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House Cusps and Sandhi

What is a House Cusps and Sandhi?

According to the astrology, the cusp of house or Sandhi is the meeting of the two houses. The signs and the houses appear in counter-clockwise in the horoscope chart. Basically, houses are numbered from 1-12. The midpoint on the left side of the chart is always the first house, just like how 9 appears on the face of the clock. Thus, the second house cusp would appear where there is 8 on the clock. The 3rd cusp at 7 while the 20th house cusp at the 10. The 4th is always at the bottom of the chart whereas the 10th is always at the highest point. For the first sign (Aries) cusp may begin at any point as the signs move in clockwise direction and houses are constant. The first and seventh house represents the horizon on earth of someone’s birth. The location of the planet in the first 6 houses of the birth chart would not be visible since they are below the horizon line.

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