All You Need to Know About Special Raj Yog Presence in Your Kundli!

Raj yog in Kundli
A Rajyog is the yog that lavishes a king's fortune on a native who has a particular combination of planets in their horoscope or birth chart (Kundli). Every person admires a happy life, but happiness is not in everyone’s fate, and it will be different for everyone. The positions of planets and yogas in a person's birth chart can determine their joy and sorrow. The combination of auspicious planets in our horoscope ends up creating this Yog. For clarification, we have to judge the planet according to the ascendant. We must also observe the auspicious and inauspiciousness of the planets and their positive and negative significance. And the prime significance of combining planets, etc.
Any planet in a horoscope does not form this yoga, but all planets are equally responsible for its formation. Suppose that the native's third, sixth, eighth, ninth, and twelfth houses, as measured from the Lagna, are unoccupied by any planet and that the benefic planet only occupies the main house. In that case, all situations are favorable for making Raj Yog in a person’s horoscope.
Rajyog occurs due to planet placement, conjunctions, combinations of planets, and mutual association of planets. The 9th house in a horoscope represents destiny and fortune, whereas the 10th house represents one's career and social status. If the lords of the ninth and tenth houses in a horoscope occupy an auspicious house, it is the formation of Raj Yog. Overall, the 9th and 10th houses play an important role in one’s horoscope.
Let’s see the relation of planets with the 9th and the 10th house that caused the presence of raj yoga in the native's horoscope.
No Ascendant Sign Planets in 9th And 10th House
1 Aries Mars, Jupiter
2 Taurus Saturn, Venus
3 Gemini Mercury, Saturn
4 Cancer Jupiter, Moon
5 Leo Sun, Mars
6 Virgo Mercury, Venus
7 Libra Venus, Mercury
8 Scorpio Sun, Mars
9 Sagittarius Jupiter, Sun
10 Capricorn Saturn, Mercury
11 Aquarius Saturn, Venus
12 Pisces Jupiter, Mars
Vedic astrology mentions different types of Raj Yog, which form in a horoscope. Some of these Raj yogas have been the subject of debate, discussion, and research. According to the definition of Vipreet Raj Yog in Vedic Astrology, if the lord of the 6th, 8th, or 12th house is placed in any of the other two houses of the horoscope, it will form the Vipreet Raj Yoga. This yoga has similar or equivalent results to the Raj Yog, formed in a horoscope. Depending on the overall horoscope, it can grant good health, victory over enemies, disease-free life, long life, financial gains, sudden huge benefits, power, authority, and many other blessings to the native. There are three types of yoga in Vipreet Raj Yog.
  • Harsha Yoga occurs when the lord of the sixth house is placed in the eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope. It can grant the person a fit body, good wealth, a pleasant family life, respect and influence in society, and many other benefits.
  • When the lord of the eighth house is placed in the native's horoscope's sixth or twelfth house, it forms Sarala yoga. This yoga can bless the person with outstanding character, knowledge, wisdom, wealth, health, property, a victorious life, and other positive outcomes.
  • Suppose the lord of the twelfth house is placed in the sixth or eighth house of the horoscope. In that case, it will form the Vimala yoga in the native’s horoscope. It can bless the person with property, respect, and influence in society, positions of power and authority, sound financial management, and many other good results.
Many different kinds of Raj Yoga occur with varying combinations of planets. These yogas have to be carefully analyzed and calculated. Generally, we will see one or two raj yogas in the horoscopes, but it doesn’t mean the natives will have an extraordinary life. Many human beings on earth have raja yoga present in their birth chart, but they struggle to meet their basic needs. So it is necessary to take precautions to study all the good and harmful factors associated with Raj Yog. These are some combinations that produce raja yoga. Other types of placements and combinations can also lead to Raja Yogas. The effectiveness of yoga depends on many factors. The planets that make this yog happen should be put in a position of strength and not be associated with dusthana (bad) lords.
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