How Abhijit Muhurta Gives Auspicious Results on an Inauspicious Day!

Abhijit muhurta
The term ‘Muhurta’ in Sanskrit is a ‘division of time’ (approximately 48 minutes, one-thirtieth of a day) and holds its significance in Indian Astrology.
For astrological purposes, muhurta is used to define the quality of time and need not be exactly 48 minutes every day. It may vary as per the four points of time -sunrise, local noon, sunset, and midnight which are the four Gayatri pada. The time span between each of these points is divided into 7½ muhurta each, each representing a Prahara. Thus, 4 Prahara make a day.

Abhijit Muhurta:

As per Hindu astrology, any right deeds performed in good muhurta multiplies the chances of its success. Such auspicious muhurta is Abhijit Muhurta. The word ‘Abhijit’ means victorious.
It is the eighth Muhurta spanning the last ½ Muhurta of the morning and first ½ Muhurta of the afternoon. It is considered to be auspicious as it maps into the Abhijit nakshatra which is ruled by Hari (Narayana i.e God). The beauty of Abhijit Muhurta being it is present every day and not specific to any particular day or condition.
Abhijit Muhurta begins 24 minutes before the local noontime and lasts for 24 minutes thereafter. In all, it lingers for about 48 minutes for a 12 hour day. However, shorter days may impact its duration accordingly.

Benefits of Abhijit Muhurta:

It is believed that it is on Abhijit Muhurta that Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasur. This muhurta is thus associated with removing all the doshas prevalent at that time. It is a powerful tool to annihilate any malevolent influences.
This muhurta is considered extremely auspicious to initiate new beginnings. Be it venturing into something afresh, starting a new job or business, investment in real estate or other financials, house-warming ceremony, performing any puja for prosperity or good fortune, etc. are believed to fructify bringing you the desired results. Abhijit Muhurta brings in positivity and all the right vibrations backing you to the successful completion of the tasks performed during that period.


It is said, Wednesday is a day when Abhijit Muhurta loses its beneficence. Hence choosing this muhurta on days other than Wednesdays for performing auspicious tasks is advisable. Furthermore, heading towards the South direction should be avoided during Abhijit Muhurta. Although sacred ceremonies like Upnayanas (the thread ceremony) and marriages are generally not been performed in Abhijit Muhurta, in many parts of India marriage ceremonies are preferred in this Muhurta.
It would be wise to choose this muhurta only owing to an emergency of performing an auspicious act immediately and when no other suitable times are available. Else, you may fail to reap equally amazing benefits other muhurtas could bring.
To sum up, if you have no time to wait for an auspicious muhurta before you embark on something new, be rest assured Abhijit Muhurta can do the trick for you.
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