Check the Balance of Nature Elements in Your Zodiac

Nature Elements
Can you identify your traits with the gift of nature? We all know that the universe comprises four elements that are Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Well, this reveals a person’s personality in the world of Astrology. The 12 zodiac signs are measured by certain qualities and characteristics associated with these elements. This will let you discover your life’s purpose and your true self!
Tradition calls the entire process as four principles of life. known as one of the ancient theories, panchabhutas are the five elements believed to be the creation of the cosmic rays. The element includes Space, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Space denotes hearing, Air refers to the sense of touch, Fire represents the sense of light while Water represents the sense of taste whereas Earth holds the sense of smell. Now let’s come back to the four modern elements of the zodiac. The alignment of these elements is also known as the cyclic order.

Why is the balance of these elements necessary?

All of these elements need to have a balance in order to be self-sustainable. One cannot exist without the other three. The less or more activeness is considered to bring an imbalance to life. The absence or the excess of an element speaks of a person’s inability to connect with the planet which can create the problem. All of them have different characteristics such as fire deals with bravery, earth deals with loyalty, air deals with playfulness, and water deals with intelligence, emotion, and intuition.
Read over to find out which element is compatible with your zodiac.

Fire Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

Just like fire, these signs are passionate! The people of this element are temperamental and dynamic. They’re inspiring and are full of forthright attitudes. With lively imagination, they have a quick emotional response. Just like its name says, a little spark of fuel can spread the fire so they need to be managed and treated carefully which will be effective and good for them. Read over to know how these elements are compatible with the zodiacs.

Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

People of this element are all active with ideas and motions! Just like the waves of the wind, airy people use their energies in diverse ways. If you want to be around the problem-solvers then these signs are absolutely capable of that. Air sign people help you to move ahead with life by letting go of what’s holding you back. They’ll make you feel liberated and secure. They intellectualize their feelings and emotions. Moreover, we all need some Air to breathe so it’s good to be around them!

Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

The perks of having such people around you are absolutely the best! Their deep-rooted emotion and stable characters will make you a definite wannabe. They appreciate the simple things in life. Being a builder of the solid foundation, they’re so down to Earth, loyal, and stick to their people in hard times. These signs can be both practical and materialistic at times but are very trustworthy and dependable.

Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Sensitive, imaginative, and emotional, they’re as mysterious as water! People with this sign are intense dreamers. They can either be solid as ice or fluid-like liquid, they’re curious to learn and explore. Watery people will make you emotionally relaxed and comfortable. They need security because the lack of water may bring them hard times but once they’re recharged, they’re the best to be around. Also, their resourceful and creative personality makes them rich by heart.

See how the excess of these elements can affect you and how you can treat them.

Astrologers can reveal through your birth chart whether an element is lacking or its dominating. The balance of elements indicates a healthy and productive life.


The excess of too much water indicates weakness, fear, oversensitive, daydreaming, emotional fluctuation, and a feeling of hurt.
Remedies: The excess of water can be treated by drinking more and more water that can help you to flush out the fluid that your body is holding. Eating black, purple, and blue-colored food might definitely help. Getting enough sleep, avoiding sugar, practicing self-love and exercising can protect the kidney.


The excess of fire can make you angry, you can feel trouble sitting, feeling loud and bold, fluctuating feeling, and even frustrating.
Remedies: Eating green vegetables and fruit can help you cool down the fire inside you. Do not work after 6 PM. Go for a walk outside the house, drink lots of water and Engage yourself in quiet and peaceful activities. These are some of the most effective ways to balance the element of fire.


Too much excess of earth can make you super practical and can convert you into an emotionless and materialistic person. You can also feel low, lazy, or have a feeling of pride.
Remedies: Don’t forget the child inside you, Earthy! Practice self-care, make sure to wear outfits that are orange or yellow in colour. Eat healthy and warm food. Also, practice gratitude to balance the excess.


Too much air can lead to less awareness which can create a lack of focus and knowledge. The excess can make you talk too fast and louder, feeling of dominance and fluctuating emotion can be another sign of concern.
Remedies: Reading and watching the news is yes for you, Airy! Belly breathing, yes! In fact, more often. Giving yourself time to finish tasks would be a good thing. Do some walking or Yoga to lower the air inside you.
These are some of the best ways to balance the excess of the elements. For sure they might give you some peace and better productivity in life!

Overall we can say that each element has its own tendencies to rule as per the zodiac signs. Many believe that the signs are very exact and have a serious effect on a person’s personal life. This symbolizes an individual’s life patterns while each sign represents a different level of development. The progress in your destiny is indicated by the solar signs of these elements. In fact, the signs are associated with certain astronomical constellations that state the qualities of a person.

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