Saturn Transit in Aquarius 2022: How it Impacts your Life?

If you ever forget this quote, LORD SHANI is here to make you remember it. Mind you, you cannot INFLUENCE this SUPREME JUDGE.
The world might misjudge him, but he will judge a person exactly how they are. Shani is considered a cruel planet because of its strict sense of justice and fairness. He dislikes when law and order are not maintained. He is waiting to hit you at the right time, astrologers call it Sade Sati. SATURN acts as a metaphysical record of a person's moral worth. He is a teacher who rewards good deeds and punishes bad deeds. Choose dharma over adharma or be ready to face Shani Maharaj's wrath. Saturn is a disciplined planet that hates chaos. It is a cold and dry planet that is here to balance our actions and keep the world sane. The whole universe is balanced by Saturn.
On 29th April Friday, 2022 after 30 years SATURN is returning to its mooltrikona sign(the sign where lord Shani is most comfortable and happy to be). It becomes mooltrikona at 0 to 20 degrees at Aquarius. Saturn is the lord of Aquarius and Capricorn. Saturn is a slow-moving planet that transits after every 2.5 years. On 29th April it will transit from Capricorn to Aquarius.

Why Should You Look Out for Saturn Transit?

Saturn is the most important planet in Astrology. The Return of Saturn marks a significant event in a person's life. If it is situated auspiciously, it helps overcome difficulties, and if it is placed weakly, it troubles you. Saturn transit helps you to understand which Rashi is under the grip of Dhaiya, i.e., Small Panoti and Sade Sati. Both Sade Sati and Dhaiyya are seen through a person's moon sign. Its wrath is feared by many.
Sade Sati is a phase that lasts for 7 and 1/2 years. Sade Sati starts when transit Saturn occupies the preceding natal moon and ends when Shani leaves the second house from the natal moon. Sade Sati can be beneficial for the native if SHANI is a yoga karaka planet in the horoscope charts.
Dhaiyya runs when Saturn is in the 4th or 8th house from the moon sign. Dhaiyya lasts for 2 and a half years. It is important to know that Shanis Sade Sati and Dhaiyya vary from person to person and the effect will be different from person to person.
These two Rashi will be under the grip of Shanis Dhaiya: Cancer and Scorpio. Shanis Dhaiya effect will remain for 2 and ½ years.
Sade Sati will remain on these 3 signs: Capricorn (sign prior to Aquarius), Aquarius sign itself, and Pisces( sign after Aquarius). The transit brings Sade Sati on 3 signs with different intensities. Capricorn is in the setting phase while Aquarius is in the peak phase and Pisces is in the starting phase. Our detailed blog is coming right here for you to navigate your Sade Sati. Look out for our blog which will give remedies for you to survive this hardship period.

Saturn will again Retrograde

Saturn will start its retrograde motion on 5th June 2022 and will end its retrograde motion on 23rd October. On 12th July Saturn will again transit back to Capricorn and will return to Aquarius on 17th January 2023.
So the people of Gemini and Libra (Shani Dhaiya) and Sagittarius (Sade Sati) will have to wait longer to be free from the effects of Shani. Be patient. The end is coming near. They will be freed from Saturn's grip finally after 17th January 2023.
TOLSTOY once said, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”. And Shani is surely here to test it. Sade Sati is a period of introspection and rectifying all your wrongs. It depends on how you treat him as a foe or friend. Whatever hardship you are facing remember to hold tight and not to react negatively, you will be rewarded.
But DO REMEMBER it is not Sade Sati that is affecting you, but Karma did by you during your lifetime. One way to keep Shani happy is to perform good deeds in his/her life.
If you have any doubts about whether you are going through Sade Sati or when you will be going through it, do check our free Kundli analysis which will analyze your Sadesati cycle accurately.
What comes around goes around is the eternal rule that Shani follows. And you can't forget this rule, for if you ever forget; Lord Shani will always be around and remind you of his supremacy. You cannot influence this supreme judge and he is also the ultimate teacher. Having said that Shani is the ultimate teacher and the perfect judge, he never forgets to reward good deeds and punishes bad deeds for sure. Lord Shani is a misjudged planet, but he exactly knows how to judge a person.
Saturn is observant, superior in intelligence, and considered a cruel planet. Well, it's here that the world tends to misjudge him. Lord Shani surely dislikes when the law and rule are broken. With his strict sense of justice and fairness, he knows who deserves what. He'll reward and whip (well obviously not literally) you at the right time. With his knack to hit at the right time, astrologers call this period 'Sade Sati'. When Sade Sati is around, Lord Shani during this period will check your patience, intelligence and courage to do the right thing. Saturn thus acts as a metaphysical record of a person's moral worth.
The fight between dharma and adharma is natural to all of us- we face it and the decisions we make during such times depict the strength of our character. Choosing dharma will please Lord Shani's, but we invite his wrath if we choose the path of adharma.
Saturn is a cold and dry planet. This planet is the planet of discipline and loves reveling in routine. Setting boundaries, avoiding temptations, and working towards developing constructive habits are a few of Lord Shani's favorite aspects. Lord Shani plays a crucial role in balancing our karmas and the subsequent fruits that we get. The entire Universe is sane and kept in place by Lord Shani.
Describing the aspects of Lord Shani, you must have realized how important it is for this planet to be happy! His happiness tremendously influences our growth, success, moral advancement and physical and mental growth.
On 29th April 2022, Friday, Shani after a span of 30 years, Shani is returning to Aquarius. It becomes Mool Trikona at 0 to 20 degrees at Aquarius. Mool Trikona is the place where Lord Shani will be happy and most comfortable. Shani is a large, cold, heavy planet and a slow moving planet. Thus, it remains in a particular sign for 2.5 years. This planet is the lord of Aquarius and Capricorn. The transit of Lord Shani from Capricorn to Aquarius marks a great change and will also bring in some surprises.

