Transiting Sun in Pisces 2022 & Effects on 12 Rising Signs

sun in Pisces 2022
The Sun, king of all planets, is the soul of the native as per Vedic astrology. The Sun has transited from Aquarius, the natural 11th house of desires and fulfilling wishes, to Pisces, the natural 12th house of peace, satisfaction, and loss. This fiery planet is moving to Pisces. The combination of fire with water will take place on 15th March at 12:31 am to let us look into our sensitivity and creativity to find solutions to long-lasting problems. Lord Vishnu rules over Pisces. As a result, it unlocks our spiritual side, allowing us to better understand and relate to other people's points of view. Let's have a look at how this transit impacts the various zodiac signs.
Note - Sun transited to Pisces sign on 15th March 2022 and will leave Pisces sign and enter in Aries on 14th April 2022. See our Panchang page.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Aries Ascendant

The Sun will be transiting from the twelfth house for Aries natives during this time. This is a wonderful time for students who want to enlist in international Studies. Students preparing for competitive examinations will have an advantage since they will be full of fighting spirit and ambition, which will lead to their success.
During this time, there are opportunities for leisure and enjoyable travel. The indigenous who are engaged will gain a good command of their work. You will also triumph over your rivals and opponents. If you are looking forward to changing jobs, this is a wonderful time because you will have more opportunities.
Major investments are not recommended during this time. Personal caution is suggested since you may encounter numerous confrontations and disagreements during this period. You will be a religious donor and will undertake charitable actions during this time. You might have difficulty trusting yourself or being confident in your decisions.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Taurus Ascendant

The Sun will transit from the eleventh house of gains during this transit time. This period will be financially advantageous. You may earn from more than one source, and there is also the possibility of a significant gain from an unexpected source.
This is an excellent time wherein you will be able to form solid professional contacts, which will benefit your public image. Those who work in a family business will see their efforts rewarded handsomely. You'll likely earn money in a variety of ways, including a windfall. There are various paths you can take to make your passions and hobbies a career. It is a wise decision to invest in real estate.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Gemini Ascendant

The Sun rules Gemini's third house of endeavours and strength, and it will be transiting from their tenth house of career. This period will see the fruition of your hard work and energetic approach to your endeavours. Your efforts and hard work will be rewarded during this period. You will flourish at work and be in command of your responsibilities.
You will be able to complete your task on schedule and in a well-organized manner. Those looking to migrate will be relieved to hear the good news. A strong link will be developed with superiors and employers. You will gain acceptance and approval from others.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Cancer Ascendant

The Sun, the lord of the second house of wealth, will be transiting from the ninth house of Cancer natives. If positioned well in your natal chart, this Sun placement is fortunate and gives good luck as well as money.
This period will strengthen your competitiveness on the professional front, and you will participate in healthy conversations and competition to demonstrate your ability. You will be able to showcase your talents in the job throughout this period, and you will engage in healthy competition to do so.
Those who work in the business will have a good time. This is a terrific time if you want to expand or adopt new strategies. Long-term investments are a possibility. Your family will ultimately support you in your endeavours.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Leo Ascendant

The rising sign's lord, The Sun, will be transiting the eighth house of uncertainty and secrets. During this time, you may encounter some difficulties and roadblocks at work. Your assignment will continue to be postponed for no apparent reason or fault of your own.
Even if your efforts might not show colors and your assignment will be repeatedly pushed back for no apparent reason or fault of your own. Job insecurity could be an issue for you as well. Stock or share markets, for example, should be entered with prudence. You are prone to become uptight and easily irritated.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Virgo Ascendant

The Sun rules the twelfth house of Virgos and will transit through their seventh house during this transit period. Professionally, business owners must arrange travel plans for work, but they will not be productive.
Those who are employed may have disagreements with their supervisors, which may harm their professional reputation. It may also have an adverse effect on your productivity. On a personal level, you will be angry and hypersensitive to tiny annoyances. You and your lover will have relationship issues.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Libra Ascendant

The Sun rules the eleventh house of income and gains for Libra residents. During this transit period, it will be transiting from their sixth house. You will be ambitious and set big goals for yourself. You will not only be focused, but you will also work hard to achieve your objectives.
Your teammates will appreciate your firm grasp on the task at hand. Job searchers will be provided with preferred employment profiles. If you have legal issues, you should address them now because the verdict will likely be in your favour. Now is the time to apply for a bank loan.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpios, the Sun rules the tenth house of profession and will be transiting through the fifth house of amusement, education, knowledge, love, and romance. This will be a good time for freshers who are looking to start their own business.
This is an excellent time for anyone who wants to start a business. You will have plenty of opportunities, which will lead to speedy success. Business owners would generate new ideas and techniques that would be successful. Students would take an active interest in their studies and feel strongly committed to achieving their academic goals.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Sagittarius Ascendant

The Sun dominates the ninth house of prosperity and luck for Sagittarians and will transit in the fourth house of home comfort, mother, happiness, and property. This will be a fantastic time for business owners, particularly those who work from home or in a family firm. Your luck will be on your side, and you will be able to expand your business. Your good fortune will help your company flourish.
Furthermore, when it comes to your career, you may rely on the assistance and support of your loved ones. If you work, you will most likely be overburdened with work and, as a result, neglect your family. It's a terrific time for students because they'll focus on their studies and perform well in their exams.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Capricorn Ascendant

The Sun is an unfavorable planet for Capricorns since it rules the eighth house of doubts and unexpected events. During this transit period, they will travel from their third house.
With a strong sense of self-control, you'll be able to handle whatever comes your way. Transfers of employment are possible.
Furthermore, you can find yourself in a situation where your job description changes. You should be cautious when engaging with others because you will be blunt and rude.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Aquarius Ascendant

The Sun rules the seventh house of associations, travel, and marriage for Aquarius natives. It will pass through your second house of money, immediate family, and communication.
Time is of the utmost significance when making major investments because you will receive the advantages of your efforts. In the workplace, some of your coworkers may disagree with you.
A joint venture's partners may face a number of challenges. A good marriage means that your partner will consider your needs as well as the requirements of your family.

Effects of Sun in Pisces on Pisces Ascendant

Jupiter and the Sun are friendly planets, and Pisces is Jupiter's sign. During this time, the sixth house lord will be transiting from the first house for Pisces natives, bringing mixed outcomes.
Working natively, you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, albeit you may be sluggish in finishing things on time. You'll be able to rely on your coworkers to see your project through to completion.
You tend to be selfish and arrogant. At this moment, your companion may be a little overly possessive.
Only when we forget to be thankful for anything in our lives do we begin to ignore and take it for granted. However, if we intentionally maintain a grateful attitude in our lives and embrace everything as a blessing from God, we will naturally enjoy everything more, and so we will continue to cultivate and sustain it.
So this Vedic Month is all about giving thanks!
Gajanana is the form of Lord Ganesha linked with Pisces. So, every time you begin your work, begin anything or face a challenge, simply repeat
Aum Gajananaya Namah
Tryambakeshwar is the Jyotirlinga linked with Pisces. Because Lord Shiva is the Sun's pratyadi devata, you can also praise the Sun God with the mantra.
Aum Namah Shivaya Namo Tryambakeshwaraya!
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