About Nakshatra

It was observed by the ancient Astronomers that many changes occurred within the 30 degree zones mapped out by the Zodiac. It was therefore, found necessary to subdivide each of the twelve sections or Signs of the Zodiac. Using the belt of Fixed Stars which encircle the Earth at the Equator as markers, they divided the Zodiacal Background into 27 sections, the boundary of each being marked by a particular Fixed Star, located close to the Zodiacal belt. These sections are known as the Asterisms or Nakshatras.

They begin at the same point in the Constellation Aries which marks the beginning of the Zodiac,. and since each extends over an arc of 13deg-20', there are therefore twenty-seven of them in the complete circle of 360 degrees.


Asvini Ashva Dev Adya
Bharani Gaja Manushya Madhya
Krittika Mesh Rakshash Antya
Rohini Sarp Manushya Antya
Mrigsira Sarp Dev Madhya
Ardra Shwan Manushya Adya
Punarvasu Marjar Dev Adya
Pushya Mesha Dev Madhya
Rakshash Marjar Rakshash Antya
Magha Mooshak Rakshash Antya
P. Phalguni Mooshak Manushya Madhya
U. Phalguni Gao Manushya Adya
Hasta Mahishi Dev Adya
Chitra Vyaghra Rakshash Madhya
Swati Mahishi Dev Adya
Vishakha Vyaghra Rakshash Antya
Anuradha Mrig Dev Madhya
Jyestha Mrig Rakshash Antya
Moola Shwan Rakshash Adya
Purvasdha Kapi Manushya Madhya
Uttaradhdha Nukula Manushya Antya
Shravana Kapi Dev Antya
Dhanishtha Sinh Rakshash Madhya
Shatbhisha Ashva Rakshash Adya
P. Bhadrapad Ashva Manushya Adya
U. bhadrapad Gao Manushya Adya
Revati Gaja Dev Antya

The Zodiac, therefore, divides heavens into twelve equal sections of thirty degrees each. The Asterisms, however, are sections or divisions of the heavens of 13deg-20' each. But it was found that changes in conditions and characteristics occurred even within these smaller boundaries and so each Asterism is further subdivided into arcs of 3deg-20' or into quarter sections.