Retrograde Saturn Transit in Capricorn 2022: How It Affects You?

Retrograde Saturn transit in Capricorn 2022
Saturn, the planet of Karma, will begin its retrograde journey and thus return to Capricorn on July 12, 2022 and will remain in retrograde until October 23, 2022. Planets in retrograde become extremely powerful.
Saturn will transit in the Dhanistha nakshatra, which is ruled by Mars. Saturn is oil, Mars is fire, and there will be an energy explosion that will bring abrupt and significant changes.
Saturn is considered to be the most important planet, and people are terrified of him. He is believed to be the planet that brings sadness and sorrow into people's lives. He is your Karma Calculator, a judge who will judge you according to your karma and give you what you deserve. He will provide you with things after making you work for them so that you remember how valuable they are.

What is Sade Sati and Dhaiya?

People are terrified of Shanis Dhaiya and Sade Sati. Sade Sati is a seven-and-a-half-year phase. Sade Sati begins when Saturn occupies the preceding natal moon and ends when Shani leaves the natal moon's second house. Dhaiya is active when Saturn is in the fourth or eighth house from the moon sign. Dhaiyya lasts approximately two and a half years. For the time being, this will bring the people of Sagittarius once again under Shani's Sade Sati. Even Gemini and Libra will be under the grip of Shani’s Dhaiya till Saturn moves to Aquarius. This is when people go through a lot, and their patience is tested in all aspects of their lives. You won't be able to bribe him and get your punishment reduced. But he surely will transform you into a better version of yourself if he is placed auspiciously.
This retrograde will produce different outcomes for each zodiac sign. We have provided Saturn Retrograde predictions based on your moon sign to give you an idea of what's in store for you.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Aries:

A Saturn (Retrograde) transit will happen in your 10th house, which will give you moderate results. People in business will find new opportunities. There will be difficulties in your career and with your boss. You will be perplexed about your career objectives. Your financial situation won't undergo any drastic changes. There may be a move to a new home. Your career will cause you some stress, but stay calm because time will fly by. There might be closure in your old relationship, and you may find new love interests.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Taurus:

A Saturn transit will take place in your 9th house. New doors will be opened for you. You might profit from a foreign land. Students who want to study abroad should take advantage of this time. You might have good luck if you decide to study abroad. Businesses having international ties, such as those in the import and export and information technology sectors, will prosper. You'll be fortunate. Remember to devote time to your religious activities and charitable causes.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Gemini:

Saturn's transit will take place in your 8th house. You will be back in Saturn’s Dhaiya for the time being. You may encounter unforeseen, sudden changes in your finances. There will be unexpected profits as well as losses. There could be unnecessary spending on health issues. Do not invest in volatile markets. Your health needs to be taken very seriously. While operating any vehicle, use caution. People in research and occult science will enjoy an extremely profitable period during this time.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Cancer:

This transit will take place in your 7th house. Cancer natives will see moderate results from this transit. You and your business partner might have issues and conflicts, or you might be able to form a new partnership. This is an excellent time for business people. The state of your finances will be strong. There will be disagreements with your life partner, so try to be calm during this period. Unwanted or contentious relationships may cease. For some people, this may be a sign of beginning a new relationship.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Leo:

This transit will take place in your 6th house and will be beneficial for you. This period may bring triumph over adversaries and enemies after long-pending litigation disputes. You may be able to recover your money which is stuck. You might succeed in your studies and competitive jobs. You might be given recognition, job advancement, or promotion. However, you must exercise caution in terms of your health as you may experience minor problems. It can take a little longer for those who wish to get married.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Virgo:

This transit will take place in your 5th house. The unpleasant and unwelcome connection will terminate. For certain individuals, it portends the possibility of a more serious love life. During this time, singles may encounter new romantic interests. There will be difficulties in education, and students may discover that their efforts are not being rewarded. The time is not ideal to be in a casual affair.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Libra:

This transit will take place in your 4th house. You will be back in Saturn Dhaiya for the time being. This transit will bring a challenging time for you. Your levels of tension and worry could rise. Your real estate investment might give you worry. When investing in real estate, exercise caution. You ought to look after your mother's health. Avoid family disputes because they will make the atmosphere heated.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Scorpio:

This transit will take place in your 3rd house. During this time, there will be a lot of effort and struggle. Throughout this time, your health will be good. You will work hard to improve your circumstances, and your financial status will improve. You never know what possibilities might come your way. Both business people and those in the workforce can benefit from the current situation. People who work in the advertising, communication, and marketing industries will gain a lot from this.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Sagittarius:

This transit will take place in your second house. For the time being, you'll be back in the Sade Sati phase. This is not the best time for you, health-wise. Pay attention to what you eat. You might discover Steer clear of speculative markets. Pay close attention to your spending. Both business people and those in the workforce can benefit from the current situation.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Capricorn:

Saturn will be placed in your 1st house. You will once more be in your rising period, Sade Sati. You'll be ready to put in a lot of hard work, as it will be necessary. Seize any new possibilities that come your way. Your firm will receive fresh ideas that will stick around for a while. Do not give up, just keep trying. There will be a hardship, but you will undoubtedly be rewarded.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Aquarius:

Saturn will be placed in your 12th house. For those who want to study abroad, now is a terrific opportunity. You will need to pay close attention to your health, especially your mental health and wellness. Avoid stress and practice regular meditation. Watch your spending and refrain from taking out loans at this time. Work diligently at all times. Business risk-taking should not be done at this time.

Effects of Saturn's (Retrograde) transit in Pisces:

Saturn will be in your 11th house. Your stress levels will be high at this time. Many unfinished tasks will be finished. You will get ease from Sade Sati for the time being. A number of fresh opportunities could present themselves to you. The working class, as well as business people, will profit from this transit. Your social network will provide you with the assistance you need. You will find difficulties in your love life. You might break a bad relationship.

Conclusion #

Saturn's transit in one's life can be made positive through hard work and discipline. There is no shortcut to success and Saturn Transit is here to make us sweat for our goal. To sweeten your agreement with Lord Shani, keep in mind to visit the temples of Lord Saturn and Lord Hanuman every Saturday.

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