit and veg.

Financially it is a mixed bag, income streams connected to royalties, creative hobbies and side-line businesses are increased, while you may feel a little undervalued and underpaid in your main career. You may have to work extra hours for no extra pay.

In love you must learn to say no when it counts, don't do things against your will or better judgment and then complain later when the other person has either forgotten, moved on or cannot remedy the situation.

Romantically things look good and although leisure time is at a premium, you can make it count. Reasserting your needs and your boundaries in love is vital and you need to stand your ground. You could be the one to whom the buck gets passed as your partner may be very non-committal and lax on important matters. You tend to have to take more responsibility in relationships as your partner is unwilling to step up and may keep making excuses. If a new lover is giving you the run-around, turn the tables and play hard to get, be elusive and ignore their calls.


February 19 - March 20



Sensitive, sensual, emotional, and richly imaginative and creative, Pisceans are the other-worldly dreamers and poets of the zodiac. Deeply affected by the dual nature of their sign — symbolized by the two fishes swimming in opposite directions - Pisceans are often torn between wanting to do something real and valuable in the world (they are often drawn to humanitarian causes and artistic careers) and retreating from the world altogether to the safer harbours of their private worlds of imagination and dreams. This is an enormous pull for Pisceans, and because of its power, they are often prone to extreme nervous tension and even escapism (sometimes into alcohol and drugs), A lack of self- confidence is almost always at the root of a Piscean‘s inability to get on with the real world, but when this weakness can be overcome, they are found among the finest humanitarians and artists in the world.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Compassionate, Artistic, Intuitive, Gentle, Wise


Fearful, Overly trusting, Sad

Favorable Colors

Purple  Violet  Seagreen  

Favorable Numbers

3  9  12  15  18  24  

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