Saturn transit and what should we look out for during this transit

Saturn is the most significant planet in Astrology. It is a neutral planet and thus makes decisions without coming under any kind of influence. The effect Lord Shani exerts on individuals depends upon the quality of his personal natal chart. Lord Shani gives a tremendously positive outcome if it is placed auspiciously in your horoscope, but will trouble you if this planet is placed weakly in your horoscope.
A Saturn transit brings two periods-Sade Sati and Small Panoti or 'Dhaiya'. Saturn transit helps us understand which rashi is under the grip of Sade Sati and Small Panoti. Sade Sati is a phase of 7-71/2 years and starts when transiting Saturn occupies the preceding natal moon. Sade Sati ends when the leaves the second house from the natal moon.
Both Sade Sati and Small Panoti are feared by many. Both these are intense phases of seismic and dynamic change. But, the return of Saturn is significant and marks a great phase of personal growth and development. If Lord Shani is a yogakaraka planet in your horoscope, then Sade Sati will prove beneficial to you.
Where Sade Sati lasts for 7-71/2 years, Dhaiya lasts for 2-21/2 years. Dhaiya or the Small Panoti happens when Saturn is in the 4th or 8th house from the moon sign in your natal chart.
Both Dhaiya and Sade Sati vary from person to person. Thus, the effects of Lord Shani are never the same on all individuals. On a personal level, the effects of Shani markedly vary and influence the person according to his/her karmas.
Cancer and Scorpio are the two rashis that'll be under the influence of Shani's Dhaiya or Small Panoti. As mentioned earlier, Dhaiya will last for a period of 2-21/2 years.

The Three Signs under the influence of Sade Sati

The Saturn transit will bring Sade Sati over the signs of Capricorn (sign prior to Aquarius), Aquarius itself and Pisces (sign after Aquarius). Lord Shani's Sade Sati is divided into three phases among the three signs. Capricorn - the first sign marks the setting phase of Sade Sati, Aquarius marks the peak phase while Pisces marks the setting phase of Sade Sati. Our detailed blog is coming right here for you to navigate your Sade Sati. Look out for our blog which will give remedies for you to survive this hardship period.

Saturn in Retrograde Again

Saturn will retrograde on 5th June 2022. This retrograde motion will end on 23rd October with Saturn transiting back to Capricorn on 12th July. From the House of Capricorn, Saturn will transit back to Aquarius on 17th July 2023.
So, Gemini and Libra people are under the influence of Shani Dhaiya while Sagittarius people are under the influence of Sade Sati. After 17th January 2023, Shani will free the natives of these three signs from its grip. So the end is near, but till then you gotta be patient and continue doing your auspicious karmas.
Shani is around to test your courage and patience. TOLSTOY once said, The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. Whatever you're facing, remember that it's a part of your test. Don't give up and just hang in there. Though Sade Sati might be a tough time, it is the most amazing time for introspection, self-reflection and spiritual practices.
Lord Shani can be either of the two - a foe or a friend- it all depends on how you take it. If you see your difficulties as obstacles, then you may see Lord Shani as a cruel preceptor. But, if you hold tight and keep working in your hardships - Lord Shani will open your intellectual channels, help you to awaken your dormant potential, transform you and reward you handsomely.
It's not the Sade Sati or Dhaiya that is affecting you. These are just the phases brought about in swing when Lord Shani changes his house. It's your own karma that is the reason for your present sufferings (and success). Thus, it all lies in your Karma and that is why Lord Shani is the Karmic Trader. If you wish to keep this planet of tough justice happy, then just keep doing your karma (and that too without sulking).
To accurately analyze your horoscope and to know whether you're going through Sade Sati or when you'll be going through it, you can consult our principal astrologer. To solve your doubts, do check our FREE KUNDALI ANALYSIS.

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