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Kundli - Your Free Online Janam Kundali

Janam Kundli is your astrological chart that Vedic astrologers create based on your exact birth date, birth place and birth time.

Vedic Rishi brings you the Free Kundli Calculator that provides you with 100% Original and Accurate Kundali Predictions in two Indian languages!

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What is Kundli?

The word "kundli" is derived from the Sanskrit word "kundala," which means "coiled snake." In Vedic astrology, a kundli is a Birth Chart or a Horoscope. It is a graphical representation of a person's birth details, planetary positions, and other astrological aspects.
Based on ancient Vedic principles, Kundli has the power to reveal what you are truly destined for. An individual’s birthchart/ Kundali is divided into 12 houses, each depicting a specific sign and planet and these factors influence and control multiple aspects of your life such as your personality, characteristics, attributes, habits, strengths, weaknesses, & so on.
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How Our Online Kundli Calculator Helps?

Free Personalised Analysis
Our Experienced Astrologers prepare customized Janampatri in addition to your Kundli, that is personalized and hence identifies your strengths and limitations. Such reports largely helps you improve as a person and also grow/ develop your personality.
Future Insight
Your Kundli provides an insight into future events that helps you stay prepared and plan in-advance. It gives a thorough understanding of different life factors like finance, love, marriage, career, family and relationships.
Instant Solutions & Remedies
Your Kundli prescribes solutions and remedies customized for you. It aids in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influences in your Natal Chart, allowing you to better utilize the benefits ruled by the favorable planets. For a more detailed analysis check out our Premium Kundli Page for an In-depth report.

Enter your birth details to create Kundli