Sun Transit 2022 in Virgo: Impact on Your Sign and Remedies

The Sun will transit into Virgo on 17th September 2022 from its sign Leo. Virgo which is earthy, dual and feminine in nature can cause some health issues. Mercury rules the earth sign of Virgo and is friendly towards Sun; the latter is neutral towards Mercury. When the Sun enters Virgo, it will make a conjunction with the retrograde Mercury. It may make people more competitive at work. On September 24, Venus will also transit in Virgo, which will make Venus-Sun conjunction.
The Sun is the planet that gives you energy and vitality for your daily activities and keeps you healthy. He also symbolizes your attitude and ego. The Sun's function is authoritative and confrontational by nature. Your interactions with your father, the government and higher-ups are typically mirrored in your Sun’s position.
Based on your moon sign, we've predicted how this transit will affect you. Use our Free Kundli Calculator to know your Moon Sign.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Aries Sign: Aries folk, Sun rules the fifth house. and will transit to your 6th house, allowing you to complete all of your obligations. Specifically, those duties in which you previously encountered difficulties. You may foresee a consistent inflow of money, leading to an increase in overall cash flow. When it comes to students, those who are preparing for a government job or tests would benefit from this transit period. Health may be difficult and you may find sudden expenses related to your health.
Remedy: Every Sunday, you should donate or volunteer at a temple.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Taurus Sign: Taurus folk, Sun rules the fourth house and will transit to your 5th house. This transit may be good for people who are having issues at work because you will be able to do all of your responsibilities without difficulty. Do not make any decisions hastily at this time and wait for consultation. Otherwise, you may face a slew of issues in the future. You may also have disagreements with your family members during this time, which may affect your mental health.
Remedy: In a vessel, combine jaggery and water, and offer the water daily to the Sun every morning.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Gemini Sign: Gemini folk, Sun rules the 3rd house which regulates siblings, communication and will transit to your 4th house. You may be tempted to take some deliberate moves to further your career prospects. This decision will have a favorable impact on you. Furthermore, you may find yourself spending money on socializing in order to boast about your financial achievements. However, don't go overboard with your purchases and look for ways to prepare for the bad weather. You may have a lot on your plate and feel overwhelmed by the bulk of it. Delaying or keeping them late will clog things up for you and make everything more difficult in the long run. You may have to work harder during this period but your hard work will not be wasted.
Remedy: You must give chapati to the underprivileged every Sunday.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Cancer Sign: Cancer folk, Sun rules the second house and will transit to your 3rd house, which will have a beneficial impact on your health and bring about positive changes in your health. From a professional standpoint, you may achieve success in whatever endeavor you do. You will put your all into accomplishing your goal. You will also successfully keep relationships with your coworkers and superiors at work. With your family, you will be able to openly converse, which you were unable to do before.
Remedy: You must serve others with rice or milk every Sunday.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Leo Sign: Leo folks, Sun is the ruler of your house and will transit to your 2nd house. This means that you should think about every decision or conversation you are going to have. Because there is a potential that your speech will put you in a bad situation, causing you to lose money. As a result, use as few words as feasible. At the same time, the Sun may cause you bodily and mental stress during this period, which may result in fever and food-related difficulties. Avoid eating outside food and be mindful of what you eat.
Remedy: Chant Aditya Hridaya Stotra daily or every Sunday.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Virgo Sign: Virgo folks, The Sun will pass through your sign. As a result, this Sun transit will have the most impact on your actions. Your ego may rise, and you may damage your relationships with your loved ones. You must exercise extreme caution while engaging in any financial transactions. In terms of health, the Sun may cause some eye difficulties, so be cautious and avoid staying in dusty areas. Having mental peace will be tough for you during this time period. People residing outside India and abroad are more likely to experience success.
Remedy: You must offer water to Sun daily.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Libra Sign: Libra folks, Sun rules the eleventh house, which represents friends, and will transit to your 12th house. Spending time with family and friends is very important, and the better you engage with them and enjoy spending time with them, the better the outcome will be for you. Some people may struggle to visualize their aspirations and may appear dissatisfied with their daily life. People residing outside India and abroad are more likely to experience success. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
Remedy: You must chant the Beeja mantra for Surya every day.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Scorpio Sign: Scorpio folks, Sun rules the tenth house, and will transit to your 11th house, which will improve your financial life and allow you to earn more money by diversifying your sources of income. On the professional front, this time will be quite beneficial to you but you must keep your ego in check. With the sun's blessings, there will be peace and harmony among family members, as well as a serene environment around you that will relieve you of tension. This will allow you to strengthen your bond with your father while spending the majority of your time at home. This stage will also be beneficial to one's health.
Remedy: Chant Vishnu Sahasranama daily.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Sagittarius Sign: Sagittarius folks, Sun rules the ninth house and will transit to your 10th house, giving you favorable luck during this transit. You will be drawn to religious pursuits and travel. A long journey would be appropriate for you, as well as beneficial. Students will focus on disciplines that will help them determine the best path to success. On the professional front, this time will be quite beneficial to you but you must keep your ego in check. You may benefit from investing your money during this time. You may travel work related during this time period.
Remedy: Avoid or abstain from meat and liquor as much as you can during this transit.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Capricorn Sign: Capricorn folks, Sun rules the 8th House and will transit to your 9th house. This transit will be quite unpredictable for you. Either you may get sudden gains or sudden losses in your life. Individuals conducting research or engaged in occult science might benefit from this transit. It is recommended that you avoid wrath and violent behavior conduct during this time to maintain stability in your life. Even if you improve in all areas, your relationship with your partner may suffer dramatically due to the interference of your in-laws. Religious pursuits and travel will benefit you during this transit.
Remedy: You must chant the Gayatri Mantra daily 11 times atleast.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Aquarius Sign: Aquarius folks, Sun rules the 9th House and will transit to your 8th house. As a result, you may encounter a variety of conflicts throughout your life. Keep silent where it is not required. It is also advisable that you refrain from engaging in any illicit activities during this time. On the other hand, if we talk about health, you may find yourself in trouble due to some of your previous issues during this period. So eat well and take the required actions to improve your health on time. Be cautious while driving. You may have tense relations with your in-laws, which may hamper your relationship with your spouse.
Remedy: You must chant the mantra 'Aum Ram' every day for atleast 108 times.
Effects of Sun in Virgo on Pisces Sign: Pisces folk, Sun rules the 6th House and will transit to your 7th house. When doing tasks, you will be drowsy and exhausted. You may also be sluggish at work, which could jeopardize your job and reputation in your prestigious organisation. You must be vigilant since your competition may be scheming anything to obtain an edge. However, if you flip the coin to the positive side, you may be able to take a significant break from your career and make the most of your time. You may have troubled relations with your spouse.
Remedy: You can donate food to blind institutions every Sunday.
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