Adopt 5 Attitudes to Unlock Abundance this Akshaya Tritiya 2022

Akshaya Tritiya
We all know Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most favored and auspicious days in the Hindu calendar. Most of us celebrate it by visiting the temple, offering sweets to Lord Krishna, and buying gold ornaments, gold coins, and new utensils to usher in wealth, prosperity, and abundance into our homes and lives.
It is also believed that anything initiated on this day will be blessed by the gods and will yield positive results for many years. According to ancient scriptures, this is also a great day to seek forgiveness for any wrongs you may have committed against any person, relationship, or through actions. In short, Akshaya Tritiya is a day when you can create a new beginning for yourself and lay down the path for a more prosperous and happier life.
But, will an abundance in the home and in life be generated by buying gold or new utensils? Can one really gain forgiveness by just feeling guilt and remorse? Or succeed in business simply by starting it on a particular day?
Not really! These are just token symbols. These things only bring momentary happiness, relief, success, or peace. They are not the path to true happiness, lasting wealth, success, and abundance.
Then what is? How can you make the best of the most auspicious and positive day in the year? By making an effort to change your attitude towards life, work, and relationships – the 3 things that help you generate wealth, bring abundance into your life and make you happy and successful

Here are five attitudes that will help you create a richer life, better relationships, and bring lasting abundance into your homes and lives.

1. Faith

Faith is what makes miracles happen. When you believe in a higher power – god, trust yourself and your ability to do things or to get through difficulties, you find that you are able to overcome obstacles. To build a happy life, it is equally important to have faith in your important relationships. Without faith, your actions will not yield results and your relationships will not prosper.

2. Generosity

Be a giver. Give your time, effort, and money to people and causes that can benefit from your contribution. When you give, you create a sense of wealth and abundance for yourself. Giving without wanting anything in return brings peace, it builds strength, and it opens up a path for goodness to flow into your life.

3. Gratitude

There’s a reason why showing gratitude or giving thanks for all the good things in life is becoming popular these days. Gratitude shows us all the wonderful things and people that we already have in our life. It helps us see the richness that is present in our life thus creating a feeling of abundance. And, as they say, what you think and feel, you attract into your life.

4. Loyalty

When you want to trust and faith to work for you, you must also ensure that others can place their faith and trust in you. Your people – family, friends, and business associates should be able to count on you. They should be confident that you have their best interest at heart. When your family and friends know you are loyal to them, it creates security in the relationship. When people feel secure with you, they are motivated to build a space where there is love, peace, and joy. When your business associates are sure of your loyalty, they bring more and better business to you. This is how you become wealthy and prosperous.

5. Humility

We’ve all heard the saying – “pride comes before a fall”. And, isn’t it true? No one likes an arrogant, rude and egoistic person. People like, want to interact and work with someone who is humble. Being humble does not mean that you do not value yourself, it means that while you respect and are proud of your achievements, you know there’s a lot that you still need to learn and achieve. Humility with quiet confidence is not a negative trait. It doesn’t make you weak. It makes you teachable. And, when you are teachable, you learn new things, you open up new opportunities.
Faith, generosity, gratitude, loyalty, and humility are the real gold ornaments and coins. They are what empower and enable you to create lasting happiness and wealth in your life. And, what’s more, unlike gold, the market rate for these qualities will not fluctuate, it will only soar.

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