Yogini Dasha: Know Everything About Various Yoginis & Their Effects on You

Yogini Dasha
Have you ever witnessed that your life is going steady, and suddenly challenges spurt out of nowhere? Or felt a drastic change in your nature, like ‘reborn’ with a new personality altogether without any potential emotional triggers. Well, the answer to this perhaps lies in the Dasha that you are going through.
“Dasha” in Sanskrit means planetary periods and holds a significant place in Hindu astrology. These planetary periods according to their placements indicate the good and bad times and the effects of various planets on a person’s life. There are at least 43 Dasha systems, of which Yogini Dasha is one.
It’s believed, that when Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva about which Dasha will be most applicable in Kaliyuga, Lord Shiva answered “it’s Yogini Dasha which will hold much relevance and significance in knowing the person’s Karma in Kaliyuga”. It’s said that events unfolding in the life of a person can be learned by just knowing the name of the Yogini influencing the person. Since Yogini Dasha gives the most accurate results in Kaliyuga, it is highly significant.
In all, there are 8 Yogini Dashas and the total duration of Yogini Dasha collectively is a period of 36 years.
Each of these Yogini Dasha lasts for a definite period and have a different lord as below:

1) Effects of Mangala Dasha:

Mangala Dasha lasts for a period of one year and the lord of Mangala Dasha is the Moon. During this Dasha, you become a calmer person. You grow more religious and may indulge in religious rituals and ceremonies. You will have a wonderful life partner and obedient children. You will experience career advancement, job promotion and no obstacles or roadblocks will be insurmountable to you, under this Dasha. You may earn name, fame, and social recognition. If you are a student, under this Dasha, academic excellence can be achieved. In all, you will enjoy success and prosperity in all forms during this Dasha.

2) Effects of Pingala Dasha:

Pingala Dasha lasts for a period of two years and Sun is the lord of this Dasha. Under this Dasha, you might grow more aggressive, as Sun is an aggressive planet. Do not let heart diseases creep in due to your over-aggressive nature. You might find it difficult to stay calm and composed during this period and this may turn you worrisome or even depressive at times. However, if you channelize your aggression rightly, much can be achieved. You may receive support from an influential woman and could even be drawn into politics. Under this dasha, you may witness monetary gains, and travelling is indicated as well.

3) Effects of Dhanya Dasha:

Dhanya Dasha lasts for a period of three years and Jupiter is the lord of this Dasha. Jupiter under this Dasha indicates luck, favours, and a period of prosperity. You will receive support and favours from influential people or the ones who are in authoritative positions. Your triumph over negative forces or your enemies is hinted at. This dasha enables you to achieve success in areas that seem impossible to others and even risky projects could prove successful. You will also be honored for your knowledge and wisdom. Grab your travel bags as this period indicates a fruitful journey, mostly visiting holy places, and pilgrimages which are bound to enrich your knowledge. Do not be surprised if you grow religious or spiritual during this dasha.

4) Effects of Bhramari Dasha:

Bhramari Dasha lasts for a period of four years with Mars as its lord. Under this dasha, you may face dilemmas in major aspects of your life. There could be instances where you might be wandering cluelessly without the know-how or without a well-defined goal. This may also cause some problems in your family life. However, if you take things in your hand and forge ahead confidently you should be navigating safely. Put consistent efforts and show some courage and success will meet you halfway. Under this dasha, change of place or staying away from your family is indicated. You might have temper issues and may grow stubborn during this period. However, if you maintain a calm demeanor and approach issues patiently, you may be a candidate for honour from the government or state, for your skills and talent. Be geared, as success overseas is also a possibility under this dasha.

5) Effects of Bhadrika Dasha:

Bhadrika Dasha lasts for a period of five years and the lord of this dasha is Mercury. Enjoy this period of success and remarkable achievement in your social sphere. Under this dasha, you will hobnob with the rich and the famous. Your social circle will widen with eminent personalities and influential people being friends with you. You will receive love and support from your family members and close friends. Due to the influence of Mercury, you will put your intellectual power to gravitate to success. You will also show signs of a good strategist. This period will also bring you lots of career progression opportunities. You will grow famous and your popularity will rise. You are likely to indulge in verbal fights or arguments, hence guarding your words. This dasha is a good period to attract love and support to your life. Auspicious events to take place during this dasha.

6) Effects of Ulka Dasha:

Ulka Dasha lasts for a period of six years and Saturn being the lord here. Saturn may pose challenges and obstacles to the native under this dasha. Despite efforts and hard work, you may experience delays in results or may face undesirable outcomes. However, do not despair. Continue doing your best and it will pay off with time. The struggle is inevitable during this period. You may be marred by a period of restlessness under this dasha. Inexplicable delays could make this period quite challenging and you may experience stress, mental agony, or even depression. Meditation or deep breathing techniques should calm your nerves and keep you stress-free. You may have some dental issues or your ears and feet could cause some problems. Safeguard while around the fire or combustible elements. Be cautious with your money and your reputation, and be in the company of righteous people.

7) Effects of Siddha Dasha:

Siddha Dasha lasts for a period of seven years and the lord of Siddha Dasha is Venus. This could easily be quoted as an extremely fortunate period of your life. During this period, you might experience a surge of enthusiasm and vitality. You will be getting attracted to all things beautiful. Materialistic gains and physical pleasures will mark your indulgence. This dasha is extremely favorable for marriage and you might get into some long-term commitment. At work, you will attain a higher position. You might be seen inclined to art or fashion, as your artistic abilities sharpen during this dasha. A career in the fashion and glamour industry is foreseen. An auspicious period for wealth and overall prosperity.

8) Effects of Sankata Dasha:

Sankata Dasha lasts for a period of eight years and Rahu is the lord of this dasha. Rahu may cause suffering or hurdles in your life. Under this dosha, you may be feeling detached from your family or may lack the support of your family. Although, you might feel compelled to fall for unethical standards or illegal ways of earning money, be wary as this could lead to financial loss and may tarnish your image. Your children might cause some worry, but nothing major. During this phase, you may feel restless due to the challenging times. Muster the courage to handle situations and you will do just fine! A period for new relationships to bloom. However, you are advised not to be impulsive in choosing a partner. You may travel overseas for work or might even be posted to a foreign country. Exercise patience and sensibility in all major decisions during this phase. A good analysis of the situations and discretion are advised to simplify matters. Take your health seriously. Under this dosha, you might get involved in charity or humanitarian causes.

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