Janma Tithi: Guide to celebrate your Birthday in a Vedic style

Janma tithi, or Vedic birthday, is auspicious and Hindu Dharma prescribes certain rituals that we must follow on this day. With both the Sun and the Moon involved, your Janma tithi holds a high spiritual significance. When we follow certain rituals on our Janma tithi, we get the maximum benefit that helps us progress spiritually through the year.
In Jyotish or Vedic Astrology, the relationship between the Sun and the Moon gives rise to what is known as 'Tithi'. 'Tithi' literally means a single lunar day. The Moon is a moving body, while the Sun stays stationary (in other words, the Moon's motion is much faster than that of the Sun). Each day, the Moon travels a distance covering 12 degrees from the Sun. Of the 360 degrees covered by the Moon around the Sun, her moving away from the Sun is the waxing phase, and the waning phase corresponds to Moon's motion towards the Sun, resulting in the reduction of her form. The waxing phase is called Shukla Paksha, or the bright fortnight, and the waning phase is termed Krishna Paksha, or the dark fortnight. With the Moon moving at a distance of 12 degrees eastwards from the Sun, each paksha contains 15 lunar days or tithis, covering almost half of the circle, i.e., 180 degrees. Thus, tithi essentially signifies an angular displacement of the Moon from the Sun by 12 degrees, which gives rise to the two phases of the Moon—waning and waxing.
In Hinduism, the birth of each individual is bound by the tithi, marking specific characteristics of the one born in the specific Sun-Moon relative position. During the time when an individual is born, the Sun and the Moon are at a specific angle from each other. This time is called his birthday, or the Janma Tithi. In the natal chart, the positions of the Sun and the Moon are fixed. This is the most crucial position on which the entire horoscope of the person is erected. For Sun and Moon, it's the cycle of repetition. As rightly said, 'history repeats itself'; the birth time of an individual repeats itself when, during the course of the year, the Sun and the Moon travel back to the same position as they were at the time of one's birth in the natal chart. This is called the Tithi Pravesha, where Pravesha means the entrance or the return of the Tithi.

Here are the rituals that you need to follow on your Janma tithi:

1. Wake up early - Waking up early throughout the year is important and becomes even more crucial on Janma Tithi. If possible, on your Janma tithi, you must make an effort to wake up during the Brahma Muhurta. During this time, negative vibrations are significantly reduced and you are protected throughout the day. If waking up in Brahma Muhurta is difficult, then try waking up as early as possible. The earlier you wake up, the easier it becomes for your body to wade off evil vibrations on your Janma tithi.
2. Abhyanga/Oil Massage - After waking up, gently massage your body with oil. Abhyanga is a method of 'Living Right' and strengthens you at physical and physiological levels. Use warm and medicated oils and lightly rub your body before you take a bath. This improves blood circulation and regulates the function of hormones; both these will keep you alert to the beneficial vibrations oscillating around you throughout the day.
3. Seek blessings from your parents - We should do this all year, but it is especially important on the occasion of your Janma tithi. We are a blend of masculine and feminine energies and are a product of both our parents. When the Sun and Moon travel back to their original positions, the way they were at the time of your birth, seek blessings from your parents. As you express gratitude towards the ones who gave you birth, your mind and body will be energized. Whether you realize it or not, their blessings will help you tackle problems in your daily life. Also, seek blessings from the elders in your family.
4. Worship your Kul devi/devata (Family Deity) - Propitiate your Kul devata on your Janma tithi. Kul Devata is a powerful deity wisely chosen by your ancestors. When you worship them on your Janma tithi, you will recharge your spiritual energies, ward off negativity, and face obstacles throughout the year with inner courage and strength. You can also worship your Ishta devata or any other deity of your choosing.
5. Visit the Temple - Temple is a reservoir of spiritual energy. It is a highly sacred place pulsating with electric and magnetic fields. On your Janma tithi, when your vibrations match the tithi, visit the nearest temple. Offering ritualistic puja in the temple will cleanse you and replenish your spiritual energies.
6. Prepare a concoction of cow's milk, jaggery, and black sesame seeds. Facing east, consume the concoction three times. This will ward off obstacles and help you deal with the year in a cheerful mood.
7. The seven Cheeranjeevis - Cheeranjeevis are immortal beings. On the day of your tithi Pravesha, sit in any meditative posture. Meditate on the 7 Cheeranjeevis in the sequence-Ashwathama, Mahabali, Vyasa, Hanumana, Vibhishana, Kripacharya, and Parshurama.
8. Perform Aukshan - Performing Aukshan should be done by a spiritually evolved person in the family or otherwise. He must light a lamp before you and sprinkle Akshat, or unbroken rice, along with saffron or vermillion, on your head and other parts of your body. This will activate your chakras. Aukshan will help you withdraw your senses from the outer world. Your contemplation and meditative powers will be enhanced. This ritual will cleanse your aura, remove the dark covering surrounding your body and increase your sattvikta.
9. Keep an eye on your eating habits during Tithi Pravesha - When the Sun and Moon make an angle at the time of your birth, your body becomes highly receptive to the vibrations in the Universe. During this day, watch what you eat! Try to plan a sattvic diet and stick to it throughout the day. A Sattvic diet means food that is pure and consumed in moderation. Avoid non-vegetarian food, alcohol, cigarettes, and intoxicants of any kind. When you avoid pollutants and keep your body clean, you attract positive vibrations from the Universe. If possible, on your Janma tithi, practice Vratdharna or observe a fast. On the day of Tithi Pravesha, staying light on your stomach will enhance your concentration and help you evolve spiritually to your best possible level.
10. Worship Panchmahabhoot/the 5 Great Elements - Our gross body is made up of five elements: ether, air, water, fire, and earth. Contemplating and chanting mantras for these five elements will purify your gross body and help you maintain peace and balance through the year till your next Tithi Pravesha.
11. Perform Charity - Tithi Pravesha is the most ideal day to perform good deeds and enhance your karmic strength. Donate food and clothes to the needy and feed green grass to the cows. Making donations on this day will protect you from the evil forces and further propel you on the spiritual path.
12. Seek Forgiveness - This is the most important and most difficult ritual of Tithi Pravesha. While reverencing the Almighty, seek forgiveness from all those whom you've hurt by intention or chance. This day is to get rid of all your bitter feelings towards others and yourself. Don't accumulate negative energies. Parmeshvara resides in every 'jeev'. If you've hurt anyone, on your Janma tithi, genuinely seek his/her forgiveness and swear to not repeat your mistakes. Expressing remorse on this day will free you of your sins. The ultimate remedy for healing others and your wounded self is to ask for forgiveness with folded hands. When you sweep away the hurt of others, only then can you truly progress on the path of spirituality.
Rituals done on Tithi Pravesha are an important part of Samskaras. When you perform them, you become spiritually aware. They accelerate the flow of prana through your chakras, which helps you combat negative energies. We must strive to strictly observe our Janma tithi according to Vedic traditions. This is the day when we can truly attain (strive to attain) true knowledge, dissipate darkness, and understand the real reason behind our human birth and form.
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