Saturn Return: The Most Important Aspect of Your Life

Saturn Cycle
In Vedic astrology, Saturn is known as the fruit bearer of karma. As lord of karma, it brings you what you’ve earned through your disciplined pursuits of goals and experience. Saturn represents the planet of responsibility. and will help you navigate through relationships, raise a child, find life's discipline, pursue a rewarding career, and so on. The planet is like a thoughtful old man who sees right through your excuses and hollow self-satisfaction. The grief during this period can leave us feeling parched, boiled up, and disappointed. But it can also be a time to free yourself from all kinds of burdens. Start a new part of your life with a clearer sense of purpose.
Saturn’s return cycle reminds us of what is truly important to us. And make sure that we are on the right path to fulfilling our immense potential. Saturn is famously known as a malefic planet, whose transit is met with the instigator of transformation, all of which is meant to lead us to heal and a true foundation of ourselves. If you're in your Saturn return and struggling to cope, it's time to let go of what isn't working. This return will cause frequent crises, which will force you to confront your fears. Many of which are deeply ingrained in your psyche, but life is about living up to social expectations.
Saturn roughly takes about 29.5 years to complete one full orbit around the sun. It returns to the same zodiac sign, which is the exact same zodiac sign in which the native was born. During this time, you will have to face your own mental and physical blocks. But in reality, Lord Saturn (Shani Dev) is providing you with a chance to turn lemons into lemonade.
In astrology, Saturn is the universal monitor. A demanding teacher who throws obstacles and challenges in your path to help you gain strength and wisdom. The position of Saturn in your natal chart reveals your most important life lesson, as well as the fears you must overcome to succeed. Saturn makes us realize what is important to us. It also reflects the goals you are here to achieve when you carry out your actions.
During this period, we feel a sense of honor, pleasure. And out of the alliance, Saturn's shadow of restriction, lack, and fear. Surviving Saturn's return is a necessary part of our lives; we need to survive this provocative, profound, and chaotic journey. Unfortunately, the return is often regarded as one of the most dreaded and misunderstood stages in a person's life. It is usually a difficult time filled with a lot of stress and pressure. Things come to an end, facing hard realizations, and the weight of the world is felt in the actual sense. But, it is also a moment when we have many opportunities to make critical decisions and choices. To fulfill our life purpose, we must move away from mindless behaviors and towards a more deliberate and meaningful direction. It represents the completion of a major life cycle and indicates that we have learned some lessons about what we can and cannot do in Saturn's shadow. It is a time of important endings, but also new beginnings that will affect our lives for many years to come.
Saturn's first cycle arrives during the age of 28 to 30, where everyone is going through some changes. Be it a new job, career change, marriage, divorce, starting a new family, and so on. This first cycle can be called the first step towards maturity. A new change in a new direction. This stage will give you your life lesson, which will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Saturn returns to its birthplace again between the ages of 57 and 59. This gives us one more opportunity to rebuild our life's destiny and live out how we want to. We were challenged this time to reject norms, responsibility, irresponsibility, and fear. If we have not learned how to fulfill our greater mission and have ignored the emotional and physical teachings of the various crisis points that occurred between the ages of 29 and 58. Then maybe it’s time to get your life in order. The time span between these ages also demonstrates that we managed to fulfill our life’s goals. And at this stage, we can go on a new adventure at any time. The third cycle comes between the age of mid-80s to late 80s. If you are lucky enough to experience this stage, know that it is the time of your life where you can just enjoy the life you have worked so hard for. Enjoy the extended family, grandchildren, traveling to new places, so you can enjoy the last stage of life without any worries. And the fourth Saturn return cycle is experienced by very rarely few people, which occurs around the age of 114.
It is important to note that Saturn’s intention here is not to cause you any harm or pain. We create our own destinies. We determine our own fate through our free will. Nothing external compels our destiny. Since building a character is destiny in itself, so we make our character and our destiny. Planet Saturn and its cycles reflect the aspect of our inner nature that must learn a specific lesson as a direct result of our maturation process. Finally, Saturn teaches us the lesson we need to learn to grow as a creator of one’s life, regardless of what personal, interpersonal, or transpersonal sphere we are moving through. ​​Instead of fear, the Saturn return shows us how we are or are not exceeding the free will of the soul. Saturn represents the part of us that has learned to be rigid and authoritative. But it is also the part of us that accepts responsibility for our lives and choices. It may represent our limitations, but it also points us in the direction of the perfections of our dharma, which is our highest self.
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