Saturn: Overcome the Karmic Challenges and Unlock Your Potential

Saturn, among people, has earned the reputation of 'being evil'. It is a dreaded planet, but we don't really agree. We'd rather call Saturn a 'Planet of Choice'. Choice is a crucial word here, as it gives us free will to decide our course of life-at least in terms of what we'd like to do. Saturn, thus, imparts us with copious amounts of free will to pin down our own path, overcome restrictions and cultivate our inner strength.
You can use our free kundli calculator to know your Saturn sign. The sign in which Saturn is located in your natal chart is your Saturn Sign. This Saturn Sign will give you the key to unlocking your hidden potential. Here, we show you the challenges that your Saturn sign could bring and provide you with simple tricks to handle your Saturn sign.

Saturn in the Zodiac

Saturn in Aries ( a ) - Aries is the sign of fire. And Saturn in this courageous sign makes you resolute and ambitious. This position of your natal Saturn also blesses you with good contemplative abilities, but you must know how to use them! Like a raging bull, you may just rush to hit your target, but Saturn here will slow you down so that you can think before you act. You may be easily angered, but learn to apply your reasoning ability before you take charge. Attain a purpose in all that you do, and you'll be able to achieve excellence in everything.
Saturn in Taurus ( b ) - Saturn in Taurus makes you economical and diplomatic. You are not somebody who'll settle for the ordinary. Be it people, places, or projects that you take up, you look for the best in everything that you do. You're stubborn but willful, prudent but quick-tempered. Meditating or spending time with nature will help you slash your anger and give you the ability to think better. Saturn in Taurus gives you humongous willpower to chase your dreams till the end. So, this Saturn placement gives you the ability to take action and translate your dreams into reality.
Saturn in Gemini ( c ) - Saturn in Gemini endows you with a huge range of abilities! We have an entire list, but at the forefront, the Gemini Saturn gives you a pure intellect. You could be fantastic at math, literature, and other fields where serious brainstorming is required. This position of Saturn makes you observant, but you must be careful to divert your energies only toward the positive. You must remember that advanced thought is your power, but you must channel it in the proper place and manner.
Saturn in Cancer ( d ) - Saturn in Cancer is a wonderful position because it has some great lessons to teach you. This position of Cancer pushes you to develop your highest qualities. Cancer is a sign of emotion, while Saturn is the planet of restraint. Expressing yourself could be the biggest challenge for you! Owing to held-back feelings, serious mood swings might also be common with you. Talk to a friend over a cup of coffee or go out with a group of people who make you feel comfortable. Basically, just open up! Writing down your thoughts will also help you slash your anxiety and deal with disappointed feelings positively.
Saturn in Leo ( e ) - Saturn in Leo denotes a dash of fun but with a little seriousness. Leo is a feral sign, and this Saturnine position certainly gives you strong willpower. And, you are also spicy and fuming! Cut down on that hot temper to allow your potential to open up to the fullest. Be it protecting the underdog or serving in soup kitchens, your big heart adds that extra dash of magic to your persona. Your generosity is your signature trait, but you also have destructive energies at your disposal. So, channelize your energies to unlock your greatest power. Be careful of secret enemies and avoid stimulants and overworking.
Saturn in Virgo ( f ) - There's a saying, 'Be careful and troubled about many things'. This piece of wisdom rightfully suits you! Virgo is a sign of caution and Saturn-a planet of diligence. So, Saturn in Virgo gives you great skills in organisation and natural thinking power. But worries aren't far away! This is a great position, but it may breed doubt and anxiety in you. As a result, Saturn in Virgo stirs your confidence and inspires you to trust your instincts. You must take care of your stomach, surround yourself with cheerful people, and avoid overthinking.
Saturn in Libra ( g ) - Saturn in Libra denotes balance, great beauty, and intellectual tendencies. Libra is a movable sign and indicates a vacillating mind. And Saturn here further inspires you towards balance and equilibrium. You may be interested in science, law, or other intellectual pursuits. All's well with this sign, but be careful to avoid over-arguing with people. Saturn in Libra is often indicative of difficult relationships. This position of Saturn comes with purifying properties and will cleanse you. So, if there's a relationship/friendship/love affair that you're just dragging-then don't hesitate to walk away.
Saturn in Scorpio ( h ) - Scorpio represents water and is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac. You may remain highly excitable and obsessed with everything you do. Saturn in the fixed sign of Scorpio makes you resourceful and independent, but also jealous. Scorpio is already known for its sting, and Saturn is a cold planet. Together, they give you persistence but also sharpen your sarcastic nature. To support your Scorpionic Saturn, watch your words before you throw them like darts. Also, stick to your persistence since this position of Saturn is sure to give you success, but only after difficulties and trials.
Saturn in Sagittarius ( i ) - Sagittarius denotes fire and is a refulgent sign. This Zodiac radiates intellect, philosophy, and infinite expression. Sagittarius is also a sign of speed and motion. Thus, with Saturn in the 'house of fire', you have a blazing intellect and are quick at throwing ideas around. You're also fearless and a pure humanitarian. To support your Saturn in this position, you must be careful while dealing with public affairs. Opposition is natural, but you must learn to deal with them when people oppose your ideas. You'll be able to perform exceptionally well if you take these opponents as challenges. These challenges will make you powerful, and help you explore and sharpen your intuition. You must look after your nervous system.
Saturn in Capricorn ( j ) - Capricorn is the sign of transformation and Saturn is a secretive planet. With Saturn in Capricorn in your natal chart, your transformation is a hush-hush affair. This position is an excellent one and gives you great mental faculties. You are a profound thinker and may tend to ponder deeply the matters of life and death. However, this position also makes you serious and melancholic. To manage the Capricornian Saturn, you must avoid being anxious. Deal with your anxiety through meditation, dance, nature, and being around people who are optimistic. This position of Saturn also calls for an urgent need to express yourself. Don't bind or repress yourself. This position pushes you to emerge from your shell and drop your inhibitions. Be careful of unreliable friends.
Saturn in Aquarius ( k ) - Aquarius is an intellectual sign and also an eloquent one. With Saturn in this air sign, you are inventive and have a penetrating intellect. Art and science may be your favourite domains, and you too could be naturally good in these fields. All's well with this position, but you must communicate with people more often. You're blessed with the power of speech! You are friendly, sociable, and have a natural ability to impress people. So, break your reserved exterior and communicate with people freely. This position will yield you great results if you use your intuition, broaden your purpose, and work towards bringing people together for a common cause.
Saturn in Pisces ( l ) - It's Saturn in Pisces for you! A cold planet in an emotional sign definitely needs some serious care and nurture. This position gives you some brilliant qualities, but some major corrections also must follow. You are sympathetic and emotionally strong, and these are your greatest strengths. Develop these abilities! To handle Saturn in Pisces, keep hope, even if it means till the very end. So be it a tragedy in love or otherwise- don't get swept off your feet. You are clever at finding solutions but must uncover ways to practically apply your ideas. You'll be able to achieve great results if you cultivate firmness and continuity. Be it a simple task or a huge project, finish what you start. Take care of your feet and body.
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