Identify the Colour of your Aura!

In the corporeal and the conceptual existence, every entity; whether a mineral, plant-animal, or a human, is believed to emanate the energy of varying frequency. This surrounding energy sphere is called the Auric Field or Abha-Kshetra. When a beam of white light passes through a prism, it gets split into seven colors of different wavelengths, resulting in an entire spectrum. This happens due to the refraction of light through the prism. In simple terms, we too are like those objects reflecting and refracting the divine light, resulting in a spectral combination of myriad colors in differing wavelengths that resonate around us, enveloping our very existence.
These emanating auric waves may be strong or weak in nature, and accordingly, get influenced by or influence other auric waves in their circumambience. These auric waves, not only of humans but those of plants, animals, and stones have various healing or deteriorating effects on the other bodies, e.g. the aura of a willow tree is capable of curing a person of his headache and relieving him from his stress and tension. Stones with particular auras in sync with that of the wearer are chosen, to guide him through his topsy-turvy rides, and to propel him toward the direction of his ultimate goal. The aura of humans has been recorded to do wonders on the surrounding objects. One such classic example was that of Rishi kshuan. His mere touch would turn the waters rainbowy! Aura thus is a tell-all tale of an individual. Colors always express the hidden and are a play of light at work on the lattice of the universal layout. Even a minor deviation from the natural will lead to the leaching out of vibrant hues from this celestial mosaic work of the divine.
These auras are of different shapes and sizes. They are chiefly of three shapes; rounded, square, and pointed oval. These auric shells have various striations and divisions comprising of physical, mental, emotional, magnetic, color, and spiritual dimensions. Various light pinpoints of colors depicting the attitude, attributes, and motives of the person make up for the color unit all around the body, whereas the spiritual unit; two inches above the head and comprising a total of seven bands, depicts the advancement of the soul toward that of the 'divine comprehension'.
Peacock blue in color, and slightly above the heart, the magnetic striation represents the innate talents and latent creative powers of the person. More creative the soul, brighter will be the colors emitted from this section. The mental striation revolving around the head involves more of the 'thought body', an essential section as it involves the mental chakra which leads one on the road to enlightenment. Hence, purgation of this section becomes one of the primary works in aura cleansing. Mastering one's emotion is among the toughest of human endeavors. Concentrating around the solar plexus, the emotional band will radiate colors as per one’s mood and emotion.
E.g., an angry mood will lead to the oozing of intense reds whereas the balanced emotion will emanate pinks, greens, blues, and oranges in varying degrees. The physical striations in the form of lines arising from both the hemispheres of the body toward the auric shell reveal the general condition of the body and the health of the organs. These energy lines could range from silvery white to dirty metal gray depending upon the overall health of the individual concerned.
Of the three, the square one represents a devolved aura. A human is not naturally born with this aura. It's the digression of the soul from its higher connections. Stuck in this cube that has more room to its bottom than the top, the Divine Light can pave very little of its way through this cube, leading to a darker personality of murky thoughts and deeds of filthy degrees. Such devolved auras may give rise to tyrants or mass murderers. The other auric shell of the beautiful pointed oval reflects an enlightened aura that is in stark contrast with the square one.
The soul with this auric shell is in its full spiritual bloom, and depicts the colors of high vibrancy and pearly radiant ranges. All the striations are in their highest blossom in this shell. Lacking in murky shades, this aura has an additional outer aurum band. A sense of magnanimous expansion, with the crown lotus resting in its ultimate opening, is the characteristic of this auric shell. Most of us carry rounded auras.
This aura is an essential mix of bright and dark qualities. These mixed auras are also on their spiritual path, but have not yet reached the complete ethereal or transcendent conscience. The outer border is that of gold or silver, and may vary with respect to the operation of other divisions. But the ultimate will lies in the soul with the round shell, to transgress all hurdles and come in the final communion with the omnipotent 'Self'.
Apart from more complicated methods of contemplation and dynamic, elements like diet, exercise, thoughts, rest, degrees of intoxication, stress, and tension can drastically change the dynamics of the auric shell and its striations. Every tinge and tone in the auric divisions has its specific connotations that can be worked upon and enhanced.
1. RED: It represents intense energy and vitality. Where rose-red means, active love, intense red connotes passion. Also vitiated red represents anger in higher and varying degrees.
