Zodiac Style Tips: Flaunt Your Inner Fashion Star

Styling tips for zodiac
Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression. But does fashion start with clothes? Well, we don't think so! Fashion has a lot to do with your mind and the way you feel about yourself. Draping up yourself according to what you feel then trickles down to what we call 'Fashion'.
Every Zodiac sign has signature traits (both physical and mental). Humans born to some signs appear naturally sexy while those born to some other sign appear fun and funky. Believe it or not- these signs influence your body patterns and your choice of fashion.
So here, the Zodiac signs are the designer's labels. Let's check out what fashion sense unfolds under each label!

Style Tips for Aries a

Dear Aries, you are a fiery sign. Your ruling planet is Mars and this is why - the word 'Passion' truly describes you.
You are courageous and determined. You have a strong persona that radiates ambition, assertion and headstrong nature. Being born under this sign, you have high cheekbones and maybe ruddy in complexion.
Fashion Tips - Red is your power color! Red stirs your soul and thus, try going for attires that are red or come in shades of red. Your cheekbones are your prominent asset, so highlight them.

Style Tips for Taurus b

Dear Taurus, you are an earth sign. Like earth, you have a nurturing steak and radiate harmony, rootedness and stability.
Your ruling planet is Venus and thus, you carry a beautiful and magnetic persona. Your zest and vitality are your key strengths.
Fashion Tips - Green is your power color! Green is the color of growth, hope, renewal and new beginnings. Pick up attires that are subtle shades of Green that will enhance your beauty. Also, cool t-shirts, silk shirts, velvet dresses, cardigans (that highlight your neck) and floral print dresses can be wise choices for you. Using necklaces and scarves will further highlight your looks.

Style Tips for Gemini c

Dear Gemini, you are an air sign and Mercury is your ruling planet.
Air element is predominant in your composition and thus, you may be tall. Your limbs are supple and have prominent shoulders.
Mercury makes you expressive and eloquent. You have a child-like quality to your personality and can turn heads in a minute. Though you're expressive, people may often find your dress-sense mysterious.
Fashion Tips - Yellow is your power color! Wearing yellow radiates the happy spirit that you are and makes you look versatile. Handbags and stylish hand accessories like bracelets, finger rings and watches will add an extra dash to your look.

Style Tips for Cancer d

You are a watery sign and your power of expression is your greatest strength. Moon is your ruling planet that further adds to your beauty and gives you an emotional depth.
You radiate warmth and may have a mysterious end to your personality. You are versatile, sociable, tenacious and devotional by nature.
Fashion Tips - White and silver are your power colors. Picking up attires in these colors will help you radiate peace and calmness. You are an elegant person and thus, attires with flushes of pink and orange will equally appeal to you.

Style Tips for Leo e

Dear Leo, you are a fire sign and the mighty Sun rules you. Action-packed and ever- enthusiastic, you are always high on energy.
You are competitive, ardent, outspoken and magnanimous. People find you inspiring and secretly desire the 'something special' that you have.
Fashion Tips - Pick up colors that'll radiate the electric energy that you carry. So, Gold is your power color! Gold is a color associated with higher wisdom and compassion. Wearing attires with this palette enhances your personality. Pick up stuff in bright colors will enable you to make bold fashion statements.

Style Tips for Virgo f

Virgo is an earth sign. Seemingly, you radiate an earthy quality and are a pure head-turner no matter whatever you choose to wear.
Mercury is your natural ruler and makes you the right combination of strength and cheerfulness. Sensitive, intuitive, intellectual and cautious are your key strengths.
Fashion Tips - With the combination of earth and Mercury, brown and green are your power colors! Brown signifies resilience while green is the color of harmony. Pantsuits, satin minis, Armani's cropped double-breasted blazer with watches to complete your look.

