Sun Transit in Cancer 2022 - How Favourable It is For You?

sun transit in cancer 2022
Every month, the sun transits a different zodiac sign. Sun will transit on July 16th in Cancer and will stay in Cancer till August 16th. The cancer sign is ruled by the moon. With sun transiting in Cancer, the person may become sensitive and have frequent emotional outbursts.
The sun is the planet that symbolizes your inner self, or soul. He is the planet that offers you vigor and vitality for your daily activities. He is the planet that prevents you from falling ill. He also stands for your attitude and ego. Your interactions with the government and higher-up authorities are normally seen through your position of the sun. Essentially, the sun is your father. Sun position in a person's horoscope is typically used to interpret one's relationship with and support from one's father. The Sun's role is authoritarian, argumentative, and domineering by nature.
Not only do you need the daily dose of vitamin D from the sun, but you also need his blessing to get the fame and recognition deep down you always wanted. A good Sun in your birth chart makes you shine bright like a star, not literally though. The sun is so powerful that it can outshine a planet. We have forecasted how this transit will impact you based on your moon sign.

Sun transit effects on Aries:

This transit will take place in your 4th house. You can experience arguments and ego clashes in your family. There could be a shortage of domestic bliss. Keep in mind to refrain from arguing with your family members. For those in the real estate and construction industries, this is a fantastic time. People who require official approval or assistance may get the necessary assistance from the government. Your career will see new opportunities. This is the finest moment to strengthen your relationship with your mother and solicit her blessings. You may find yourself buying a new vehicle.

Sun transit effects on Taurus:

This transit will occur in your 3rd house. Buckle up, because this month will be filled with challenges and will require you to work harder than usual. This is the best time to concentrate on your career. You may notice that your efforts are paying off. This is an excellent time for those in the communication field. Your self-assurance and hard work will improve your social standing. This is the best time to be recognized for your efforts. This is the best time for athletes because they will have more energy to go the extra mile.

Sun transit effects on Gemini Ascendant:

This transit will occur in your 2nd house. You must exercise extreme caution when it comes to your health. Take note of what you eat. You may feel drained of energy and dull. Keep your schedule in mind and don't let your laziness or emotions keep you from finishing your work. This is the best time for savings and accumulating wealth. This is a great time for your business growth.

Sun transit effects on Cancer Ascendant:

This transit will take place in your 1st house. You should avoid becoming dominant and arrogant during this time. There can be an occasional emotional outburst felt by you. Finance-wise, this is the period of gains. You may explore new opportunities coming down your path. Your confidence and energy will help you move ahead in life. Some people may find themselves getting married and settling down in their lives.

Sun transit effects on Leo Ascendant:

This placement will take place in your 12th house. You will have to be extremely careful about your mental health. Remember to relax and meditate daily for the next one month. This is the best period for students who wish to study abroad. People working or having businesses in MNCs, I.T., import, and export may benefit during this period. Your expenditure on your health issues may increase. During this period, businesspeople should exercise extreme caution. Long-term investments should be avoided. One should make time for religious activities.

Sun transit effects on Virgo Ascendant:

This transit takes place in your 11th house. You may find your social circle expanding. You may form the right connections during this period, which will help you in your career path. This transit will be highly successful for businessmen. Word-of-mouth marketing will be extremely beneficial to them. New career opportunities will arise.

Sun transit effects on Libra Ascendant:

This position will take place in your 10th house. People aspiring to clear government exams and take up government jobs will find luck during this period. But keep in mind that luck will only shine on those who work harder for it. If you want to advance in your career, now is the time to do so.

Sun transit effects on Scorpio Ascendant:

This transit will take place in your 9th house. You will be blessed with good fortune. If you want to travel abroad, you may be able to do so. It is an excellent time for students planning to study abroad to apply for a visa. You may decide to devote more time to religious activities. If you haven't already, you should. You might find yourself broadening your knowledge by reading books or attending seminars. Remember to avoid conflict with others when discussing religion and philosophy.

Sun transit effects on Sagittarius Ascendant:

This transit will take place in your 8th house. You should be extremely careful about your health. Be careful while driving. Avoid getting into a fight because you risk being humiliated. Your career may experience setbacks. Don't be pessimistic. Avoid investing in the speculative market because you may suffer extreme losses and profits. This will be an exciting time for those involved in deep research, Ph.D. programs, and occult science practise.

Sun transit effects on Capricorn Ascendant:

This transit will take place in your 7th house. It is not a very auspicious position as the sun is the lord of the 8th house. You may disagree with your life partner, and maintaining harmony in the home will be difficult. Arguing with your in-laws may harm your relationship with your partner. Your professional life will be fraught with uncertainty. Businessmen should be cautious during this time. You should also look after your health.

Sun transit effects on Aquarius Ascendant:

This transit will take place in your 6th house. This is a good time for students who are preparing to take competitive exams. You will be able to defeat your adversaries. This is an excellent time for those in the legal and litigation professions. You should exercise caution when lending or receiving money. Unwanted relationships can end.

Sun transit effects on Pisces Ascendant:

This transit will take place in your 5th house. This position will produce average results. Students will benefit from the sun's position. They'll get through with flying colors. It's not a good time to be in a relationship right now. You might have a fight with your family members. Your children will cooperate, and they will make you proud.

Conclusion #

Remember to chant the Surya beej mantra and Gayatri mantra to get auspicious results from Sun.

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