Transiting Mars In Aquarius Effects on 12 Rising Signs

mars in aquarius 2022
The pairing of Aquarius and Mars can bring you some significant changes in your life. Mars transits into Aquarius on April 7th at 3:16 pm and will remain there until May 17th. Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn, who is also an enemy of Mars. People with Mars in Aquarius are more concerned with the intellectual side of life. Their organizational skills are excellent, and their approach is calculated and logical. Because they think for the masses, these natives have the potential to be good leaders. If you were born with Mars in Aquarius, you are likely to be a fair-minded, justice-seeking individual. You want freedom of expression and movement for yourself and others.
Effects on Each Zodiac Sign:

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Aries Ascendant:

There will be fewer problems, more money, and more peaceful family life; success at work is also guaranteed. The means of income will rise, and job opportunities will expand. If you want to make some changes in your life, now is the right time. Maintain a loving relationship with the elder members of the household, especially the elder brother. Time will be beneficial to the students. Now is an excellent time for business owners to invest. There is also a possibility of misunderstanding between lovers.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Taurus Ascendant:

For Taurus, this transit will affect their tenth house. Happiness and prosperity will grow, and new sources of income will emerge. You can purchase a new home, and your family will be filled with joy and peace. You may receive job offers from foreign companies and have opportunities for advancement. You will need to protect yourself from any automobile accident. People working in the field of technology may benefit.
You need to be a little more patient and polite in your relationships so that they don't get overly strained. This is not a good time to consider long-term commitments regarding your love life.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Gemini Ascendant:

While transiting in the zodiac's ninth house, Mars' effect will bring you success. You will feel as if your work has stalled, but do not be discouraged; success will come to you eventually. Your actions and decisions will be greatly admired. It is possible to travel. Maintain good relationships with the family's younger brothers. Reduce your spending because there may be a financial crisis. You will have good fortune. There is also the possibility of diversifying income sources.
Be wary of your opponents' attempts to harm your reputation at work. Arguments between you and your father are to be expected. There will be opportunities to make long-distance travel with a loved one.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Cancer Ascendant:

The Mars transit is extremely unfavorable for Cancers. It will be necessary to take care of one's health. Keep your attention on the task at hand and avoid debates and quarrels at work. There is a chance of recovering the money that was taken from you. Your income sources will increase, but people may try to degrade you; be cautious. There may be disagreements with family members, and this transit will present you with numerous challenges.
Some of you may be considering taking out a loan because you do not feel financially secure. There may be misunderstandings and ego issues in your marriage and with your in-laws.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Leo Ascendant:

The transit of Mars will happen in the seventh house, which is about married life, partnership, and foreign relations.
Leos will have the support of their life partner, and their married life will be prosperous. Financial gains are evident. Maintain positive relationships with your in-laws. If you are looking for a marriage partner, your search may be slowed.
Individuals involved in business or in partnerships will make profits, and those who are employed will be given a raise. You'll need to have some patience if you don't want to establish the habit of getting into arguments with your co-workers.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Virgo Ascendant:

Control your anger. Your enemies may cause you problems, but they will be defeated. Avoid lending to anyone; the job offer may come to you from a foreign company. Do not tell anyone about your plans. A court's decision could be in your favor.
Regardless of some difficult circumstances, you will maintain your passion and commitment. Your supervisors will be impressed by how dedicated and focused you are on your work. Financially, you'll have to be patient and wait for the profits to come in the future.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Libra Ascendant:

Children may be troubled, and there may be a debate in the office. There may be disagreements with juniors as well. To get good grades, students must put in a lot of effort. Social standing may improve. When entering into new relationships, take caution.
Your career may experience ups and downs, and you may consider changing jobs. You should be particularly cautious at work, as others may be plotting against you.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Scorpio Ascendant:

Your true happiness will increase. The parents' health must be taken care of. Your workload will increase, and there may be some pointless running. Income sources will expand. There will be an opportunity to purchase a home. Household squabbles may cause mental disturbances.
You will complete large-scale projects successfully and have complete support from friends and family. You may become overly aggressive, jeopardizing your relationships with others.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Sagittarius Ascendant:

Mars will sit in the third house and inspire people to be brave. This transit of Mars will provide good results for jobs and businesses.
Mars' influence will bring you success. Even in difficult situations, victory will come easily. You will achieve success quickly if you work while keeping your plans secret. Maintain positive interactions with your younger brother. Don't lend money to anyone because you won't get it back. Ancestral property can be discovered.
You may be able to pursue new ventures as a result of your productivity and technological expertise. Traveling will be beneficial at this time, especially if it is related to your career.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Capricorn Ascendant:

Mars will strongly influence Capricorn. Take care of your health, control your speech, communicate with love, and avoid harsh language. There is a chance of getting money, and the money lent can also be returned. Avoid becoming a victim of workplace politics. Do not get caught up in the courtroom drama; instead, settle the matter outside the courtroom. Love relationships will be fruitful. There is also the opportunity of purchasing a new home.
To some extent, you can build some financial riches if you do a thorough study and make wise investments. There is also a risk of injury if you drive rashly.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Aquarius Ascendant:

Aquarius in Mars will be a mixed bag for you. You may become angrier, and health issues may arise. Expenses will rise, as will anxieties. However, your energy and sources of income will increase, and your work will be recognized. Your dominance will grow, and so will your responsibilities.
You should avoid making rash decisions and refrain from starting new businesses. Control your emotions and maintain your composure for harmony in your personal life.

Effects of Mars in Aquarius on Pisces Ascendant:

While transiting from the zodiac to the twelfth house, Mars' effect on your zodiac sign will be normal. The workplace will have ups and downs. There could be financial constraints as well. There is the possibility of purchasing land and property. Try not to borrow or lend. Your enemies will be defeated, and you will have a final victory.
You may become irritated and develop a tendency to be jealous of others. Your family life could be in disarray, and you could be unhappy with your personal relationships.
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