Find How Planets Placement in Birth Chart Makes You Charming?

placement of planet in horoscope
Every human being is born with unique emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual abilities. A concept in astrology says we choose our birth date, time, and parents in life to learn a specific lesson. Our natal chart can help us by reminding us of those lessons and implementing them in our lives. Each zodiac sign will have its own set of strengths and flaws to help us grow spiritually. Each zodiac sign is associated with a particular body part physically. For example, Aries, the first sign of the zodiac sign, is related to the head.
Beauty and a charming personality belong to a particular frequency in the spiritual and material worlds. It is connected to a physical component. For example, the wind from a tree looks beautiful because it flows with nature. The tree is dancing with a unique dance, and this dance will be different for every animal, tree, or person. Similarly, the native's inner beauty is heavily influenced by their main planet, also determined by their zodiac sign. Planets in astrology play a very crucial role in individuals’ lives. Planets in the horoscope give certain qualities, features, advantages, or disadvantages to the native. The main planet in the horoscope also plays a vital role in fading the person's physical attributes. The human face is thought to mirror one's inner emotions. Because whatever the individual is feeling, such as happiness, sadness, or anger, is reflected on the human face. The first house, or the Lagna house, symbolizes an individual's traits in astrology. The planets Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon are the primary creators responsible for an individual's intelligence.
The planet Jupiter signifies the appearance and beautiful personality of an individual. Venus, the artistic planet, rules love and beauty, while the moon represents an attractive appearance. When the native ascendant or ascendant lord is well placed with Jupiter's association, the native will have a magnetic personality. Due to these conjunctions, they will be wise in appearance and speech. If the ascendant lord is well placed and associated with the planet Venus, the native will have a beautiful texture and an attractive spouse. The native will look gorgeous if the moon is well placed in conjunction with an ascendant lord. Occasionally, a few people are pretty regardless of their physical appearance because of their persuasive abilities and sense of humor. Considering that Mercury rules humor, wit, intellect, and influence, a well-placed Mercury in association or aspect to Lagna or Lagna lord will make the person well-known in his surroundings for his influencing, humor skills, and so on.
When two or more planets are in the same house, they are in conjunction in a birth chart. Conjunctions of planets are also known as 'unions of planets.' There are four types of conjunctions: close, exact, virtual, and tight union.
In astrological birth charts, the union of the planets plays an important role. They give meaning to our lives and set a purpose for our souls. They either take away the things or give you even more than you expected. There are positive effects known as the ‘Yogas’, and adverse effects are known as ‘Doshas’. Every planet represents a different type of energy. And when two different types of energy combine, they create a new kind of energy known as mutant energy. This new type of energy may bring positive situations into our lives, fulfilling the destiny of a union.
Let’s see the combinations of union with different zodiac signs responsible for the beauty and charming factors in a person:
  • If the Moon and Venus align in any house, the person will be attractive. However, it may depend on how this union creates a combination of zodiac signs.
  • The native becomes charming and beautiful if they have a union of Venus and Moon in the Mars zodiac. Due to this union, the native possesses a tall stature and has gorgeous eyes.
  • The Jupiter sign belongs to the Pisces and Sagittarius signs. The union of the planet Venus and Moon in Jupiter's zodiac signs is regarded favorably in intelligence and beauty. The natives became more physically attractive as a result of this union. And their complexions glow more due to the influence of the planet Jupiter.
  • Aquarius and Capricorn are the signs that come under the planet Saturn. Saturn and the moon make the perfect union for this particular zodiac sign. The native complexion darkens due to this union, but their skin glows and receives a good descent height from this planet. But sometimes, with the adverse effects, the body of the native may appear a bit rough and harsh due to this conjunction.
  • The Sun is the ruler of Leo. Natives are tall due to the influence of the planets Sun and Moon. They have a more appealing appearance, and their brains develop better and grow sharper. They should take care of their skin because this union may have negative consequences.
  • The Moon is the ruler of the Cancer zodiac sign. The conjunction of the moon and the planet Venus in the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Libra makes the native very attractive and fair. These combinations can also make natives appear innocent and weak.
  • Planet Venus also offers some effective yoga to help people become more charming and beautiful. If Planet Venus is in the 12th house of your horoscope, which also belongs to the Pisces Sign, it gives inner beauty to the native. Sometimes, it also gives good results if Venus is placed in the natal chart’s first, second, and third house.
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