The Truth About Sun Transiting to Taurus 2022

Surya changes Rashi every month. Sun transits in Taurus on 15th May 2022 from Aries. Despite Aries being a positive sign and Ucch Rashi (where the planet is the most beneficial) for Suryadev, Sun was in conjunction with Rahu. It was not an auspicious position for Sun.
Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus and represented by the bull. Its fixed character causes the native to be stubborn and stagnant. Although Venus and Sun are enemy planets, Sun will be in conjunction with Mercury which Surya dev considers as a neutral planet. Mercury considers Sun as a friendly planet. This conjunction will create Budha Aditya yoga. Mercury will be in retrograde from 10th May to 3rd June which will decrease the effects of Yoga.

What Does the Sun Represent?

Sun is an indicator of a father and fatherly figure. The Sun's positioning and position in a native's chart entirely defines his or her father's support and aid. It is critical for obtaining government jobs and maintaining commanding positions later in one's career. It is important for determining one's success and fame in life.
For each zodiac sign, the sun transit will bring distinct results in a person's life.
Surya will transit through friendly nakshatra during this transit. The following information is provided based on your Rising sign. If you are unsure about your rising sign, please take the help of our Vedic Rishi app.

Sun Transit Effects on Aries Ascendant:

For rising sign Aries, Sun is the lord of the 5th house. Surya will occupy your 2nd house along with mercury. Be careful with your speech. Don't be short-tempered. When speaking with family members, your tone should be polite. Otherwise, your relationship will be strained. Take care of your eyes and get your eye tested if possible. Sales-related, Digital marketing jobs will prosper during this period. Businessmen will find this period favorable. It is a great time for long-term investments.

Sun Transit Effects on Taurus Ascendant:

For the rising sign Taurus, Sun is the lord of the 4th house. Sun will occupy your 1st house along with mercury. This combination will form Buddh Aditya yoga. It is a good time to buy new vehicles. Make an effort to improve your professional standing, and fresh possibilities will present themselves. You will be able to finish your backlogs. Good period for the business. When dealing with your partner, avoid having a negative attitude. Avoid going into unnecessary arguments with your partner.

Sun Transit Effects on Gemini Ascendant:

For the rising sign Gemini, Sun is lord of your 3rd house. Sun will occupy your 12th house along with mercury. This position will increase your expenses. It will be tough for you to concentrate on things. Don't be lazy and avoid putting things on hold. You will have opponents from an unexpected direction, you will be able to vanquish them. Learn to regulate your rage and avoid being a show-off. Maintain your cool and avoid making unnecessary enemies. Take care of your health, especially your mental well-being. Do exercise daily. Businessmen should be cautious.

Sun Transit Effects on Cancer Ascendant:

For the rising sign Cancer, Sun is lord of the 2nd house. Sun will occupy your 11th house. Good News it is a good time to earn and save money. This is a good moment to enlist the help of your older brothers, friends, and social group. You will meet new people and make new friends. Your social circle will expand and assist you in moving forward in life. People looking for work or starting a new business will be able to locate a suitable opportunity. During this period, the business will thrive. Remember to seize any opportunity that comes your way.

Sun Transit Effects on Leo Ascendant:

For Leo Ascendants, Sun is the rising sign of your horoscope chart. Sun will occupy your 10th house. This one month will be incredibly beneficial for your workspace. Sun will make you a leader and encourage you to strive for leadership. Whatever career goals you have set for yourself will be realized. The work that has been pending for a long time will finally be completed. There is a possibility that you will be offered a new job. You will be favored in terms of position and respect. It will be a good time for increment if you are looking for it.

Sun Transit Effects on Virgo Ascendant:

For rising sign Virgo, Sun is the lord of your 12th house. It will occupy your 9th house which is your bhagya house along with mercury. This is the period where your lady luck will help you the most. This is an excellent time for religious activities. Good time for your partners. There is a chance that you will be able to travel abroad for work or leisure, which will benefit you in a variety of ways.

Sun Transit Effects on Libra Ascendant:

For rising sign Libra, Sun is the lord of your 11th house which is your wealth house. It will inhabit your 8th house. You should respect your elders. Married individuals should avoid going into conflict with their in-laws. Your wealth will be stable but your expenses will rise. When it comes to lending money, though, exercise caution. You may experience health issues and a lack of energy. Take good care of yourself and always be calm. Avoid any long-term investment during this time.

Sun Transit Effects on Scorpio Ascendant:

For rising sign Scorpio, Sun is the lord of your 10th house. It will occupy your 7th house along with Mercury. This conjunction will create Buddh Aditya yoga It's a good moment to advance in life and business to achieve your goal, you will need to put in a lot of effort. This is not a good period for your relationship. Newlywed should avoid getting into pointless quarrels. Be wary of your business partner and never blindly trust anyone. Maintain your cool and avoid making unnecessary enemies.

Sun Transit Effects on Sagittarius Ascendant:

For rising sign Sagittarius, Sun is the lord of your 9th house. Your bhagya lord will occupy your 6th house. To achieve your goal, you will need to put in a lot of effort. Things will not work out on the first try, but perseverance is required. It will help you to overcome obstacles and enemies. Be cautious regarding your health. Take good care of yourself. Be cautious while taking loans. Don't make unnecessary enemies.

Sun Transit Effects on Capricorn Ascendant:

For rising sign Capricorn, Sun is the lord of your 8th house. Your Asthemesh will occupy your 5th house along with Mercury (buddha). This is an excellent time for students to excel. It will be a good period for the business but use your money wisely. Keep an eye on your pals. Take care of your health. There is a possibility of joint pain and acidity. Avoid making long-term investments or you will suffer losses. Do not invest in the speculative market.

Sun Transit Effects on Aquarius Ascendant:

For rising sign Aquarius, Sun is the lord of your 7th house. Your Saptemesh will occupy your 4th house. Will provide you with more happiness and comfort in your life. The relationship between you and your house will improve. You'll be relieved of your mental burden but make sure to go step by step. This is the best time to buy a vehicle. Good news for your partner. It will bring fame, success, and opportunity to your partner.

Sun transit effects on Pisces Ascendant:

For rising sign Pisces, Sun is lord of your 6th house. Sun will occupy your 3rd house. This position will give you a boost of energy. It will get rid of your sluggishness. You will be motivated to work hard and achieve your goals. Don't be afraid to work hard to move ahead in your life. This is the best moment for pupils who are taking competitive exams. Remember that you will be stubborn to succeed in your life.
For each zodiac sign, the sun transit will bring distinct results in a person's life.
As the Sun moves away from Rahu, all zodiac signs should expect positive outcomes. The Sun will be here until 15th June. Remember to chant the Surya mantra and Gayatri Mantra for better results.
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