Rahu in Aries Now - Here's How You Can Prepare for This Rahu-Ketu Transit

Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planets of astrology. These two planets are usually known as malefic, but also unlock some great potential and chances to reach great heights. Rahu is the head of the giant serpent while Ketu is the tail. Wedged opposite each other (at an angle of 180 degrees), these two planets remain in two opposite signs for almost a period of eighteen months. This time, it's Rahu transiting in Aries and Ketu will comfortably settle in the house of partnerships- i.e. Libra, the seventh sign.
Here, instead of the sun signs, we consider the ascendant- the sign that takes up the first house in your natal chart. Ascendant marks your personality, deep behavioral patterns, your drive to achieve success, and your clout to do it all on your own!
Let's see what shocks and surprises the positions of these two mischievous planets in the twelve ascendants bring.

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Aries Ascendant:

You'll feel enthusiastic more than ever. During this transit, your creativity will increase and you'll also meet new people in the field of spirituality. If you've been waiting for a love marriage, then this transit is your lucky chance! But if you're married- then you must be cautious. Your intellect will grow and thus this is the best time to work in chemical and medicine-related fields. However, you must be patient and avoid rushing into things. Take care of your stomach, avoid gambling/betting and (if possible) chant Vishnusahasranam.

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Taurus Ascendant:

It's time you get a new pet or items of decoration in your house. This transit is perfect to beautify yourself and your surroundings. During this transit, you may take up more trips and plan to visit your favorite places. All are well during this transit, but there are chances that your relationship with your maternal uncle may spiral downward. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with the relatives on your maternal side. This transit is the best time to introspect, meditate and go for long walks in gardens. Avoid over-indulgence, eat mindfully and take care of your finances.

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Gemini Ascendant:

It's time to meditate and develop your intuition. If the sign of Gemini floats on your ascendant, then you may get a chance to travel abroad. Foreign-related travels will prove beneficial for you. This transit is also the best time to develop your Sadhana and take up studies like astrology, tantra, and occult science. Doing social work, feeding (and helping) people, and inclining towards religious work will bring you great results during this transit. Instead of quarreling with your brother, try to enhance your relationship with him. Take care of your children, study with focus (despite the distractions) and control worthless expenditure and visit a religious place (if possible).

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Cancer Ascendant:

It's time to channel your emotions and enhance your mental health. For the coming 18 months, your emotions will be your greatest strength (and also your weakness- it all depends on how you use them). All kinds of thoughts will penetrate your mind- so identify your negative thoughts. Instead of suppressing your negative emotions, take to a diary and write your feelings down. You'll grow in your job/business if you keep your thinking clear. This transit is the most suitable to spend time with your family, enhance your relationship with your colleagues and meet people (especially ones who come from artistic fields). Serve your mother and (if possible) wear white on Monday.

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Leo Ascendant:

Leo on the ascendant- then this transit is the best time to increase your skills. New avenues will open up during this transit if you enhance your skills. Organize, plan and prioritize- planning your schedules in this way will increase your productivity. The good deeds that you do during this transit will give you auspicious results. So (if possible) visit religious places, donate and feed people (especially children). Engaging in religious deeds will enhance your spiritual knowledge and increase your inner strength. This transit may also bring you sudden monetary benefits. Avoid arrogance, enhance your relationship with your siblings and take care of your shoulders (and also upper body).

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Virgo Ascendant:

You'll travel and explore different places of your liking. This transit will also help you earn money from various sources and as per your wishes. Change is inevitable and this transit will teach you to cope with these changes. For the coming 18 months, the changes that you see in others and yourself will add to your maturity. And as you encounter unexpected truths, this phase will drive you towards deeper analysis and introspection. You have to believe in yourself and trust your instincts. The inner strength that you cultivate during this transit will help you solve job-related problems and overcome toxic people. Avoid intoxicants, risky adventures and speak clearly (but avoid being brutal).

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Libra Ascendant:

It's time to develop your mental prowess and enhance your intuition. If you make significant efforts, then this transit also favors your spiritual growth. This is the best time to embrace yourself and stick close to nature. It will also benefit you if you rest and relax in plenty. Your financial condition will be sound but you may have to face some problems while making major decisions. Tap into your spiritual reservoir while making decisions and to cope with stress. If you're married than communicate with your partner often and learn to build trust. It's crucial that you take care of your and your spouse's health during this transit. Do not rush into business partnerships (or consult an advisor before you do so) and (if possible) chant Shri Durga Stotra.

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Scorpio Ascendant:

It's good time to take care of your health and build up your inner power. Shuffle your schedule, include yoga and exercise, eat healthy and dance around to your favorite tunes. If you take care of your health, then this transit will cure you of your chronic diseases and sleep-related problems (in case you have them). You will incline towards religious and artistic work. Charities and social work done during this transit will give you auspicious results. You may also get a chance to travel abroad and explore the places you like. Take care of your mother and try to keep cordiality with the relatives on your maternal side. People in media and cinema may benefit during this transit.

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Sagittarius Ascendant:

The Rahu and Ketu transit will bring sudden monetary gains. You'll be content with your children, property, personal life and profession. Your personality and inner powers will enhance. Pulling more people towards you, you'll get a chance to meet people from government and those in authority. Your clear thinking will help you set higher goals and perform better in your job/business. Along with the materialistic pleasures, you'll also advance in the spiritual field. You'll earn good position in your personal and professional circles. While people admire your charm, radiance and generosity, keep your arrogance in check.

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Capricorn Ascendant:

Use your intelligence! Yes, the key to making the full use of this transit lies in using your complete potential. You may being a new business or start a franchise. You may also get money from the public sector and magnify your father's business. Your remarkable abilities to organize and prioritize will make excelling (in your personal and professional spheres) easier for you. You may feel low at times, but during such periods try meeting your friends and spend some quality time with your family. If you're a student, then this may be the good time to take up competitive exams or travel abroad for higher studies. Take care of your parents.

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Aquarius Ascendant:

You've always been a charmer and this transit will further add to your charm! Always an out-of-the-box-thinker, you'll intelligence will increase during this transit. People know you for your generosity and big heart- and the charities that you perform during this transit will give you auspicious results. You'll be able to make strong foreign connections and make money from them. In your professional field, you'll be busy exploring various options, sources of income and fields that interests you. Spend some quality time with your partner and keep your communication clear. You'll be energetic, but don't forget to keep the discipline and avoid rash driving.

Rahu - Ketu Transit Effects on Pisces Ascendant:

Time to follow your intuition, be more spiritual and make more charities. This transit is around to check your patience while you handle people. While you're good at communicating your feelings, watch out your words when you speak with people. Don't rush your thoughts and feelings over others- instead give them their time and they'll realize the point you are trying to make. Single ones might find their soul-mate and get married, while the married ones may try planning romantic dates and trips. Sudden benefits may arrive but you must try keeping a serious check over your finances. To ensure that this transit is a smooth run- try to keep realistic expectations of others, discourage gossip, avoid criticizing and encourage positive friendships.
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