Remedial method: Walking on the dew-laden grass and wearing white will counteract on the negative red in one's aura.
2. ORANGE: It represents the urge of creation and emotion. The brighter versions denote dynamism, ambition, wisdom, and motivational and spiritual energies of extraordinary self-control, whereas the cloudy shades connote fulmination, vituperation, pride, nerve-racking, and praise-starving attitude.
Remedial method: Wearing yellow or white clothes and feeding on oranges, milk, cottage cheese, and bananas will help mellow the negative shades of the orange hue in the aura.
3. GREEN: Darker shades like those of avocado or olive depicts a person consumed with jealousy and envy with a destructive nature. He/ She would also not hesitate to cheat on people. Deep and vibrant hues like those of emerald and apple denote harmony and hope. Brighter greens connote a peace-loving person, who constructively enjoys his company in isolation. The color of nature, beautiful verts of bounty, ampleness, and infinite abundance are also calmers to the cracking nerves.
Remedial Method: Regular physical recreation like exercise and eating green vegetables and cucumber is a foolproof method in cleansing the negative shade of the greens.
4. BLUE: The dirtier shades connote excessive pride, unreasonable enthusiasm, and petulant nature, whereas the modulations like royal blue denote spiritual pursuits. Other brighter shades of blue connote honesty, wisdom, latent talents. When combined with purple, it connotes true devotion and accomplishment with the ultimate divine power. Also, healing in nature, primary blue is observed gyrating around healers and doctors.
Remedial Method- Reading good and positive books on patriotism, Upanishads, Vedas, Puranas will help mellow down the negative blue blocks, clearing the way to let the vibrant blues shine forth.
5. YELLOW: Modulations of lemon connote intellect and concentration. Effervescent yellows depict natural creative, artistic and spiritual upsurge for higher truths whereas, on the flip side, cloudy shades represent those who force their ethics on others and, grow excessively pensive about anything said or done.
Remedial Method- Devotion to one’s religion and God, satsangs, and donating yellow fruits on Saturdays and Tuesdays will be of great help to those oscillating murkier and smoky shades of yellow around them.
6. INDIGO: This color connotes an ideal and a powerful personality. It also represents spiritual inclination. A highly refined color, its interfered layout with black spots connotes one basking in excessive pride and ambition, and also in the belief that one is 'complete' in his/her own right.
Remedial Method-Feeding birds and making good friends will help purify the murkier shades of indigo. Also visiting pollution-free environments infused with dynamic flavors of nature will help encounter the impurities in this fringe of color.
7. PURPLE: Brighter versions of this color connote spontaneity in the person. Also connoting deep peace, on the other hand, people depicting cloudy appearances of this color harbor excessive sexual desires and are stoic in nature.
Remedial method- Reduction in non-vegetarian, spicy, and oily foods and listening to devotional music like 'bhajans' will counter the cloudiness in the color.
8. BLACK: This color chiefly represents imbalance and distorted thoughts. Whether cloudy or smoky, this color connotes hatred and malice in a person, drawing him towards fatalistic and gloom-ridden activities.
Remedial Method- People with black in their aura must essentially get down to doing exercise on a regular basis. Also, make it an inseparable part of one's lifestyle and daily routine. Let the existence percolate with high amounts of self-confidence. Trust the inner divinity, and bouncing off the murky thoughts strumming on the mental planes is sure to pull one out of this dark negative pit.
These colors are the exuding tunes of the 'Atmic Raag'. Magical and mysterious, these subtle colors can be splashed onto the personality canvas as per one's liking. Eating herbs, taking weekly salt baths, frankincense, exercise, music, philanthropy, keeping pets, and wearing stones and crystals, are but a few of them. But the foremost of them is 'Being Happy'. It's this color of bliss that will set all the beautiful vibrations of existence in oscillation.
Happiness will be the catalyst in initializing the cycle of spiritual awakening and the subsequent energy purification resonating with higher frequencies and vice versa. We are just like that musk deer running insanely after the fragrance that is sown in its own core! It's all in us. The vascularity of our external energy fragrance, traces its core in our own existence, our very being, our own twirling atoms of karma; the way the sperm and the ovum carry the celestial humane drawing.
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