What Your Sun Signs Reveals About Your Leadership Style?

Born leader
We all aspire to lead. But before we lead or become leaders, it is essential to know who is a leader and what qualities make one a leader.
More often than not, we are prone to interchange the words head or boss for a leader. It is not so. A boss and ahead of a family, department, or company can be a leader, but they may not be leaders.
The ability to lead is not defined by a designation or power gained from a position of authority. It is more than that. It is a personality trait. A leader is one who inspires others to take action, bring change, do a job, behave in a certain fashion with their personal power and influence, at times without having any official authority to do so.
So, in essence, a leader is one who is well-organized, energetic, determined, fair-minded, devoted to a cause, intelligent, emotionally mature, appreciative, and who has the personal power to motivate people to make healthy lifestyle changes.
This brings us to the next question, are leaders born or is leadership an art that can be learned? Well, the answer is 50-50. Some people are born leaders, some have a desire so strong to become a leader that they learn and practice the traits that can make them leaders.

Which Sun Signs are Born Leaders?

Like all other qualities, even leadership is to some extent influenced by our zodiac sign and the placement of stars in our horoscope. There are certain sun signs that are born leaders and leadership comes naturally to them while other sun signs have to work on developing leadership skills.
If you’re wondering on which side of the leadership spectrum you are on, check out the sun sign descriptions given below:

1 Aries

Fire sign Aries are the leaders of the zodiac. They are confident, determined, outspoken, go-getters, and approachable. These qualities coupled with their energetic personality make them natural leaders. Aries can take charge of any situation, connect easily with different kinds of people and get the job done!

2 Taurus

If anything, the bull of the zodiac is dedicated and devoted. Taurus is a responsible, serious, meticulous, and a great planner. They are also fair-minded and caring. When needed, the bull does not shy away from putting across their opinion and taking a stand on important issues. All these qualities are a must for being a leader and the Taurus knows just how to lead their team to success!

3 Capricorn

Hardworking and ambitious, the goat is another born leader. Like their ruling planet Saturn, Capricorns are good with laying down rules and regulations, creating structure, and are practical by nature. If they take up a project, they follow it through to the very end. If you’re looking for someone stable and mature to lead your team, then a Capricorn is your best choice.

4 Virgo

Methodical, well-organized, and the planner of the Zodiac, Virgo is perfect leadership material. They are great at analyzing situations, communicating what needs to be done, and know-how to engage their people to get the project executed.

5 Leo

When we’re talking about leadership, how can the lion of the zodiac be not mentioned. Strong, affable, and courageous, Leos are the leadership benchmark. They can put their nose to the grind and get their team to do so too and accomplish the task at hand without much fuss!

6 Gemini

The twins have the capability to provide a 360 degree perspective on the task they are dealing with. They are innovative, well-read, and love to communicate. All these qualities make them one of the natural leaders of the zodiac.

7 Libra

Libras are fair-minded and just. They are also social beings and love to connect with people. While these are qualities that all leaders need to have, their indecisiveness makes it difficult for them to arrive at a decision and is perhaps the biggest hindrance in getting them noticed as good leaders.

8 Sagittarius

Energetic Sagittarius are innovative and love to connect with people — qualities that are must-haves for a leader. Then why does the archer not feature in the top six list? Well, they’re difficult to tie down to one place or cause for a long time. The follow-through that a leader needs to do is missing.

9 Scorpio

Scorpios are great at formulating strategy and plans. Both of these qualities are essential for being a good leader. But their jealousy and political behavior make them seem insecure and get in the way of them being considered as good leaders.

10 Cancer

Cancers are great at connecting with people and are generous by nature. They have better intuition than most other people. Cancerians are also quite creative and innovative. While all these traits make for good leadership skills, they need to work on their possessive behavior and control the jealous streak that rears its head from time to time to be considered serious leaders.

11 Pisces

Pisces are empathetic, democratic, imaginative, and highly intuitive people. While these qualities make for great leadership skills, they are also highly empathetic, sensitive, and have poor willpower. These traits make it difficult for them to take tough calls when necessary and come in the way of them becoming strong leaders.

12 Aquarius

They are very intelligent, and independent people. They make it point to keep up with the latest trends in technology. Aquarians are modern-thinking and visionary individuals. While all these traits make for good leadership skills, the Aquarians cold temperament and poor communication skills come in their way to the leadership path.
As we can see from the sun sign traits discussed above, all of us have at least some leadership qualities. All we need to do is recognize our natural strengths and build on them while also trying to imbibe the qualities that we do not possess. In the comments section below, tell us, what qualities do you look for in a leader?
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