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Vashtu Shastra

Since the whole universe is a composition of five basic elements: Fire, Air, Space, Earth and Water. Through these, our body receives Internal Energies in the form of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats etc. and External Energies in the form of Heat, Light, Sound, Wind and so on .

The basic principles of Vaastu enables us to achieve balance among these ; giving more flexibility of body & mind for a better life

When the harmony between these elements gets disturbed our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress, tension and ill health and our peace of mind is destroyed. We then have to redirect our Energies subjectively as well objectively , so as to achieve an equilibrium between Internal / External Energies, to attain a healthy body and a happy mind leading to health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and success .

Vedic Home For better results, any activity in your residence or office should be supplemented by the cosmic position of the elements..

The North-East (NE) is assigned to Water : Have a bore well, underground water tank in that position.

The South-East (SE) is assigned to Fire : Have your kitchen, pantry, furnace, boiler there.

The North-West (NW) is assigned to Air : There have a guest-room bed room for unmarried girls or a store for finished goods .

The South-West (SW) is assigned to Earth : It is the most stable of all elements. Keep it heavy and this is the best place for master Bed Room.

The Centre is assigned to Space : Have the least possible activity in this area.

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