Style Tips for Libra g

Dear Libra, you are an air sign. As this element is your natural ruler, you appear delicate and may have long limbs.
Venus- the planet of love and beauty is your natural ruler. Falling under the domains of this planet, you are charming, beautiful and have a well-proportioned body. Gracious, affectionate and cheerful are your key strengths. You may be pedantic, but you love breaking the rules when it comes to dressing.
Fashion Tips - Pink and blue are your power colors! Pink is the color of femininity and romance while blue symbolizes serenity, depth and deepest desires. Wearing clothes in these shades will highlight the strength and vitality that you carry. You have a refined taste and a cool fashion sense. So, denim layers, and floral prints paired with designer bags complete your look. You are also an expert at mixing patterns and prints to create a super- cool look.

Style Tips for Scorpio h

Dear Scorpio, you are a water sign. We know water as a flowing and loving element, but in Scorpio water changes its nature. Here, water is still, runs deeper and often screams of an intensity that's often dangerous.
Mars is your natural ruler. So with that sheer intensity, Mars laces you with exceptional passion. You are penetrating, tenacious and have mysterious eyes. But, let's not forget that this sign makes you naturally sexy and sultry.
Fashion Tips - Black and maroon are your power colors! Donning the attires in this palette will enhance your sexuality. You can also pick up shades of scarlet, bottle green and purple as they capture the mystic aura you have. You love to dress simple and pairing your outfits with a sexy bag also tops your list. Besides bags, you may also love high-end designer jewelry.

Style Tips for Sagittarius i

Sagittarius is a fire sign. Ruled by Jupiter, your hilarity and confidence are your powerful points.
Exploration is another key trait of yours. And so, in here, fire makes you bold and gives you an experimental streak. You love experimenting with your looks and appearing different each time you're out partying with your favorite people.
Fashion Tips - Purple is your power color! Purple is a mysterious color and emits divinity and deep wisdom. You have a refulgent person and this color further amplifies the power that you carry. Shades of magenta, fuchsias and yellows also match up to your persona. You have the proclivity to be bold, so outfits like Isabel Marant tops, Etro blouses and blouses suit you. Pair your outfits with Dior sunglasses and trendy bags to complete your look.

Style Tips for Capricorn j

Dear Capricorn, the element of earth rules you. Connected with earth, you are rooted and radiate the qualities of growth and stability.
Saturn is your natural ruling planet. With this planet exerting a significant dominance over your life; resilience and practicality are your key traits.
Fashion Tips - You love to keep it simple but also know how to make a deep impact at once. Brown and grey are your power colors! Brown is the color of earth and intellect. Wearing the attires of these colors will amplify your competence. Whatever you prefer to dress, you always look highly successful. Silk shirts, jackets and vintage dresses are your staples. Good gold jewelry and high-end watches complete your look.

Style Tips for Aquarius k

Dear Aquarius, you are ruled by the element of air. You may have a slim body and sharp features. Being born to this sign, you might look taller than you are.
Uranus is your natural ruler. Fun-loving and eccentric as you are, you are a real charmer. Somehow, through your dress sense- you manage to make a lasting impression on people's minds.
Fashion tips - You prefer cool and peppy looks over humdrum dresses. Blue is your power color! But besides the hues of blue; purple and white are also your signature shades. These colors radiate your urge for freedom. You are funky at heart and thus stuff like cardigans, pinstripe pants, dusters, luxurious silk cami and denim are your all-time staples. Match with your favorite bags to get that casual yet sexy look.

Style Tips for Pisces l

Dear Pisces, you are a water sign. You may have stocky legs and thighs, and much like this sign- you walk like a fish swimming on its fins.
Neptune/Jupiter is your natural ruler and thus, you are highly intuitive, deep and sensitive. Compassion is a dominant trait of your personality and you love dresses that amplify your immediate feelings.
Fashion Tips - You are a creature of emotions and have a powerful sense of expression. Light green is your power color! But seafoam green and aquamarine are also your best colors. Wearing attires in these shades intensifies your creativity and magical qualities. Satin and organza fabrics, crop tops (blue in specific), and flowy dresses with floral and silver accessories that include stones like amethyst, jade, sapphire and aquamarine are the best ones for you.
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